Building a TEAM of experts that are a reflection of my core philosophy of a HOLISTIC DESIGN approach is the foundation for my business.  The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is the newest addition to my ‘team’ and is a reflection of this core philosophy.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce’s core mission is to practice and promote doing business holistically within our community.  We intend to do this through the connection of the mind, body and spirit in the business arena thus operating more consciously.  We want to invite all professionals that wish to participate in this focused way of doing business in a win-win methodology to join us and become involved.

Working together as a collaboration I believe will allow us each to remind ourselves and each other that the JOURNEY is what matters and how can we help make a difference to the world at large through the assistance of our partners, friends, colleagues and friends to grow and thrive with their passions.

There seems to be some confusion with the word HOLISTIC so for the purposes of clear, calm, and consistent communication, see this from the Webster’s Dictionary:

ho·lis·tic [ hō lístik ] Adjective

  • characterized by the view that a whole system of beliefs must be analyzed rather than simply its individual components.
  • emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its point.

Every month we will be celebration this new community with an event or training to help us continue to lead, learn and share.  What fun!

Want to be a part?  Come along – you can get your tickets here.