The seasons are nature’s cycle of life. Our minds, bodies and spirits are all intrinsically in sync with the seasons, and our food sources are as well.
In the modern world, we have become disconnected from the seasons and nature in general. I feel this disconnection has resulted in the global challenges we are facing in our environment today.
Some ways in which humans are beginning to demonstrate the belief that we are interconnected with our environment is through the increasing practice of Biomimicry, an approach to innovation that is inspired by nature, or through the rising popularity of Chinese medicine, which subscribes to the system that we must comply with the waxing and waning of the seasons if we seek to be in harmony with our own bodies and maximize our own health. Since these are examples of our inner and outer environments being connected, it is a positive example of the ways in which we are waking up.
Man is related to the heaven and earth and corresponds with the sun and moon.


As a Holistic Designer as well as a Feng Shui Specialist, I feel that our spaces need to be connected with the seasons as well. The more we can get into the same vibration of the earth surrounding us, the healthier we will all be. Our spaces are a reflection of who we are. Therefore if we wish to have optimal health and well-being, being in harmony with our exterior environment is essential.
 Changing your space to reflect the seasons is one of the most beneficial ways to have a visual reminder of the time of year we are in and to honor Mother Nature on a seasonal basis. Some of my favorite interior design solutions to modify your interior spaces are as follows:
  • The season of New Beginnings
  • Hopeful time, being active, picking up speed
  • Outward vision
  • Pale Greens, Pinks, and Lavender
  • St. Patrick’s Day, May Day Mother’s Day, Memorial Day
  • Spring Equinox (when the sun/moon are equal)


  • Clean, purge and assess what is important.
  • Make space – remove things that are no longer needed (carpets, rugs, curtains, etc.)
  • Swap out your heavy winter curtains for lighter, softer curtains. Perhaps even sheers.
  • Get some plants, herbs or other greenery into your space. Even if you do not have an outdoor space or terrace, you can use your windowsills to their best function. Window boxes and small herb terrariums are wonderful ways to welcome in the season of spring. Urban gardens are also becoming more popular so you can use your vertical space in innovative new ways.

Urban Gardens

Urban Garden

Urban Garden

  • The season of Celebrations
  • Fulfilling, fun time
  • Being present and in the NOW
  • Reds, Purples, Deep Greens
  • Summer Solstice
  • July Fourth, Bastille Day


  • Tie back your curtains, roll up your blinds, and open your windows wide daily. Allow the breeze into your space as much as possible!
  • You can be as creative as you like. Reusing things in your home can be both fun as well as sustainable. Here you can use things from your jewelry box such as strands of beads.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere so you can welcome your guests into your space more easily. Add a door mat with lots of color. This allows the muck of the season – grass, sand, and dirt – to be removed from your shoes before entering.
  • Or better yet, think about making your space a “shoe-free” zone during the summer months, inspiring a barefoot, friendly atmosphere.
  • Add a wreath of fresh herbs and plants from your own garden on your front door.
  • Here is a great DIY so you can make your own: Keeper of the Home
  • Or watch as Martha Stewart shows you how: Martha Stewart

Beads for the tie-back

  • The season of Letting Go
  • Remembering, humbling
  • Sharing Wisdom
  • Orange, Yellows, Browns
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving and Rosh Hashanah
  • Seasonal cleaning. This is the second cleaning spree of the year. It is a good idea to remove the feeling of the summer and prepare to sink into the cooling, darker season.
  • Safety check. This is the time to clean gutters, check your boiler, gas, and all your appliances. Clean and change your filters, and complete any interior maintenance of items in your house.
  • Bring all your plants inside and create an interior garden space. You will need to decide how you will place your plants throughout the house. Depending on how many you have, this can dramatically change your overall interior space. You can use this time to create some interior clustering of foliage, plants, and other natural elements that will be a great focal point in your space. This can often be done in the entryway for a more welcoming feeling when you come home.
  • This is the time of year to rearrange your furniture. You can think about how you want to interact in your space. Since it will be different, as you and your family will be spending more time inside in the colder months, this is the time to bring in any outdoor furniture and to move pieces around so there are conversations nooks, reading areas, and places to eat together.
  • Add a new wreath on your front door, which has a different set of herbs or plants that are dried from the garden and represent a reflection of the season such as pinecones. The season is one of celebration and this wreath can represent that.

Door wreaths add welcoming touch

  • The season of a little Death
  • Quiet time, slow down, rest
  • Inner contemplation
  • White, Grey, Black
  • Winter’s Solstice (darkest night of the year)
  • Celebrations – Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s


  • Add a fuzzy rug where your toes can sink into it.
  • Change your curtains for something with more texture and weight to them such as velvet ones.
  • Increase the number of pillows you have on your sofa and your bed for added warmth.
  • Throw a sheepskin on to your sofa for added coziness.
  • Add some new lights throughout the house in preparation of the coming darker months.
  • Add colorful tablecloths and table runners to the dining areas for more indoor eating and more cushions to the seating areas in preparation for family gatherings and celebrations.
  • Bring in candlesticks and place them all over the house for the evenings. When it is getting darker, you can add some beauty to your home with this enhanced lighting.
  • Use your Aromatherapy diffuser often with blends to keep you healthy (such as eucalyptus and orange) and other scents that bring in the season (clove, evergreen and frankincense).

Sheepskin Throws add warmth & coziness

The seasons and Yin and Yang are the root of all things.
Whatever choices you make, it is only important that you make some changes, even small ones. Reflecting the seasons in your interior space will help you to become more conscious and more aware of the rhythm of the Earth and Mother Nature. These interior design changes will affect your inner cycles as well, often resulting in better sleep patterns and overall health that are in alignment with the seasons.
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Looking forward to helping you make the most of the Monkey Year.

Looking forward to helping you make the most of the Monkey Year.