The most positive result last year was the collective awareness of the amount of unconscious consumption we all were doing. A second was the immense healing that happened to our Planet when we all had to have a hard STOP for the months of confinement. These were the simple truths we saw after the unthinkable shut down of our modern, busy lives occurred.

When you have an “aha” moment, it is your mind redirecting your life journey. Don’t ignore these roadsigns, otherwise you may end up somewhere you did not mean to be.

everything is interconnected

everything is interconnected

A collective AHA moment occurred. With that being said, I have a guilty secret.  My heart literally DANCED for joy when I started recognising how many others were jumping onto the Sustainable platform. As a sustainability design advocate I was most definitely walking off the beaten path and it was a little lonely.
I am a Holistic chica, Interior Designer and Feng Shui expert. To focus on Sustainable Home design is just part of my DNA.  The relief that we are starting to wake up to these collective truths was profound for me as I am sure it is for many others. Yet, the realisation is just the FIRST STEP.
Now the next big question is WHAT to do to make lasting changes? This is the challenge we now all face. It is not an easy answer, but if you continue you will see I have simple steps to start your journey towards sustainable living in your home.

Our Homes Should Inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment.

our home

our homes should inspire us

Interior Design focuses on the design of spaces. It is a combination of tearing things down and buying or building new. The construction industry accounts for approximately 500 million TONS of waste going into landfill every year in the USA. (according to the Environmental Protection Agency). Deep down I always knew that our design & build method was unsustainable and a new way was needed. That time has arrived.
Right now, the home design and decor trend is super HOT.  Obviously I believe that having a great space is essential to our overall wellbeing. (hey, I am a designer after all!) However, this can’t be done unconsciously otherwise we will destroy our bigger home, the Planet. Therefore, start first with creating a SUSTAINABLE HOME and I believe the rest will fall into place one space at a time. Small steps in the right direction.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. ~R Swan

waste not, want not

waste not, want not

My Philosophy

The desire to make sure that my design projects were more MINDFUL lead me to leave the corporate world and start my own boutique firm in 2002. Along with this, I craved more sustainably focused modalities so I studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Feng Shui and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). Now I use these to create spaces that are inherently good for each of us as well as all of us.

It is not just a pretty space.

This approach to interior design is a lot more challenging of an approach and more difficult to make money since it is not the norm. Yet, operating from this perspective is in alignment with how I want to live.
Are you living in alignment with your core values?
Our environment will always define our WELLBEING, whether we are aware of it or not. I am here to help you embrace a sustainable home in the here & now. Together we can change the world, one space at a time.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

you can change

you can change the world

Sustainability starts at HOME.

Even if we were not brought up in a time when these things were known or acted on, there is an opportunity to break the old patterns and start fresh. Sustainability starts in your home and you can LEAD by example for your kids, your friends, your neighbours. Brain research has proven now we can REWIRE our thoughts throughout our whole lives. So we have no excuse to continue living unconsciously.

Change does not happen by chance,

it happens by Choice.

can you do it?

Spain is my new home. I changed my space to change my life to start living more sustainably a few years ago. Here I am going to share with you some of my personal tips in my own home for living more AUTHENTICALLY in ALIGNMENT with my VALUES.

Sustainable Home Starter Steps

cook more

cook more often


Start COOKING MORE often than you do right now. Stop your addiction to fast food. If you do decide to get take away, then bring your own containers. Or ask your local restaurant to start providing more sustainable, biodegradable packaging.
I cook every day now. I love it, and this does not mean I am married to my stove. I have learned simple, easy recipes and overcook for left overs. It is a form of meditation for me too. And yes, I go out to eat and even get take away still. It is about balance and just improving where you are.
Need some tips to set up your kitchen more mindfully? Buy Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations
keep it simple

keep it simple with less plastic stuff


Stop buying so many plastic containers for your toiletries. Try shampoo bars (these did not work for me, but hey, everyone is different!). Clarify what you really need and then stick to that. No need to create chaos in your Zen bathroom with clutter. As a bathroom designer, this is one of the things we review deeply when creating the space. Can you imagine how sad it would be to cover this lovely shower with tons of plastic bottles?
I did a 6-week reduction of plastic things in my own bathroom. I spent time to research other options for things available in non-plastic containers or bio-degrable packaging My bathroom is not 100% plastic free zone (yet) but I have reduced it by about 70% and am still working to improve. Give yourself this challenge.
Stuck for ideas on how to create a bathroom that is sustainable, balanced and beautiful? Bathroom Renovation Book with Feng Shui Tips
less is more

declutter & repurpose old clothes


Remove anything from your closet that is not something useful or something you feel like a million bucks wearing. You can repurpose old clothing as cleaning rags, wrapping for gifts or you can host your own Cava & Clothes: Eco-Exchange when the restrictions are lifted and life can resume. Moving across the globe was a good motivator to reduce my wardrobe yet I had been doing an annual review of my clothing for years. A seasonal switch out is a perfect chance to check out what you have worn or not. Also, you can change your own style with a fresh eye so you are in alignment with yourself always.

light up your life

light up your life with LED’s

Living Room:

Change the light bulbs to all LED bulbs.  Having the right light is key to your dream home being the space that helps you thrive. Don’t know much about LED’s? Read this article – Here Comes the LED Sun.  My boyfriend gave me all new LED’s for my apartment in Spain and though at the time I did not think it was a very romantic gift, I now recognise the depth of this gift and am grateful.  Changing all your light bulbs over to LED’s will cost you some money to do so, but the long term energy savings will be a financial savings for you. Not the mention these are the best option for the planet so it’s a win-win.
only use what you need

new habit – only print what you need

Home Office.

Reduce printing. Try to do this for a solid month and see what is truly essential  versus just habit. I broke my habit by not allowing myself to replace my printer after I moved to Spain. I lived without a printer, running my business, for almost a year. I could go print at the local shop around the corner, but it really made me recognise what was necessary versus nice to have. Now I have a printer, but the reduction in use is simple astonishing. You can change your habits too. Try this challenge and see what is essential for you to print.
care for life

caring for your clothes will increase their life

Laundry Room.

Hang dry some of your clothing. Delicates are a good example for this, however, you can do this with anything and everything. In fact, the heavier items like jeans and towels take up a lot more energy to dry than anything else. If you have outside space you can do this easily. I live in an apartment in Spain and I do not even have a dryer so I have to hang everything. So, it is possible.  (stay tuned for my next blog on Design Your Sustainable Laundry Room coming soon to learn in detail how to design a space plus why it is so important).

Your life changes when you make a new, congruent, committed decision. ~A Robbins

Make a choice now to change ONE THING in each major area of your home life and this will be the foundational stepping stones for you to start seeing the world in a new way. Hopefully this process will start to reprogram your sustainable living antenna to live more in alignment with our planet, which will be out of alignment with our society a little bit. Which is why I recommend small, bite-sized chunks for sustainable lifestyle changes are the best policy for lasting changes to be made. Soon you will be learning to walk to the beat of your own drummer too and this will no longer be a lonely path.
surround yourself with things you love

surround yourself with things you love

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears . ~Mandela

The time is now. Sustainable Living ought to be the NORM, not a choice. We must start living in alignment with the natural world and ourselves. If you’d be interested in some assistance with the sustainable REVIEW of your home, please reach out here.
Undecided? Schedule here your FREE 20-minute chat . We can chat before you choose and we can discuss options on how I could serve you in a sustainable way to CO-CREATE a space that supports and sustains your wellbeing.
Still thinking? Here are some Pretty Sustainable Homes for some inspiration on how you can become more sustainable at home.


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