Certain places and certain spaces hold a special place in our hearts for each of us. We can recall stories from decades ago about an experience that we had somewhere.  Often we can describe each detail of the interior. I recall the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom, covered in a 70’s palette of orange and brown. That room was my safe haven and I recall every detail of it, including the furniture, views out the windows, and the way I organized my stuffed animals. I guess I was always destined to become a holistic interior designer!
Do you recall your grandmother’s kitchen? Or your first apartment? Or your favorite restaurant?

Home is not a place, it is a feeling. 

WHY do certain places touch you more deeply than others and why don’t others? And ultimately, WHY does it really matter?
Master Bedroom with fireplace and custom feng shui interior design

Do you like this bedroom or not?

Your home provides you an innate sense of stability and safety in which you are more inherently more capable of striving to achieve your life goals. Without this sense of stability, a sense of being in a space that reflects your sense of beauty and history, you will often find yourself deflated and with less energy to go after your life dreams.
Personally, as an Interior Designer, and an online Design Consultant, I have always loved the process of helping my clients uncover what is their very own ‘sense of place’. The fun of discovery, the childlike quest, is wonderful to facilitate!  I give you permission to ask the deeper questions again. Finding the keys to what you need to change your space to change your life is like discovering the secret sauce of life!
An example of a Interior Design Vision Board, design concept for a home design project

Our Magic Box process is a self-discovery process of what your own design style is!

Though, it’s not always an easy quest. Urban Planners and Social Anthropologists, Designers, and Architects have all been are searching for an answer for a long time.
What gives a place that special connection to you, or to a collective group of people is a very complex and subjective set of criteria. It takes effort to dive deeper into the way you wish to live and what makes you feel safe and happy.
Stress, burn-out, anxiety, and depression are reaching near epidemic levels. I believe a lot of this is because you are disconnected from our sense of place.  We have lost touch with just how fundamental our wellbeing is connected to our spaces. This is not sustainable for you, your communities, or your planet.
A rainbow over a park in the city of San Sebastian, Spain which is Lee's favorite place

What is Your Favorite Place?

I have spent most of my life searching for the meaning of the Sense of Place.  Both as a professional Holistic Interior Designer but also as a human being. In my recent lecture, Design Your Sustainable Life, I share my personal journey that helped me to change my space to change my life which came from a need to redefine what my own Sense of Place is at this stage of my life. My quest to understand this so I can help you design places that feed your soul continues.
Sage Advice: As a person that is always walking to the beat of my own drummer, I know it can be ‘easier’ to adopt someone else’s vision for what is your ideal space should be like.
But this is a grave mistake.

It’s Not Just a Pretty Space

It has become very trendy to allow your design style to come from your favorite designer icon, a photo in a magazine of a famous person’s home. Many times over the years I have been asked to fix spaces because they just did not ‘feel right’. It was the spaces that were designed without a soul connection to those that were going to occupy them.
Dining Room in a client home that was his own style, and not taken from anyone else.

Dining Room designed with favorite artwork surrounding it to make a sense of place.

I am not to say that watching HGTV or your favorite decorating program is a bad idea. What I am saying is that I beseech you to discover that makes your own heart sing and what is the type of place that you feel most connected to. Afterward, do everything in your power to create a space that gives you that feeling of your own sense of place. Online home design consultants are starting to become more popular, and I am very pleased more of you will have help to make your place into your nest, but I warn you to not just make it a pretty space, but make it YOUR pretty place. Your future self will thank you for this.

An interior is the natural projection of the soul. ~ Coco Chanel 

What is your favorite place?
Interior Design styles are many and it takes time to discover what you like or not.

So much choice! There are so many cool ideas for you to choose from!

Slowing down allows you to look inside, reconnect with your own self and re-discover what it is that you need, want, and enjoy at this moment.  Then you can make plans for how you want to spend your days in the tomorrows of your life surrounded by a space that supports and enriches you.
One of my newest offerings is to help facilitate this process in a series of coaching sessions combined with a wellness approach and a deep dive into your home – your place- to see what fits and what needs to shift. As a sustainable interior designer and an online home design consultant, I can offer you exactly what you need to immediately Change Your Space to Change Your Life. Click Here to Connect with Us
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