Color is such an important part of our daily experience. It deeply affects our emotional state of being. In Psychology Today, it shares that the psychology of color is a very personal experience and one that is very difficult to give an exact science to. The effect of color on us is a combination of our own history, culture, eyes, plus the context where the color is, the lighting, etc. Though, even with all these variable, the use of colors is almost always associated with overall genuine happiness.
So why is it that so often people avoid color?
As a designer, I believe it is because people don’t slow down enough to look at the colors that they like and are fearful that if they choose the wrong color that the negative impact will be powerful.  On the one hand, they are right, colors are powerful.  But the fact that fear stops people from choosing to use colors in their life is simply crazy to me!
Color can make a space GROW

A red wall can make a powerful statement

Colors are deeply integrated with the impact our space have on us. They tell a story. Designing your own space is one of the few times in your own life in which you can share your inner vision in a visible manner.
Do you want to tell a really good story of who you are?
I ask the basic question to all of my clients at one stage of their design projects, ‘What is your favorite color?.  In my experience, I have discovered that most people either have no idea or respond with an outdated version of their favorite color when they were a child.
Love your space

Color change with the other colors around it

Audrey Hepburn said that there is a shade of red for every woman. It is my goal to help you discover which is your shade of red.
In my role as a Holistic Designer, I have created the Magic Box™ process as a methodology to help my clients tap into their inner muse.  I feel it is so essential to making sure that YOU are selecting COLORS that reflect your inner JOY and that you are not following the trend, or letting someone else choose it for you, that I have spent all this time to create a process of exploration. It is a journey of discovery in which I sanction an inner reflection process which often our hectic lives leave little room for.
An old client called me in for their second home after they discovered they had no idea how to create a color scheme for their new 4-story Brownstown. The task seemed too grand and complicated and they could not come to any sort of agreement between themselves as to which colors they could live with for a very long time. Given the space and the complexities with painting the space, they knew that this was not something they wanted to have to redo.  The fear of getting it wrong had frozen them.  This is when they hired me.


Taking them through the process of discovery I created a finish color scheme with using one very simple approach. I asked them both to go to their partners closet and select their favorite outfits the other person wore. With this one step, I could develop a complicated paint, wallpaper, and fabric scheme that incorporated colors that BOTH parties loved, felt comfortable with and knew that they will be able to live in for many happy YEARS to come. Their entire scheme came from their closets and their favorite colors even if they could not have said this themselves in the beginning.
Lee Wright Design

Wallpaper can totally transform a space

I have a few tips on how you can discover the colors that make you happiest and then I suggest you surround yourself with them in your spaces with paint, pillows, art or even a rug.
Look in your closet.  Be objective and scan it. Often, I have found my clients have a really strong sense of a color scheme in their wardrobe.  People are drawn to colors and patterns, fabrics and textures that make them feel good and or comfortable. Lots of men will wear blue shirts because they once were told it brings out the blue in their eyes.  But do they like blue? Does it make you feel more comfortable? Attractive? Safe?  So, don’t just go in blind and think that what is in your partner’s wardrobe is a direct reflection of their likes.  Sometimes social pressure or laziness can mislead this process so be open to seeing the truth of whether this process works for all parties.


Now I live in a place that is all about food and very little about design, so this also must be taken with a spoonful of salt, but I have also sent my clients out to their favorite restaurants for a meal and to have looked with new eyes, take photos and decide what it is that they like about the space beside the fantastic veal parmigiana or the exquisite steak tar tar.  Another project of mine in Park Slope was designed around my client’s favorite place to shop, Ted Baker. They realized after this exercise that they both always would go shopping in this store before dinner in their favorite restaurant and that the store evoked a sense of style that they then wanted to bottle and take home. It was about the color combinations, the textures, patterns and general style. This insight helped me design an extraordinary COLOR and FINISH SCHEME for their old Brownstown to give it new life.


So, don’t let your fear stop you from making some bold decisions on what COLORS you love.  Who knows maybe once you decide that you adore cobalt blue you may decide to paint a room or to do that mini-renovation you have been dreaming of.


IF you still feel you want more COLOR in your life, but like my clients above, can’t figure out how to do it, I can help with a COLOR YOUR SPACE consultation.  I work long distance and can create the colors in your space that will make your heart sing.  Click here

“I really cannot tell you how much I love everything. I don’t know how you magically managed to completely transform the space while making it completely fit who I am. I am so grateful.” ~Danielle, client whom completed a color your space consultation