Happy New Year- 2017- soon to be the Year of the Fire Rooster.


In preparations for the transition from one year to the next, it is always a chance to clear the slate, start fresh and make sure that all your ducks are in a row, so to speak. How is this going for you?
This is no different for me, and I do this ritual for myself personally as well as professionally every year at this time. I take these few weeks to set things up for success in the new year. Planning always makes things go smoother I find.
One of my tasks is to make a strategy for the topics to share on my Blog, Change Your Space to Change Your Life.  My blog is a platform to help YOU, my tribe to know the power of space, and how it can really make your life so much better, happier, healthier and overall more positive. This is the foundational reason why I started this blog and take the time to help you with my knowledge and experience. I find it fun to help others and it is part of my nature. Since this is for you, I have decided that the first set of topics will be the ones most asked for.
Time and time again people ask me to share the STORIES with PHOTOS of my design projects because it gives them some insights and inspiration on how this can be translated to their own.
In response, I am going to focus my blog in January on stories of some cool design experiences I have had the honor of co-creating with my clients. I will include as many BEFORE and AFTER photos to help you see the transformations literally before your own eyes.  It is my intention that these stories will help to inspire you to create your own magical story.
The first story I share is my own.  This will give you some insights to what started me on the deeper journey of recognizing the true power of space and to my innate knowledge that it is not just about making another pretty space.
I did not start out as a Feng Shui specialist.  First, I studied and practiced Interior Architecture.   I worked in the Corporate Architectural world and was working for a large Architectural firm in London.  It was a dream job and I thought this was the exactly where and what I was meant to be doing. Life was good.
But things started to shift.
My dream house started to fall apart as soon as I moved in.  Of course at first I thought it is an old house and this was to be expected.  Though after  2 ½ years, the problems increased to a rate I could not believe!  Broken gutters, faucets leaking, dishwashers not working, alarm systems going off in the middle of the night….
Finally, after one amazing rainstorm I came home to witness my French chandelier mimicking a water fountain directly over my bed.  I knew then that the house was literally spitting me out. I had to final admit, despite my thinking this was my dream life- my dream job, dream house, dream space – that the house was clearly telling me something very different.
Once I decided to leave the house and London, after living in it exactly 3 years, things changed very quickly for the better. The flow of energy after I made the decision to move was amazing! This made me stop and take notice and to recognize the power our spaces have on one’s life.
That experience, once I slowed down to think about it, changed me. It made me take notice of this ancient practice called Feng Shui. It raised my awareness.  I have never looked back for once that door is opened, you can never shut it again.
We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity leads us down new paths.
~Walt Disney
My life was transformed by changing my space, so I felt it was necessary to transform my business too. I incorporated Feng Shui into my Interior Architectural practice for a truly holistic approach to designing spaces
Now after years of designing and using Feng Shui, I have had the vast experience of creating spaces that are not just beautiful and functional, but also have a depth of design to them that supports the unique dreams and aspirations of the people living in them.  It’s not just another pretty space. It is so much more.
Stay tuned this month for my blog postings to share some more success stories with the power of changing your space to change your life.
It is my intention that these stories will help to inspire you to create your own magical story.
Collaborative creation is my foundation, so please share if you want to hear about a specific topic, or get insights on a design problem you are having. My blog is to help you to change your space, to change your life so please ask away!