One of the biggest reasons I left NYC was the fact I recognized that the SPEED in which the city and my lifestyle was UNSUSTAINABLE for me. Let me share right now, most people that know me say that I am kindred spirits with the energizer-bunny so when I realized the fact that the increasing speed of which my lifestyle was operating at, I was shocked.
Still I knew I needed to change my life so I changed my space. I moved to a new place to literally force myself to SLOW DOWN.
We can no longer run to keep up – the speed dial has turned up simply too fast and it is therefore not possible to remain at that pace for any length of time.  The irony is that with the advent of technology – the very idea to help us do things more efficiently to give us more FREE TIME has speed things up so we in fact have less and LESS TIME.  An unexpected side-effect has also been the resulting DISCONNECTION from our communities and ultimately ourselves.

Make a plan!

I am not the first person to notice this new phenomenon. In 1986 Jim Smith, an Architect I was working for gave me a book called BLUR which predicted the speed in which the world was headed. This was my first ‘aha’ moment of what was in fact about to transpire.
Check out this book – BLUR
When I first moved to San Sebastian I prioritized making time for MEDITATION because I believed it would help me to SLOW DOWN and after practicing regularly I have discovered it in fact has SPED UP the results in my life. Interesting irony. I use Transcendental Meditation and it works for me. Check out this website on TM
It was during my journey towards SLOWING DOWN that opened my eyes to the real SLOW MOVEMENT that is happening around the world and it has given me a greater sense of connection in the world with my own tribe of like-minded people.
The SLOW MOVEMENT began with SLOW FOOD in 1986 when there was a protest after a McDonalds was opened in Rome to counteract the fast food industry because of the disconnection to our food source, local traditions and the dwindling interest in our food sources, consumption and the global impact.
The SLOW MOVEMENT equates to sustainable living and is increasing in scope and can be applied to just about any aspect of our lives and world.
There are sources to help you learn and change your own life with adding some mindfulness and slowness back into your daily living.  You have the choice. Check out the SLOW MOVEMENT here
The book, In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore is a great insight to the concept of slowing down and the benefits it holds for us as individuals as well as the world. He talks here about the irony of promoting his book at a TED Talk.
The Slow Movement has expanded to include Slow Cities, Slow Travel, Slow Fashion, even Slow Eating. Closer to my own designer heart, there are SLOW HOME, SLOW DESIGN and SLOW SPACE.
SLOW DESIGN is the design and conscious arrangement of things for a purpose. Feng Shui is an ancient application of this mindful practice. Same thing, different cultural spin and time.
Then there is SLOW HOME There are (12) pieces to a slow home that include the location, size, orientation, stewardship and entry, living, dining, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, utility and organization. Again, this is the exact same principals as practiced in FENG SHUI though stated in a more modern format.
My first book, Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations talks about the way to design your home in a conscious and mindful manner and it incorporates a lot of the same principals as the Slow Home movement.
2b79151b-2614-49f6-928b-51d24741799e-original-1The newcomer to the stage of the Slow Movement is SLOW SPACE
Architects and advocates of the SLOW SPACE movement have called it the slow food for the built world. It is about being passionate about life and having a story that forced them to add balance into their lives, they have now created a movement of helping others do the same.
My HOLISTIC DESIGN methodology incorporates a lot of the same things that the Slow Movement promotes. I work with my clients to take the time to do their space design, home renovations and interior decoration projects in a manner that makes the journey as important as the destination.

A brand new TV?

It’s not just another pretty space

You see you can have it all.  You just need to SLOW down to see it.