Isn’t the Kitchen still the place where everyone always gravitates to and connects the most? In my experience, this has always been the case. Even when we are all spending more time outdoors in these hot days of summertime, the kitchen still remains a beating pulse for us to gather, prepare and is the main source of all our nourishment.

Since working with Lee, our kitchen has truly become the heart of our home. ~Edna, Brooklyn homeowner

How do you want your heart of your home to feel? Open, warm, active or modern, sleek and cold…

Designing Kitchens is one of the hottest topics around these days. After restaurants being closed due to the pandemic and having to cook at home, this room has become the thing star in many people’s lives again. For me, this is a positive step in the right direction as I have always known that the kitchen is the heart of our homes and it brings about many positive things in our lives if designed properly.
Even when you are focused on being outdoors, having BBQ’s or picnics this Fourth of July weekend, the fact remains that you need to prepare all your meals from the heart of your home – in the kitchen. So it is a sacred space, always needed, though with variations depending on the season.  Perhaps the time to review the quality of the heart of your home is during the season in which you use it less so you can have some perspective on what is needed.
My award-winning kitchen design expertise is high in demand these days. Using a professional in this area of your home is often a good idea, because of the challenges, costs and most importantly the complexity of getting it wrong. Best to get this room, the heart of your home, right the first time around.
Currently I am in the midst of designing a kitchen in a Spanish home, a Tribeca Loft, a Manhattan apartment and consulting on a London Victorian kitchen. The approach I start with each kitchen project is with a clean slate and never think one-size-fits all. If it worked in before does not automatically mean it can work in this home. Always remain open to the possibilities and you may be pleasantly surprised by the end results!

When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty.
When I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, 
I know it is wrong.
R. Buckminster Fuller

Space planning your kitchen so it has flow is key to a happy heart of your home.


Kitchen Design Tips from a Professional Kitchen Designer

  • Start with the functional needs in your kitchen. Think through everything from how you cook (be realistic!) to how you clean, entertain, bake. Think through it all!  It is okay to dream about what you want, but the key is to be realistic. Do not design a kitchen that is super modern and sleek if you are more apt to leave things on the countertop. Creating a space that is alignment with who you are is ideal. designing your space, especially your kitchen, can help you to moderate/improve your habits too, but do this in moderation. We do not change overnight and to set yourself up this way only leads to disappointment.
  • Remember to stay curious during the design process – the solution is not known until the end, therefore the mystery is part of the journey and is part of the fun!
  • Small is not necessarily a hinderance. You can make a small kitchen into a very functional space, if used properly and set up according to your needs. Go vertical but never too high that you can’t get to it. If you go high, plan for a way to get to it easily.
  • Use every single part of the space. Think about window sills, niches, underused closets. Function is key and in a kitchen the countertop and work space is the king. Planning in advance can allow small adjustments that are easy during construction but very costly afterwards.
  • Consider your million-dollar, every day view. You need to know that this is the view you will see all the time, everyday so you need to make sure to not have the part of the kitchen that will be messy in this spot. Or ugly or even the refrigerator. What you see most often will play a big role in how you feel everyday so make it something lovely.
  • Do not have your kitchen stove with your back to the doorway/entry if you can avoid it. Make it the central piece in the kitchen if you can. Doing this will promote more cooking and sharing in this space. If you cannot do this, there are Feng Shui enhancements on how to fix this problem. Check them out here. 

Putting your stove on the island with a hood on it makes it central to the whole kitchen; keeping it in the commanding position

The Kitchen History, Myths and ponderings

kitch·en  (kĭch′ən) n.
[Middle English kichene, from Old English cycene, probably from Vulgar Latin *cocīna, from Late Latin coquīna, from feminine of Latin coquīnus, of cooking, from coquus, cook, from coquere, to cook; see ‘pek’ in Indo-European roots.]
  1. A room or an area equipped for preparing and cooking food.
  2. A style of cooking; cuisine: a restaurant with a fine French kitchen.
  3. A staff that prepares, cooks, and serves food.
The main function of a Kitchen has always been as the primary location for storing, cooking and preparing food and doing related tasks such as washing dishes, but it may also be used for dining, entertaining, and doing other household chores such as laundry.
But isn’t it so much more than just a room? And really should it be a room at all?
According to dream analysts, having Kitchens in your dreams, or the act of preparing, cooking and eating food is representative of having an appetite for NEW THINGS in your life.
Food represents the FUTURE and where you see yourself heading in life. Dreaming of preparing a meal is a sign of self-care or nurturing characteristics. Being fed by others represents a symbol of love. Dreaming of feasts or grand celebrations with lots of eating and drinking are often a sign of wealth and prosperity to come in the future.
Historically, there have been many cultures that honor the act of cooking and eating and the household in general. From the very basic Vedic God of Fire to the later development of the Chinese Kitchen God called Zao Jun, to the Anglo-Saxon Pagan Household God Cofgod, which was part of the early origins of the Hob in England and Brownie in Scotland, all these various gods or deities are meant to give thanks for and to invite good fortune while warding off evil spirits.
So much history surrounding our source of nourishment. Though today many of us are blessed to not have to fight for our food, it is still the source of our life for we cannot survive without nourishment. Honouring this today is still something I feel we should continue to do.

Designing your kitchen with a sense of gratitude for all your nourishment is a good way forward

“Cooking is the art of adjustment.”

Jacques Pepin

KITCHEN Feng Shui Tips

Your Kitchen design is best combined with Feng Shui because it is the heart and soul of your home and the place where you take care of yourself and your beloveds. Here are some tips to help you learn some key principals and ideas on how to bring this into your own heart of your home.
  • Kitchens represent your WEALTH, ABUNDANCE and HEALTH
  • Your Health is your Wealth
  • The Kitchen is the most energetically loaded room in the house therefore it needs to be treated with great care since there is possible danger in the very fact it has fire and a lot of activity in it.
  • Kitchens are a representation of our nurturing nature. We are what we eat – literally! The kitchen is a form of self-love.
  • The Kitchen is the center of the FIRE element (Five Elements) and this represents our FAME/FUTURE/EXPANSION areas of our life

Red represents the fire element so use it with care in your kitchen

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

~ Federico Fellini

Kitchen Feng Shui Design Enhancements include using color, lighting, water, mirrors and of course a sense of movement and flow in the space.  If you’d like to know more on how to incorporate Feng Shui design into your own kitchen, you can read this which gives a lot of juicy details on exactly how, why and where to place things in your kitchen to get your unique results.

Buy here your own book on Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.
~ Charles Eames


I dream that the heart of your home is filled with laughter, love, joy and delicious food. Bon appetite!

If you’d like some kitchen design help, check out my services HERE.