It is becoming more common knowledge these days that having clutter is bad fo your health. You can experience a mental energy drain and this can eventually cause illness if left unchecked. (see my free article on my site “Proof that Your Clutter is HURTING You and HOW to Fix it NOW!” for more details on this topic)
I know that. You know that. There are tons of blogs about this very thing and a ton of people giving advice on how to declutter your space. But the truth is, it is still an epidemic. We simply get too much stuff and then get stuck by it. You KNOW this is a problem.
As I get older, I sense that the three most dangerous words in the English language are “I Know That”. We feel we know something yet often it is not integrated into our lives in such a way that we practice what we know. It is so common today because we are overwhelmed and too much is expected of us that we simply cannot process, change and practice all that we come across. So, even if we know that clutter is harmful, it does not necessarily mean we live a clutter-free life. In fact, it adds to our shame about not doing something about it.

Hope anchors the soul.

I have a method to help you to put this knowledge into a practice that will transform your inner and outer lives on a very powerful level. Space Clearing Rituals can be your path too. Space Clearing Rituals to declutter your home are essential for a way forward. A ritual allows you to create a new way to actually implement the practice of decluttering into your life. This is my own methodology which I practice myself and I also share with my clients to help them manage their own spaces and lives. My holistic approach is a combination of spatial therapist, lifestyle designer and Feng Shui coach. It is a combination of professional expertise in Interior Architecture and Design and Construction which provides the platform of how to implement all of these elements into your home and life.
Space Clearings are a way to shift the energy surrounding ourselves and our stuff. It lifts the veil that covers it; it brings us into being fully present. The best way to remove the unwanted things in your space is to create a simple yet powerful ritual to help you let go. We have a connection to everything in our spaces and it is best to honour them and to release those that are no longer creating joy or have a purpose in your life. A Space Clearing to declutter your home is essentially the practice of recognising the things that are no longer serving you and asking for help in releasing them. This powerful ritual can help you on the subtle, personal, energetic level which is the first step in moving forward with the decluttering process. It is the step most often skipped which is why decluttering rarely works.
I suggest your Space Clearing Ritual to be practiced at every season, around the Solstice and Equinox or on a special holiday for you. The power of the date and timing allows for some deeply personalisation to your own Space Clearing Rituals to declutter your home. Make it personal. Own this ritual and claim it as yours.
This Space Clearing Ritual is best performed between 11pm -1am. Second best time is between 11am-1pm. However, as I noted above – do what your heart feels is good for you. Only you can know that so listen to your inner voice. Having coached a client to do her own Space Clearing Ritual, it was considered best to do it on her birthday to enhance the power behind the ritual. Your birthday would be a very auspicious date to do this ritual, providing you with the added energy of your birth year energy into the blessing.

Make sure the house is cleaned and organized. No dirty dishes, no laundry on the floor. Make the space look good, as if you are presenting her to your best friends.
Make sure you are clean, well presented and calm. Feel good about yourself and wear something you feel lovely and comfortable in, as if you were going to a special event.
Gather together the necessary “tools” into one place. These include the following items: a Sage Bundle and lighter or matches, plus a small plate/shell to catch the ashes of the Sage, pen and paper, a brand new, unused Candle. If you do not know where to get Sage from, check this out.

White Sage bundles for space clearing and Alabaster sea shells to catch the ashes

Set up a lovely home altar with your freshly cleaned crystals on it, something representing wealth and abundance to you (this could be a collection of coins, or a golden object. Add something that represents your spirituality (this could be a miniature Buddha or a flower).  Add a piece of fruit or something with food abundance in it. Oranges are great because they represent both abundance/wealth, food and clearing energy too. But you can use rice, cookies, – really anything you like to eat. Put your candle and the Sage on it.  Add fresh flowers. Put these objects on a pretty colored cloth, or on a tray. Make sure you like the way it looks and feels.
Light your candle on the home altar.

Do a Heart Calming Meditation. Breath: Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils. Then suspend the breath in and raise the chest. Retain it as long as possible. Then exhale smoothly, gradually, and completely. When the breath is totally out, lock the breath out for as long as possible. Repeat 10 times.
Use these Alaskan Sacred Sprays for self preparation: Spray yourself with Purfication, then Guardian and finally with Calling All Angels. If you want to get these, check this LINK out. If you prefer to do your own essence, you can mix your own Essential Oils and touch each wrist with your mixture. I suggest this personalisation to honour yourself for the process of working with your space. The use of scent is a powerful enhancer and I always use some form of smell in my sacred space clearings and suggest you do too.

