Personally, my favorite season has always been Autumn.
As a child, I was always super excited for September to arrive. My summertime’s were filled with lots of creativity, imagination and most of my time was spent outdoors roaming the countryside of my childhood hometown.  Summers were always very special times, though by the time September came around, I was itching for a change.  I think that it was the change which was always the exciting part of it for me.  Autumn symbolized a chance to grow, to learn more new things and to be more socially creative person. Plus, the chance to spend more time indoors was an inspiration to my young designer self!
Many cultures honor the season of Autumn as a time of TRANSISTION.  This is seen in the rituals of protection, security, reflection and celebrations of abundance. The Chinese celebrate the season with the Moon festival to honor the abundance of the harvest of the summer; In Indian Mythology Autumn is the season of “learning” as the goddess Saraswati denotes and in the Jewish faith Yom Kipper, also known as the Day of Atonement, is a day to make amends after inner reflection. These are perfect examples of the way cultures honor the transitional nature of the seasons.
I have always felt that Autumn is the MOST SENSITIVE season and I believe this is because it is associated with the process of transition, the inevitability of our own lifecycle.  Autumn reminds us of this clearly because of the visible changes – the leaves changing colors, the days becoming shorter and the weather becoming cooler.  It is inescapable to not recognize these changes. It is as if the season creates the need to look at our lives and our spaces in new ways and prepare for the days ahead.


The only thing that is constant is change. ~ Heraclitus

As a Feng Shui Designer, I recognize the need to balance our own lives in harmony with the seasons and to use the natural rhythm of life to help us to stay in alignment. Since this is the season of transition, and traditionally people worked in accordance with the natural rhythm of life, I feel it is the perfect season to take the time to reflect on the areas in your home that need some support and attention to help you live more in balance.
One areas that is often neglected is the ENTRY FOYER. I feel this space is the most important space in our lives because is it the space that help you TRANSITION from your outer life to your inner life. As with all transitional times, they are the times when we are most VULNERABLE and need to take special care to navigate through life more mindfully. A perfectly designed foyer or entrance will allow you to avoid obstacles, challenges or difficulties. As a designer I have witnessed the massive changes in your design can have on your life.

Change your space and you can change your life.

One of my areas of expertise is in small space design.  This developed because so often my clients would have limited space and yet we needed to find a way to make it work. This was often the case with the entry foyers in the small houses and apartments I designed in New York and London.  I have discovered that with intention and creativity, even the smallest of spaces can be made into a functional and beautiful entry foyer that can enhance your life immensely. For example, in one Brooklyn brownstone I transformed what was once a hallway into a functioning foyer for a family of four. This design change changed their experience of coming home for the positive, allowing for less complication and more family excursions.

Lee Wright

This Autumn is the perfect opportunity for you to re-think your entrance FOYER in your home so it can become more functional for your own needs for this upcoming season and beyond. Use the energy of the season to your advantage and go inwards to ask yourself what do you want to have when you enter into your space and then focus on your creativity to complete a mini-design make-over.  Trust me when I tell you your future self will thank you for this effort.
Lee Wright
To kick start your reflection on your space during this season of transition, here are some design tips for making your FOYER a positive space so you can more easily transition from your outer world to your inner world:


  • Clear away clutter!! Have a place for everything, even things to be removed from the house
  • Make sure all door swings are clear
  • Add something pretty to see such as flowers, a glass bowl or artwork. Be inspired!
  • Organization for your stuff (keys, shoes, etc.) Think of your own needs!
  • Hang a mirror!
  • Have a seat or a place to perch- even a poof can work!
  • A shelf, table or console to put stuff
  • Hooks for your stuff! Use the walls!
  • Mailbox- or an area to place all the paperwork that comes into your home.


And the most important thing is to have fun!  Changing your space to change your life is a positive journey to enjoy in and of itself.  For more inspiration on your best future designs, feel free to look at my website Holistic Interior Architecture.
Make sure to stay tuned for exciting design ideas, tips on how to design yourself, and my service called Design-It-With-You.DIWY
May the season of TRANSITION help you to move towards a space and life that fulfills all your dreams.




















































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