Creating sustainable interiors for you and your family should not be OPTIONAL. Creating a sustainable environment is creating a space that is good for you in the LONG TERM, in a manner that does not harm you, others, or the planet. In other words, it is about a home that is healthy for everyone and everything. Therefore, in the long run, it is a space that allows for the natural rhythms of life to flow, it is a space that allows you to breath (healthily!), and to dream (big!). It is an environment that allows you to simply remember what it is like to BE a human being today in this world, on this planet and to embrace love in all its forms.

Sustainable Interiors example of client's living room.

Sustainable interiors create happiness.


Creating truly sustainable interiors is an inside job.  It is something you must participate in and it is not about creating a pretty space. I do not mean that it can’t be a pretty space, however, it cannot ONLY be about being a pretty space. My job is to help you find your own inner design inspiration. Many of us have false understandings of what pretty is therefore I suggest you seek a professional that you feel aligned with and allow them to help guide you. Above all, I highly advised you to NEVER let an Interior Designer tell you what you ought to like, what your style is, or what defines pretty. Again, this is an INSIDE JOB and only you know what is pretty to YOU.

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Here are TIPS on the things to consider when you start to think about a home renovation or decoration project. I know that your happiness is connected to your sustainable interiors.

Design inspiration starts with a sustainable plan.

Planning, preparing, and organizing are essential first steps to any design project.

Prep is Key             

Starting a design project is a commitment. Therefore it is essential to start with the preparation beforehand. Do not jump into the deep end without knowing how to swim. People often do this and are surprised by costly mistakes because of poor planning. Treat the design of your home as an important aspect of your life and you will get fantastic results. However, if you ignore this, you do so at your own risk! For example, painting a room the wrong color, or placing your sofa in a poor position may not harm you directly, however, it can slowly kill you as it drains your energy, causing an inner sense of disconnection that you may not even recognize but it ultimately damages your quality of life.

Being in an environment that is smooth, flowing, and creates a sense of peace will bring these feelings into all other aspects of your life. This is part of creating sustainable interiors – a place that you feel at peace. This may not mean that if you choose the wrong color for your bedroom your relationship will end in divorce, but it can mean you do not sleep as well which can result in long term negative consequences. So take your time to decide what is important to you. Need some help with this part? Here is a little gem of a book of guidelines on how to PREPARE for your home renovation. The scale of your design dreams does not matter as much as you being prepared from the get-go!

Sustainable interiors starts with realistic expectations.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish! Do it right the first time!

Honesty is Mandatory

Wising something was less expensive, more readily available, or easier to install simply does not make it so. Again I am often amazed how many of my clients will bemoan the price of something, to buy the cheaper version to only pay double to have the original one installed after the first one broke. Do your homework and understand that value has a price.  Discovering your own design inspiration and where it comes from will help you adjust your vision along the journey plus if you are committed to the sustainable interiors approach, this will also aid in streamlining all your decisions.

Of course, shop around and to look for the best bargain you can. I just advise against wishful thinking. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Another top tip: your time has a value to it as well. Researching your options and analyzing products takes a lot of effort and time. This is what professionals get paid to help you with if you prefer to not do it yourself. We can Help.

In conclusion, only you can determine what is a sustainable approach to your life and to the creation of your own sustainable interiors, yet I urge you to make sure to not shortcut your solutions with false expectations in the beginning.

Sustainable interiors have great color that make you happy and are from your design inspiration.

My favorite color is sunset, followed by a rainbow.

Color is King

Adding color into your space is the fastest (and can be the least expensive!) way to update the feeling of your space instantly (or nearly so!). Color is known to enhance moods, change your feelings, and literally make you feel better. This cannot be stressed enough. There is science behind this and an article you may be interested in is here. Also, the paint on your walls is a material you must be certain to go eco with. Here is a great resource for non-VOC paints.

Ultimately, the main goal of creating sustainable interiors and design inspiration is so you feel good in yourself and in your home. The fact that Architects started the trend for all-white interiors is something that always shocks me since white is the color that makes you see LESS in a space, so you cannot feel it, you cannot connect with it and mostly you cannot become part of it. Use color in your spaces and trust you will be able to tell the difference in your own vibration immediately. Feng Shui Design uses COLOR to enhance your home and your life. Want to know what colors will help bring you more money, love, or a better job? We can help with our Feng Shui Review Packages

Make sure your mattress is not full of toxins harming your health every night!

Materials are Foundational

The stuff you put in your space impacts your health. Everything! All the things you have in your home were created from the materials in which they were made. Be certain that not all of these materials are healthy for you despite what you’d like to believe is common sense. Sometimes knowledge has evolved, and the industry has not. For example, the idea of fire retardants in mattresses was a great idea when it first came out since it was created after a tragic home accident, however, it became known that these chemicals are carcinogenic and yet many mattresses sold today still have these fire retardants in them. It is essential to understand the newest eco-friendly and sustainable materials because causing long-term health problems is not sustainable. I have collaborated with a very cool dude that is all about sourcing and blogging about Sustainable & Innovative Materials. Check out this blog with some ideas he has on Sustainable Materials for Interiors.


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