This YEAR, starting on February 1, 2022, is the Chinese Year of the Yang Black Water Tiger. This represents the new energy of the next year and is a chance to change how you manage yourself and your life during the next 12 months to make sure you are playing in the sandbox with the elements, energy and animals as well as you possibly can. 
My annual predictions & tips for the year are here to help you gain some insights of where you are coming from and where you are heading to so you can take advantage of this auspicious opportunity to change your way of operating so you can better manage the outcomes of your life.  Know that I use what skills, knowledge that I have, plus I depend on others that I trust and respect to help on areas that my knowledge is not deep enough. This is a complex system of understanding and these predictions & tips are a guide to help you manage the energy and watch for patterns in your own life.
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The basic premise of Feng Shui is Mindfulness. Using mindfulness in your life, your space and environment are keys to being in control of some aspect of your destiny.  Below are my insights, the context and my 5 TIPS for what you should do to help ride the waves of the Tiger year with grace and good results!
Black Tiger

Learn how to play nice with the Tiger Year for great results in 2022

Welcome to the Water Tiger Year 2022. What does this mean?


Yin and Yang counterbalance each others energy

Yang = active and dynamic
Water = flexible and changeable, emotions, wealth
Tiger = courageous, brave, independent, adventurous, strong self-esteem (negative, foolhearty, too confident, stubborn, brash)
First let’s check where we are coming from as this deeply impacts how we transition from one year to the next. From LAST YEAR to THIS YEAR there are A LOT of changes that you will feel in the transition.
Change from a Yin year to a Yang year causes a SHIFT in the feeling of time. Now things will start to move very, very FAST. Strap in!
Change from Metal to a Water energy year will shift from being about creativity and focused on completion, ridged and intellect towards a more fluid, changeable and therefore much more difficult to predict energy. Water can change and will change throughout this year so be prepared!
Change from an Ox year to a Tiger year will shift from being hard working and forward planning to a much more active and dynamic energy. Be aware the shift in energy can cause too much forward movement, and therefore some impulsiveness that is like starting running from standing still which can cause some discomfort.
Take Control

Feng Shui is one way to take back control

Another important aspect of the Chinese Divination reading for this next year which may be of  interest in our quest for managing the years energy with positivity. In the EARTHLY BRANCHES (which is one of the many forms of reading the energy of the year in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui), there are 3 out of 4 tigers. This is highly unusual. It means that this will be a year to WATCH YOUR BACK. Wild tigers aren’t fun to deal with. Take note too, that though Tigers are symbol of wealth and prosperity, with the water and the multiple tigers in the Earthy Branches, this will be unpredictable wealth. Invite the Wealth Gods to guide you will help or just be very careful when navigating your finances this year. It’s going to be a wild rollercoaster mostly likely in the financial aspects of the world.

The WATER element is changeable and can be calm or active, stagnant or running.

As noted above this is a complex system of energy reading and understanding patterns. I have been a student for over a decade and yet I am still a “student” of Feng Shui in my own eyes, therefore, the depth of knowledge is still considered green. I share this, as the understanding of the complex system of the Five Elements, which is one very close to my heart and serves my approach to my life and work, is a multi-layered process and there is much to be learned. Here is what I could gather from the reading this upcoming year.
There is too much wood this year in the overall charts. This represents growth power rank new beginnings.  Therefore, power & position will be come more important over the year (politics/leaders/CEO’s) and most likely they will become too strong and corrupt. Try to not fall on the wrong side of power this year.
Water is also representative of wealth and financial success. So there is a lot of in this year’s chart as well! So there is money to be made this year! Not easy money though since lacking resources (metal) and lacking creativity (fire). My recommendations include to boost fire & metal to help you make money this year. Wear red and get an amulet for talent.
The Earth  Element this year has some hidden agendas in it so be wary of your friends and of betrayals. I guess there will be some surprises for us all this year so just be aware and stay alert.
My approach to Feng Shui and Holistic Interior Designs is a combination of many style and schools of thought and I invite you to do the same. With this being said, my BTB (Black Sect Tantric Feng Shui is typically focused on the openings for energy to enter our spaces and lives and this is our map. However, the more ancient Feng Shui, the Compass School, is not without deep respect and merit. This school of Feng Shui focuses on the natural directions of the compass and play a role on our energy, and our lives as well.
EAST WEST quarrelsome in 2022 so cure with either trying to avoid these orientations as much as possible with your main bed position and desk orientation. Alternatively you need to make sure to protect yourself in these positions as much as possible.
Facing North is very auspicious in 2022. This is good to note for your home, your bedroom, your office/desk. It is also something to consider with views and directions for travel. 

Tigers come in all shapes and sizes

What does your Tiger Year look like?


Things moving very fast mostly of the time, though sometimes a pause will happen
Turbulent year (Wild ride!) with many ups & downs (especially in money & tech)
Opportunities but risky so use wisdom and instinct and do not act impulsively
High emotions throughout year so be aware of conflicts, riots and differences of opinions
The world is still in a covid year and may last through the year into next year though slowly calming down as may people cannot remain in fear or panic all the time
Many things continue to be challenged with our global political world causing clashes and people will need to make a stand in their own morals this year
There will be some hidden scandals that will emerge and shock us all this year

Be ready for a wild ride in 2022!


Hidden agendas this year (some come to light/shock world)
Unforeseen changes with surprising developments
Rapid change
Unsettled situations continue
Unearthed hidden truths come to the light


Water problems (sustainability issues, some new ways to deal with this
Possibly water shortages (or contamination)
Natural disasters – climate change increases and causes chaos
Possible man-made disasters too – Tiger energy can be very dangerous
(Chernobyl 1986, yang fire tiger year) (Google started 1998 Yang Earth Year)

Abundance comes in many forms


There is money to be made, but there is a lot of instability so there is also the possibility of losing a lot of money. Some will be big winners and others big losers. Currency to crypto by 2026 and this idea of tech and money being intertwined is unsettling and allows control of this to being the hands of others which is not considered a good position to be in.

This is not the year to play it totally safe. Take action.


Opportunities abound for those willing to take action (esp with money)
Strength gained from growth, enthusiasm.
Rapid development
Resist impulse behaviour. Think things through.
Be careful to not be impulsive or take too high risks

It is a good time to heal old emotional wounds


Good time to forget stormy past and let go of past wounds.
Year of movement and WILL POWER
Focus on ONE things is best
Overwhelm can be a BIG PROBLEM this year, though mostly in the later part of the year.
High emotions (water!!!)


Tech & medical advancements

Lack of resources and creativity need to be considered


Lack of Metal (resources) will continue to feature this year and get worse
Lack of Fire (creativity) so lots of people will rush to follow the leaders
Can be liberating (willing to go outside comfort zone, push boundaries, take risks)
Can be chaos for others (fear creates indecisiveness, stuck)


Good year for Horse (me!), Dog, Pig
Not good year for Rat, Ox, Snake, Monkey
Okay year for Dragon, Rooster, Sheep, Rabbit



Welcome to the Water Tiger Year 2022.  It is going to be a wild ride with lots of emotions and opportunities. It will be a very different experience than the previous year, and it is a year where we will want to take bold action and be inspired. We just need to make sure we use our wisdom and not act too impulsively. The world will see some scandals and there will be some inspiring advancements though the trouble with corruption in power will continue to play out. Check out the way your own Chinese Animal will be impacted in my next blog post or you can book your own personalized 9 Star Qi & Feng Shui reading for 2022.

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!