Other options at this step could include an Angel Card Reading or similar. I follow my instincts here for each Space Clearing and listen to what feels right. Allow yourself to be fully present and listen to what your inner voice tells you is needed. Sometimes, there is nothing and you can just move on.
Take your pen and paper, then write your intention for what you want your space to feel/look like/to be in the first person and present moment for the space clearing on a piece of paper. Flow from the heart and do not worry about the grammar, or perfection of this as it will be released later! Do this in 3 -5 minutes.
EXAMPLES would include: My home is a safe, nurturing and positive place to live. My home provides me with joy, happiness and a sense of peace. My home is a reflection of my best self. My home is beautiful! I love my home!
Take your second piece of paper and write your gratitude for the process and journey you have made – real or imaged for now – to transform your space into what it is today. Flow from the heart and do not worry about the grammar, or perfection of this as it will be released later! Do this in 3 -5 minutes.

Putting pencil to paper is a sacred act between yourself and Source

EXAMPLES would include: I am grateful for the hard work I was able to do to make my home a great place to be in. I am grateful for all the help I received for clearing away the things that do not serve me and to help me do improvements to make my home a sacred space. I am grateful for my home supporting me and providing me a safe haven. I am grateful for all I have and all my home provides for me.
Once you are complete, fold your 2 written messages into squares, folding 4 times and place them on your home altar.
Now you walk through your home and open all doors, windows, drawers. NOTE: I am aware that some of you may have pets and or other limitations for this, so always consider safety first, but if you can open things, at least a little bit for ALL of the space to be included in the ritual, that would be great. Remember to open drawers in kitchen, drawers in closet, and closet doors.
Light the white Sage bundle. Note that the sage will not BURN and be on fire. It should just smoke.  If it starts to go out, do not blow air on it but wave your arm around to get movement to keep the smoke gently coming from the sage bundle. (you do not blow into the sage as this puts your ego into it which is one of the things we are clearing away from the space and yourself.)

Sage bundles smoke like this – it is called “smudging” your space

Go to the front door. Pause at your entry. Close your eyes. Wave the sage and make sure there is smoke in the entry of your doorway, inside and just outside it too. Repeat this intention: “Thank you Home for Supporting me and providing me with great energy. I am releasing anything that is in this space that does not serve my highest good and positive future.”
Move from area to area in your home, and in each corner or door way, repeat thave above process. Repeat until you have walked through your entire space. Return to the centre of your home, repeat one more final time.
Once you have smudged (term for waving the smoking sage bundle), put the sage (in a shell, or plate) on your altar. You are now complete. You have finished your first space clearing ritual to declutter your home.  The sage bundle may continue to gently smoke for a while which is fine. Typically it will go out on its own once no longer actively being moved. However, if you need it to stop, do not put under water, but gently press it into the plate or shell to distinguish.
This smudging is the process of Space Clearing to declutter your home in a very powerful way. It releases and move the invisible energy that may be holding you back from doing the things you most want, of draining your energy so you can’t find the time to do what you want and for making your dreams less obtainable. I think of this as the cleaning of the energy in the home, which is just like the cleaning of the physical dirt. Both are necessary.

Alabaster Shells are often used to catch the Sage ashes and put it out.

Read your intentions again. (both papers). Burn these (this can be done in the kitchen sink or a bowl), whichever you prefer. Flush the ashes from your burnt paper down the toilet when they are sufficiently burned. Releasing this is a closing the chapter and anything that is not serving you will now be cut.
Sit for a few minutes. Just be with yourself. Breath quietly and thank yourself for doing this for you and for your space.
You are complete! Go on and enjoy knowing you have given thanks and released all that holds you back! I hope that you can take this Space Clearing to declutter your home and make this part of your life practice. I can share from personal experience that this really helps with my own movement, and realigns me with my greater vision on a regular basis. It is great to do this whenever you have a major life change, or are recovering from an illness or have moved home.

Time to CELEBRATE and breath in all the free clear space you have created

There are many ways to do a Space Clearing and I have often taught workshops on this. If you are interested in learning more about how to create your own space clearing ritual or coming to one of the workshops in the future, please reach out to me.
I also offer bespoke virtual Space Clearing Rituals in which I do this process with you. With this process, a “red envelope” is offered at the end of the ritual as a form of  payment. This is a recognition and respect for the process, plus a protection against swapping energies. This can be done symbolically in an electronic red envelope and a electronic payment, or you can send a physical red envelope. What counts most is your intention and gratitude.


Have any questions? Please reach out to me here.