The NYNOW trade show at the Javit’s Center in NYC has expanded to be two times a year to bring us new products that are being launched in the arena of home-wares, accessories showcasing local and overseas artisans products for distribution.  Over 40,000 people attend these shows and the results are what you end up seeing in all the main stores and showrooms in NYC and around the country.

ASID Metro collaborates to assess and judge the artisans and create an Award for our opinion of the Best of the Best of the show.  This is a commitment we as professionals hold to both the industry as well as the people in which we serve.  We want to ensure the quality and innovation that drew each one of us into the world of design is maintained and that the truly most wonderful designs are applauded, praised and supported.

Personally, I believe we need to do this more often in our daily lives – to praise and celebrate the things that are done well and with true innovation, creativity and inspiration so to keep those doing it alive and striving for more.

Thus I have volunteered my time (again) to walk the floor of the hundreds of vendors and suppliers, to research, review, ask questions and discuses, debate and collaborate with my fellow designers on which of these vendors deserves the distinction of being considered the Best of the Best by the largest Interior Design organization in the USA, if not the world.  It holds a lot of weight and with this a responsibility which I personally take very seriously.

With tired feet and lots of happy tears today we selected some very amazing people and the inspiring products which they are bringing to the world.  It was a lot of fun to collaborate with other amazing designers and to present the ASID awards to the following companies that we will be offering a lot more information on our blog in the future.

However in case you are in immediate need or interest, please feel free to reach out directly to these amazing businesses and please tell them that Lee from the NYNOW, ASID awards sent you.  Happy shopping!

GARDEN.  GardenTerrariumkits.com – amazingly beautiful booth which reflects there care and love of making the living into something sustainable in our environments.

PIVOT. PivotProject.co – re-think, re-form, re-function. A truly sustainable company helping people get back on their feet again.

PABLO.  PabloDesigns.com – innovative, beautiful and functional LED lighting with a twist. Simply amazing.

JO LIZA. Joliza.com – Organic designed home furnishings that are just fantastic. Woven chairs that are sophisticated & comfy!

RABLABS.  rablabs.com – Home Design Collection of the most glorious using both USA and Brazilain artists with natural stones and designs.  Great energy!

LONGSTREET COLLECTION. Family owned and ran business with unique wall pieces that combine ancient techniques with new to ultimately offer wall art worthy of your space.

NEO.  Innovation in using a material in a new way – scuba suit material to be specific – into jewelry, purses, and even furniture. Really! And of so lovely to see, touch and wear!

A wonderful way to start the New Year of the Horse, with a collaboration of designers to work with and celebrate other designers.  I am grateful for all the BEAUTY IN THE WORLD and those that continue to bring it to our world.

Keep Shining.

Our Winners List

Our Winners List

ASID Metro Judges

The ASID Metro Judges for NYNOW Winter 2014

Our Winners

Our Winners