Well, we did it! We staged an empty apartment in ONE day using all our skills- thus incorporating the sheer definition of ‘holistic’ into our approach.

We were inspired by a beautiful piece of art by my dear friend Daniel V Anderson, called Treescape and thus the concept of “The Tree of Life an Eco Lifestyle” was born.

Pulling together the concept was the easy part and then manifesting it into a 3D space in 24 hours was a challenge. But, hey we are PROBLEM SOLVERS so we rose to the challenge and from the resulting comments during the event, we obviously managed to meet the challenge with grace and skill.

2012_02_13_Wine, Dine and Design Event-S2

I met Joe of the Westchester Business Connections while on the set of What’s Cooking in Real Estate and being of similar work ethics, we hit it off. So when Joe asked me to be a part of the Riverview Club event, I was thrilled to be a part of the team.

Talking about what I love, having the challenge of staging an apartment in a day and meeting new people in the Westchester area – well, it was a night to be remembered.

And most importantly, I believe it is a new chapter to be repeated many times again to share our work with the world, demonstrate our skills and of course, to drink wine while chatting with other inspiring professionals.

2012_02_13_Wine, Dine and Design Event-S1

A BIG thank you to my team and to both the Riverview Club and The Westchester Business Connections for their inspired idea of venturing with us!