Overlooking the 911 Memorial, Reflecting Absence was the most sacred location I have yet to do my Sacred Space Clearing workshop.  It was very special environment for me to share some of the rituals I have learned over the decades I have been studying and practicing my craft. I felt blessed on May 1st to be in such a location, with such wonderful people.

2012 was a very auspicious year – one where I felt compelled to teach Space Clearing.shutterstock_8964970

So my event is simply put me teaching my favorite methods of Space Clearing so others can use these to enhance their own lives.  This feels really empowering and at this time in the world, this feel important.

My methods have been taught to me from a variety of teachers – some from the BTB Masters Feng Shui school in NYC, some from a spiritual guide I met while in Maui last summer, others from Teachers that live in Alaska and feel natures awesome power in a clear way.

I share a Salt Clearing, a Sage Clearing, an Orange Peel Clearing and a Sacred Spray method.  If you come to my event you hear me describe my own stories of how I found my way from corporate Interior Architectural work in London to the residential Interior Design work in New York and combining with a bunch of holistic modalities that have all become increasingly essential in my life and my work.

Ultimately my mIssion is to make sustainability the norm, by using Holistic Design to achieve spaces that reflect and enhance individuals, our communities, and the environment.  This will realize my Vision of a world with more authentic relationships, better work-life balance and happy, healthy people!

Teaching You how to do your own Space Clearings is just one small step towards this vision.