Springtime is a time of smells! It is like everything is waking up and coming alive again. It makes sense to me that wintertime used to be called “A Little Death” and that is for sure when it comes to the way things smell. In winter, things stop smelling. The cold weather stops us from being able to use this sense very much and every year I am always pleasantly surprised when a familiar yet distant scent drifts across my path.

“May your love for me be

  like the scent of the evening sea

drifting in through a quiet window

so I do not have to run or chase or fall …

to feel you

all I have to do is breathe.”

~ Sanober Kahn, A Thousand Flamingos

Yesterday I was returning from a meeting in the center of town and the smell of freshly cut grass affronted me. It overwhelmed my senses and I had to stop, stand still, close my eyes and drink in the smell. It was delicious. I had forgotten in the depths of winter the rich experience of this smell and I inhaled deeply filling my lungs to capacity and this completly settled me.
Recently a client also shared with me their experience of being in a hotel in LA where there was a signature scent that has been designed especially for the hotel and they exclaimed their experience with such joy, it again reiterated for me the importance of our sense of smell and how it is often over looked and even ignored.
As an aromatherapist now for almost 15 years, I recall being introduced to this ancient concept and it expanding my life experience to a whole new level which up until that age, I had not really given much thought to. I was thrilled to discover the aroma of all sorts of things now that my attention was focused on it.

photo 3

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. ~ James Redfield

I started to pay attention to the smells of spaces – hotels, schools, hospitals and even the subway. I lived in NYC at the time and the different scents that came across my path simply from walking down the street was amazing! I had wondered how I had ignored this for such a long time. Now, of course I had not completely ignored it but it is said that scent is such a basic instinct it is visceral and not cerebral that we often do not think about the smells but simply absorb them. It is only when the smell has a deeply rooted emotional attachment, or it is super strong that  will trigger one to actually ‘think’ about the smell. For example, you will remember to take out the trash only when the smell of the garbage has an especially bad odor when you walk into the kitchen, or you will wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon cooking which will pull you from your bed seeking these delicious morning treats.
Blending my own scents has become one of my special treats that I give myself. Creating my special concoctions always grounds me and offers me some sense of empowerment over my own personal environment. You see scents are not just a pleasant sense- they have a deeper impact on our well-being too. Smells enter into our bodies throughout noses and are immediately in contact with our brains and bodies. These aromas have different qualities and therefore have different effects on us depending. For example, the qualities may reduce inflammation to help with breathing for reduce swelling, or reduce an infection and heal a wound because they have antibiotic properties. Or help you sleep because they have a sedative and relaxing effect.


May you taste, touch and smell your dreams of a beautiful tomorrow.

~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

You see aromas are a powerful, holistic tool to have at your disposal. With them you are able to control your own well-being on a mental, spiritual and physical aspects. You simply need to take a little time to learn the basics and then have fun.
Where to Learn:
The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) has a great blog and is a great resource to learn more.  http://naha.org/
Where to Buy Oils:
One of my favorite suppliers in the USA is a local, small company that focuses on the best quality and being in alignment with the natural and holistic aspects of the oils themselves. Sometimes the bigger companies have lost sight of these qualities so I often support the mom and pop organizations whenever possible. Rocky Mountain Oils. http://www.rockymountainoils.com
In my first book, Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations  I offered a SACRED SPACE CLEARING SPRAY recipe which you can make to start to incorporate scents into your home. Book Link
My special Space Clearing recipe is as follows:
This recipe is my personal Space Clearing Spray to create a sense of stability and groundedness, avoid fear, enhance creativity and collaboration, plus adds peace and serenity to the journey of your Home Renovation.
Essential oils to get. (Purchase from a qualified source)
Vetiver: Grounding. Creates a deep and meaning connection with the earth, and a consciousness awakening, resulting in a place for a solid foundation for your life to be built upon.
Black Pepper: Clearing. Adds clarity of inner vision removes blockages and allows for new growth.
Tangerine: Joyful creativity. Increases creativity and playfulness; removes the sense of being overwhelmed, and overworked providing the ability to tap into our inner muse.
Frankincense: Removes fear, adds peace. Provides a strong inner vibration, allowing us to shed our barriers and fear, connecting us with reconnecting with our consciousness without ego.
Get a standard spray preferable a 12 oz. dark glass bottle, and fill it with purified distilled water. Add 8 drops of each oil into the water base and gently roll the bottle between your palms before use to mix. Walk the perimeter of the entire space, typically at the end of the day, spraying into air 3 times in from the floor, in the center and towards the ceiling. Spray approximately every 10 feet or as you feel is necessary to cover the space with the gentle scent throughout. Repeat as necessary.
I designed special scents as part of my holistic design services if you so desire, you can reach out to me to create your own special space scent. Click here to see my WEBSITE