Sara’s Love
The best form of sharing is through story-telling.  My entire career has been as a designer in one form or another.  A big part of this work is being partly an amateur therapist and life-coach.  I help people to navigate the process of a renovation or make-over for their space be it there home, their apartment, their office or their business. No matter what the space is or the size of the project, a renovation affects us deeply on many levels.
I incorporated this into my practice as an Interior Architect the concept of Feng Shui after many years as it gave a whole new perspective on how our spaces are a reflection of our inner selves and deeply impact how we show up in the world. This ancient practice led me to an inspirational “aha” moment, which allowed me to more deeply comprehend the interconnectedness of our external and internal spaces.
This understanding, that our spaces can help us to transform our lives, has then become the core philosophy behind my holistic design approach for all of my design projects. Time and time again, I see the power of space and now use the knowledge to help my clients in very specific ways.
Sara worked for me, and was one of the best administrative assistants I have ever had.  However, she was not destined for this job as her heart was with her real passion, poetry and writing.  After falling in love with her as an assistance and then as a friend, I realized I needed to support her to spread her wings and go seek the life of a poet as much as possible. Helping others give flight to their dreams is one of my main drivers in life, so with Sara it was no different.
She ultimately got a job writing and teaching poetry and off she went to follow her dream.  A few months later we were speaking and she shared that though this aspect of her life was nearly perfect, there was something still missing.  Being a beautiful and talented young woman with great ambitions, she was missing the one part of her life that would make all her successes complete- a loving partner.
This seems to be a real problem I often see with many people today.  We have many aspects of our lives all working and running smoothly. So many of our dreams have been realized and yet still something important is missing.  Rarely do we always have all the things are heart desires.  This balance is one we need to continually seek balance with and my Feng Shui Design approach has given me a tool to offer some form of assistance.
Since Sara worked for me for sometime, she had become aware of this aspect of my work and we discussed the opportunity of how it could be used to help her. She was living on the other side of the country, so the idea was born to start my distance design work in this moment.  The desire to share my skills with her to solve her problem was so strong that the how to help her became clear instantly.
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We did a distance Feng Shui Design consultation on her apartment in Arizona while I was in NYC. Her Feng Shui Design consultation consisted of a walk-through of her space, virtually with me, to review the energetic of the space, the physicality of the space and to help make adjustments of these two aspects in order to allow better fluidity and movement in them plus to place intention on the areas in her life that most need a boost or help to manifest. In this case it was in her Love Relationship areas. I crafted some very specific and unique enhancements for Sara to complete herself.
She made changes to her space, moving some furniture, changing a mirror, adding a plant and some color plus doing some focused intentional work such as writing a note to her future partner and placing a duo of crystals in a certain area all with her focused intention on fulfilling the one aspect of her life she felt would help complete her circle of happiness.
Her participation in the result of this process was essential for its success.  This is a direct reflection in all aspects of our lives.  The more you are invested, the more you believe, the more you strive, the greater the chances are for deep and lasting success.
The best part was that the end result of this process was that she met her future partner within a few months of the completion of this process.  She was able to see and act on the opportunity that presented itself to her.  Her heart was activated and she choose to select love.
Today she is married and living a life with the love of her life; a true partner in all senses of the word.  He is also a poet, and a lover of life. His ability to tap into Sara’s energy and hers into his was something she focused on and was able to find after she allowed the process of Feng Shui Design into her life.
Do you want to change something specific in your Life? 
If so, are you open to chancing something in your Space to make this change?  It is possible. All you have to do is believe. Then act on those beliefs.