As we approach the Dia de Muertos, All Soul’s/Saint’s Day, or Halloween, it is well-known that this time of the year is especially connected with Yin energy, the dark side of our nature, and the deceased. The coming of winter (often called a little death), plus harvest-time, combine to make this part of year a period of TRANSITION. I believe that the season of and spaces of transitions are very delicate.  I noted this in my blog, The Truth About Sensitive Space: Foyers, earlier this year and it is a common theme in my Feng Shui Design practice as well.  It is believed that during this time of the year, the connection between the spirit world and our visible world is thinner therefore the chance for crossing over between the realms is done more easily. The connection between our inner-world and outer-world is more closely aligned and we can take a deeper look at what this means to each of us and how we can better understand our life, our world and ourselves for greater harmony for all seasons of the year.


We can only appreciate the light through the knowledge of the darkness.


No matter where you live, or what your spiritual or religious belief is, it is indisputable that this season has a POWERFUL EFFECT on our lives because EVERY CULTURE has some form of RITUAL that they perform at this time of year to honor this shift in the seasons and the changes in the energy.
The Day of the Dead is a multi-day celebration in Mexico (Oct.31- Nov.2) that honors their deceased loved ones with the ritual of creating a home altar full of food, incense, candles and symbolic objects to appease the spirits, and they decorate the streets to their cemeteries’ in an almost comical manner – laughing in the face of death. This is similar to the ritual of the Chinese Home Altars used for the celebration of each New Year to appease the House Spirits to take care of them.  All Saint’s Day (Nov.1) is celebrated in France, Italy, Spain, the Philippine’s and parts of South America, with special masses to honor martyrs and is a solemn day not to be confused with the next day – All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2), which is a day to pray for those waiting to get into heaven and this process helps these spirits to move on. Both days respect the deceased with the ritual of cleaning of gravesites and cemeteries’. Halloween (Oct. 31), the holiday that focuses on trick-or-treating, wearing costumes to disguise your identity, and carving pumpkins, is believed to be the modern version of an ancient Celtic and Pagan traditions, taking many of the ancient rituals and giving them a fresh adaptation.

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From my rotting body, flowers shall grow, and I am in them, and that is eternity.

~ Edvard Munch

These celebrations or RITUALS are linked with the strong belief that the dead are more closely aligned with the living during this period. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that recognizes this link and helps to keep it in balance and harmony all year long.
My practice as a Feng Shui practitioner and an Interior Designer often combines the desire for our spaces to physically be made functional and beautiful and the need to clear the energy of the space of negative associations and past experiences to make room for happier experiences. Over the years that I have practiced, I have discovered the power of the invisible realm more and more as I create design experiences with my clients that not only transform their outer physical worlds into beautifully designed spaces but also, we transform their inner lives to better support them to be the best version of themselves. I find this work profoundly fulfilling and inspiring.

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A ritual is a symbolic act with a spiritual focus that is performed by a person or persons typically for a specific purpose or intention. It is a process whereby we may connect on a deeper level with all things that are important to us. Typically, through the enactment of a ritual, we bypass our analytical mind and connect with our hearts to a higher power, whatever we consider this to be.
It is a symbolic act of connection and offering, opening our hearts to the Universe.
Rituals can be found in many aspects of life, both ancient as well as modern, though we may not always recognize them as rituals. Yoga, meditation, and pilgrimages are all rituals.


Bathing and combing our children’s hair before bedtime, gathering around a campfire, or a funeral are all forms of rituals. No matter how grand or simple, these are all forms of rituals. They are essential to our connection with each other and the collective. It has been said that humanity began to be civilized when the ritual of burying our dead became a practice— when we became conscious enough to take time to connect in a sacred and systemized manner.
Rituals are a very important aspect of the Black Sect School of Feng Shui which is the tradition which I practice. Rituals provide a way to bring the sacred into your life in a well-structured format that opens ‘spirit’ to help shift the energy of your consciousness from one state to another. This is the true purpose of a ritual, and it is the reason I so often use it in my work with clients.
Rituals will reinforce our own desires and strengthen our ability to achieve them. It helps us to both connect with the larger power of the Universe through focused attention and through the act of slowing us down enough to participate and listen to the wisdom that is all around us.


Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ritual practices also
 connect us to the ever-important subconscious mind
 and allow it to support us 
in ways, it does not often 
get to do so. Our psyche
 does not know the difference between performing
 a ritual and the actual reality of the experience of the event. So, I have the belief that the power of Ritual is so essential in the success of your life and your Home Renovation because of this. It can be life-changing and transformative. Many of my clients can confirm this experience too.
In the Basque Country in the north of Spain where I now live, I discovered a ritual for All Soul’s Day by mistake. One day, after my daily meditation practice, I watched the silent procession of people coming to the seawall where I was sitting and tossing flowers into the sea. I had no idea what it was for, but the experience was deeply moving for me. Later, when I shared this with some friends, they explained this is the local tradition for All Soul’s Day to honor their dead relatives and help them to achieve peace.  Today, on this day, November 2nd I now also take a bunch of flowers to the seawall, and before my meditation practice, I toss them into the sea to honor those I have loved and lost.  The power of this new RITUAL, for me, connects me with my understanding of the Universe, and all that I believe to be LOVE.  Plus, it gives me a chance to remind those that are in the other realm that they are not forgotten.

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To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

~ Thomas Campbell, (Hallowed Ground)


If you desire to have your space support you and to use this time of transition to make some shifts in your own life, you can reach out to me and we can create a specialized Feng Shui Design consultation or a Space Clearing specifically for you for this purpose. Check out my website and connect with me.
Also, my books share specialized rituals, sacred mantras and space clearing sprays that you can make yourself if you choose to create and practice your own rituals. My book: Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations
May your season of transition be full of insights into the darkness so you may prepare for the returning of the light. Happy Harvest.