Home Sweet Home.

Most of us really do feel most comfortable in our own spaces & places. There are scientifically proven reasons behind this and it is not just smoke & mirrors, or crystals & sage, like many non-believers of my Feng Shui design practices, may think.
Our homes are our sanctuary but they are also the spaces we spend a lot of time in so your home needs to be HEALTHY as well as pretty.

Not Just a Pretty Space. But much, much more.


Our homes protect us from the elements, they allow us to nurture, relax and rejuvenate from the daily work & stresses of our lives, they provide us a place to share moments with our loved ones, and create a sanctuary for us to connect with ourselves in healthy ways. All of this can be done, and more, if we allow the space to work with us, instead of against us.
In my experience as a Designer for nearly 30 years, I discovered that most people are generally disconnected from the importance of their spaces on their overall wellbeing. They appreciate a “pretty” space but they do not give it the level of importance I feel it deserves.
My beliefs come from experience; I witnessed people working in fluorescent-lit cubicles without complaining, refusing to spend money on painting their apartments because they were only “renting”, or allowing themselves to live in substandard or less-than-optimum spaces for long periods of time, in the full belief that it didn’t matter and ultimately they would have the money, time or energy to get a better space to live in and work in. One day it would be the ‘right time’ to make the efforts to have a nicer home but for now, well, it just didn’t matter.

I hate to tell but now is all there ever is. ~ Confucius

The fact is, it does matter. A lot. And RIGHT NOW.  My Feng Shui Master taught me that living in a negative space negatively affects you. Depending on your own balance at the moment, and your overall life picture, this will vary from person to person as to how negatively a bad space will impact you. But trust me when I say that it will ALWAYS impact you ultimately. Need some DESIGN & FENG SHUI personal help? Here is a SPECIAL just for you: Book Your Session Now

Your Environment Will Always Win.

Luckily this lack of caring for the connection between our wellbeing and our spaces is starting to change. In my practice as a Holistic Human & a Holistic Interior Designer, I have created this list on how to detox your home for a better connection with yourself and a better life balance.

A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside.

Healthy Home Wellness Tips:
  • Breath in fresh air! Open windows, and have a fan installed (don’t use AC unless necessary!)
  • Awaken your Scents again – Burn essential oils or get a salt lamp to purify the air & enjoy the aromas.
  • Add some house plants to purify the air or treat yourself with fresh flowers for increased Energy.
  • Add some crystals and create a Home Altar and sage your space regularly for inner connections.
  • Clean, purge & declutter your space to make more inner space. Recycle or Donate those unused things is a win-win!
  • Make your foyer into a functional & welcoming space (and do not allow your front entrance to be cluttered!)
  • Ensure your bathroom has good light and full-length mirrors to allow you to take care of your sacred vessel called your body.
  • Make an annual (or seasonal!) Maintenance & Care plan for your homes appliances, heating, and cooling systems.
  • Create a kitchen space you love to cook in and can easily clean. The old myth “You are what you eat” is truer today than ever.

It is my intention to help YOU to reconnect with the power of your SPACE and how to balance it for greater health, harmony & happiness. If you like some of my ideas and need some help to discover more on how to ReDesign Your Space, I would be honored to help you.
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