Feng Shui is the Art & Science of the mindful arrangement of your space to optimise health, happiness, safety and security. The true power of this is in the action it takes to make this happen. It is in our environments that touch us each and every day that impact our lives in such a deep way that is an often overlooked. It is too obvious and we are often moving too fast to even notice.

Taking action to change your space is key to being truly happy.

This is the core of my personal belief and is something I have dedicated my whole life to working on for myself, and my clients. My passion and purpose was born when I was still a child. It has evolved as I have grown and lived my life. Recently I was with some old dear friends, they shared that I have always been this kind of seeker. My focus was then as it is now – to help other’s on their journey to creating safe spaces that inspires beauty and joy.

If taking action is the key to more happiness, then why does it seem so hard to move forward, and more importantly what can we do to help shift this energy?

Below I have listed from my experience as a Designer and Feng Shui practioner for nearly three decades the main reason for delaying the path towards greater joy. Plus I offer some possible SOLUTIONS on how you can change your space to change your life to bring in more happiness.

Changing the layout of the furniture and artwork in this space changed it dramatically.


What is the BIGGEST obstacle to taking action on that long-awaited home improvement project, Feng Shui consultation (or even that holiday, or retreat, or new outfit, tickets, etc.) that you dream of regularly? Let me share the top few I have seen in my experience.

Break the Habit of Being Busy.

Our culture has made being fully busy a badge of honour, but in truth this is the ONE THING that stops you from being truly happy. If you are moving too fast you can miss the really good stuff. The sense of accomplishment one feels after checking things of their to-do-list is quite nice, I know. BUT the sense of peace one feels when you slow down is a whole new sense of peace. It is in this empty space that the magic can happen. My recommendation is to be gentle with this and start small.  Take the habit of CHECKING IN with yourself and making adjustments to the realistic adjustments to shorten your to-do-list. Build into your day a 30 minute space to do nothing but dream. Leave the “what” to do during this time blank until the moment and go from there.

stop being busy

Don’t use Money as an Excuse for Anything.

Money is only energy and though the majority of use have been fed a whole heap of scary stuff about the power of money, it is not true. It is not about money per say, but about our beliefs about money.  The fear of money, or should I say, the lack of money, is the number one reason people make poor decisions in their lives. If you want to make some changes in your life, or more specifically, in your home, you can do this with a little elbow grease, creativity and action.

It does NOT take a lot of money to shift the energy in your environment. Often the shifts will help open the flow of more abundance (umph- more money?!) into your sphere. Creativity is not a money thing though modern media would try to tell you otherwise. I invite you to not buy that as a truth and believe that you are worthy. Many of my lower budget projects have been the most successful ones.

Keep your eyes open for FREE help too. If you want change, it will find you too.


To remove too many unused clothes, I created Cava & Clothes Eco Exchanges to help declutter my own closet.

If you are not happy with something, then change it.

Change does not happen without choice. So just take ONE step in the direction of changing something and you will be amazed at the ripple effect it has. Complaining about something and not doing anything to change it is a negative cycle that will keep you stuck. Notice if you are complaining about something. That is the first step. Then if you notice it, you can try to stop verbalising it outloud for 2 days in a row. After you have achieved this, then you can start to have the space, and time to open up the possibility to change. What makes you unhappy about this thing, situation or space that make you not feel good? After you pin-point that, it is much easier to focus on the possible solutions.

What you surround yourself with, makes a difference to how you feel

What you surround yourself with, impacts your happiness


In Summary

Slow Down, expand your abundance thinking to all areas of your life and start to make plans for changing the things that do not serve you.

Changing your space to change your life is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your life to increasing your level of happiness and joy; your sense of safety and security; your depth of peace and room for passion. These feelings from the spaces we spend the most time in are inherent to our core self and built into our DNA. Shifting the furniture in your space, adding a dash of colour, or simply removing the boxes from the space, all can have a deep, lasting and powerful impact on how you feel each and every morning.

Colour can be added with paint, furniture, plants.



I can help with COLORS or making a PLAN to DECLUTTER your space with my unique HOURLY DESIGN CONSULTATIONS which focuses on what you need, even if it is just a little advice, design support or ideas.

Plus I offer a basic FENG SHUI CONSULTATION which includes my 25 years of interior design expertise holistically.

If you like this blog and it touched your soul, please reach out. If you need some advice on how to shift the energy in your space, I am here. I offer a FREE 20 minute consultation. Check it out on my website and book it in now. Book a Session NOW

Feng Shui is a powerful tool to shift the energy in your home


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