All physical spaces collect energy in the same way they hold onto dirt and dust.  This collection of energy unknowingly causes a sluggishness or cluttered effect for those living in the space/house.
This energy naturally accumulates over time in all spaces and it can be exasperated during construction, massive changes in the space or with the people that are in the space such as sickness, new people in/out of the space or just simply major emotional life turmoil.
Space Clearing is a ritual to break-up and remove this clogged energy in your home to allow for new, fresh energy to fill in. It is sort of like an energetic house cleaning.
Learn how to balance the FIVE ELEMENTS in your kitchen for greater harmony

All spaces collect energy, like dirt and need to be cleared regularly like you clean your kitchen.


This ritual has been practiced by many cultures historically such as Native Americans, Shamanic cultures in South America, the Chinese and Indians.  It is becoming increasingly used more in our modern world as the ancient knowledge of holistic and alternative practices are being revived because of their value to our overall health and wellbeing.
Though our intentions and beliefs have a great impact on the quality of our lives, it is also understood that our spaces – especially our homes- have a deep impact on us, effecting our physical health, sleep patterns, ability to focus and our general levels of contentment.


What is the Quality of your Intent?


As a licensed Interior Architect I understood this from an early age and in my practice for 25+ years in the professional arena of architecture, design and construction, I noted the disruption caused in spaces during the renovation process and this made me discover the ancient practice of Space Clearing as a method to help those I worked for to manage the changes in their spaces which were effecting their behavior.
I learned about Space Clearings from professionals and have subsequently become one myself conducting space clearings regularly for my clients during and after their construction projects as well as for individuals that just want to adjust the energy in their homes or offices.  I also have done a series of lectures to teach people the value of Space Clearings and have a video tutorial to teach people to do it for themselves because I have seen the benefits over and over again first hand. You can download the video from my online ecommerce store here. Space Clearing How-To Video


To complete a Space Clearing takes a few hours, some preparation in advance like cleaning the space and gathering some items (flowers, etc.) and some participation of at least one household member during the ritual itself. I feel it is stronger when a person that lives in the space is present, if not all, as the Space Clearing also can clear anything connected with the individual as well.  In our modern lives, we collect a lot of unwanted energy from the world around us, people we come into contact with and the general population we connect with unwittingly in public spaces.  So we often collect and bring into our homes lots of energy from others we do not even know.
sacred salts - fire

Salts are used to collect and remove unwanted energy.

Space Clearings allow you to release these unwanted energetic collections, making room for your own energy and light to play the main role in all of your decisions and lifestyle choices.  I recommend Space Clearings at the end of/beginning of the New Year as a way to set your intentions for the upcoming year to be full of the fulfillment of your goals, dreams and to simply allow a smoother experience in general.
The upcoming year – The Yin Fire Rooster is going to be a strong year of possible conflicting energies which follow on the past year of massive disruptions.  To manage the Rooster energy, a personalized Space Clearing can aid in a smoother transition into the new year.

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