In the world of Feng Shui it is understood that your spaces, especially your home, is a deep reflection of the person you are. Your environment does not lie and the truth is there for you to see it if you are looking.
After studying Feng Shui, I understood this and clearly saw that we are taught to NOT look at things from this perspective in the West. I now refer to this new vision as my “Feng Shui Eyes’ which allows me to see deeply the interconnection between our spaces and ourselves.
In the West we put too much value on the way we perceive ‘success’. It offers a vision of success infused with a sense of purpose being derived from being busy and through consistent consumption. But is this what we really want our lives to be about? Is this what we want to be reflected in our homes when we look deeply at them?

It’s NOT just a Pretty Space.

With design reality TV, instagram etc. it is easy to get caught up in the need to compete with how pretty our homes are. In fact, I believe it is contagious. If someone else starts to compare, then you start to do the same. It can be a vicious cycle.
However, if you take a step back, is it really important what others think about you, about your home, about your life choices? In the end, you are only able to truly honour yourself.  From my personal experience, if you are not congruent with yourself, then you are harming your quality of life in the long run and ultimately it is not a sustainable way of life.
Myth Buster: A pretty home is not necessarily a good home, or one that has positive Feng Shui. If the home is pretty but dysfunctional, this is not positive. If it is pretty but is sitting on top of a graveyard, or along side a busy train station then again, it is not positive. Positivity comes from a more complex mixture of function, aesthetics but mainly from authentically being in alignment with those that live in them.

Feng Shui is about the alignment between our inner & outer worlds; the mindful arrangement of our environment for harmony. 
A REAL SUPER POWER is knowing that your home reflects who you are and that you have the chance to change it. Opening yourself to the skill of looking deeply at your spaces and seeing what they offer you in ways of telltale signs of what is working and what is not working in your life is important.
What areas are you needing to work on? What things are you avoiding? What problems may you be more prepared for? What is missing? What do you have too much of? Have you surrounded yourself with things you love, that make your life easier and add true value to the things that matter to you?

Home is not a place, it is a feeling.

Whether we are talking about your home as your personal space that include the four walls and roof that covers your head, or the bigger sense of home, EARTH, which we are all residents on, the sentiment that “Your Home Reflects Who You Are” is true either way.
Do you like what your home is reflecting to you about you?
Today we are focused on our home design and how to make home improvements. As a Holistic Designer I applaud this movement. However, I insist that my clients gain their own sense of Feng Shui Eyes as we work on the understanding that all of our spaces are a reflection of who we are. How you do anything is how you do everything. Can you really make home improvements to your personal space without consideration for making some home improvements to our shared home, Earth?
Today is Earth Day 2021 .  Today may be the first day of your new vision. Today you can start to recognise and live as if you can SEE the interconnectedness of all things so your choices become different.  This is using your Feng Shui Eyes and make some positive HOME IMPROVEMENTS in your personal space as well as our shared space.
Are you willing to make some changes to improve what is being reflected back to you? Change does not happen by chance, it happens by choice. You have the opportunity to make some small changes in your life, in your home, in your habits and in your vision – that can all improve what you are seeing about yourself reflected in the world around you.
 Earth Day Org – 2021 theme Restore Our Earth

The only thing permanent is change. ~ Heraclitus

Allowing yourself to look deeply at the spaces you spend time in and reflecting on what these say about you without judgement, without some false criteria of impressing someone else will be a great gift you can give yourself.
In doing this, you will also widen your vision to understanding that our greater HOME, our lovely planet Earth is in need of some TLC. We can start to make some much needed lifestyle changes that can honour ourselves, our home and our Home all at the same time.
Open your eyes and make some changes in your space to reflect what you want to see.

Does this resonate with you? My passion is to help you learn to use your own Feng Shui Eyes. Check out my CHANGE YOUR SPACE Design & Feng Shui ways to work with me

Love your bigger Home too!

 Earth Day Org – 2021 theme Restore Our Earth