A personal life mission of mine is spreading the knowledge that our spaces are really important and that they make a HUGE difference in who we are and how we show up in the world.  It has been my experience from working in the business of creating spaces, be it offices or living spaces, that our spaces affect us deeply, whether we see this or not.  My mission includes helping to empower people with this knowledge to enrich their lives for the better and to actually teach you how you can improve your own spaces to be a better reflection of your best self.
The fact that our spaces are important to how we live is becoming more mainstream.  The designing of our spaces is permeating every aspect of our lives from the new workplace design in your offices with lounges and more open plan environments to the new techy-inspired waiting spaces in the Delta airport waiting lounges. We are all being educated about the function of good design and how this can basically help our lives be better. We function more effectively in the office, and we are capable of being in touch when traveling, which ultimately leads us towards healthier and happier lives.
Our homes are the most important of all our spaces because they are the places where we shed all of our outer layers and they are the most sacred of all our spaces. Sacred means something that is highly valued and important; deserving respect.


Your home is your castle.

A legal set of principles called the Castle Doctrine was set in English law in 1623 when it was recognized that our homes were our own personal sanctuaries. This doctrine recognized that our homes were of such fundamental importance to our well-being that these laws allowed you to defend your own ‘castle’ to ensure it continued to be a place of safety and security.
Today, the quote, Your Home is Your Castle, evokes the sense that our homes are our main sanctuaries and a place for us to retreat.  Our homes are our places to recuperate, and our places to nurture our families and ourselves. They are now understood to be a reflection of ourselves and our places in the world.
The innate knowledge that our homes are a reflection of who we are stems from the wisdom that our spaces are SACRED and essential for our health and well-being.


What can you do to honor your HOME more so it can be more of a sacred space for you and your family?
SACRED SPACES are spaces that deserve care and respect. Designing your spaces to be the best reflection of who you are allows you to take your home design and décor more seriously, believing that they have a deep impact on everything else in your life.


Everything is interconnected

The creation of a SACRED ALTAR space within your home is a great way to respect the fact that you have realized your home matters to you and that you need to honor it.
In today’s hectic world, we can often forget to give thanks for all we have, however humble. The creation of your own SACRED ALTAR will provide you with the daily reminder to be grateful for all the gifts your world has provided for you and your family.


There are a few key things to consider before you create your own sacred altar space for your home. Contemplation of these items plus a little preparation will allow you to quickly and easily make a Sacred Altar in your home so you can start to honor your spaces now.
The first thing to consider is the best placement in your house for your Sacred Altar. Some questions to ponder when contemplating the location for this Sacred Altar include:
  • Does your altar need to be just for you, or is it for your whole family to see/use?
  • Will you be using this in an active practice such as meditation?
  • How much space can you dedicate to it?
Even in the smallest of spaces, you can find a spot and consider it a Sacred Altar.  I have used a window sill before as my own Sacred Altar when I lived in a small apartment.  This was an underutilized space and one that was mostly hidden from other’s view unless they knew to look behind the curtain.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlternatively, you can use the top of your radiator, a shelf, or even part of a countertop.  Wall niches or pieces of furniture, such as credenzas or dressers, can also be utilized.
 No matter which one you decide on, it is all perfect. There is no right or wrong.
Movable or permanent?
You need to determine if you want your Sacred Altar to be a movable altar or something more permanent.  This decision is a very personal one. It will depend on the location you decide is best for this altar.  Sometimes your space will dictate which is the best method and your own preference for how to make best use of your altar.  For example, if you want to have your altar remain private, you may wish to place it in a private location like a bedroom and only bring it out on special occasions or for your daily meditation practice.
What to put in it?
This is the creative portion of your new Sacred Altar.  What to include in your altar is a very subjective decision.  As a Feng Shui practitioner, I often refer to the ancient art and science as a basis for these decisions in my own life. The Five Elements are a great tool to refer to when you need some guidance for what to place on your own Sacred Altar; however, this is personal and must be considered carefully. Whether something feels right or not on the altar can only be confirmed by you.
Some examples of items to include on a Sacred Altar based on the Five Elements are:
  • A candle (fire),
  • Vase with a flower (water, wood),
  • A rock, stone or crystal (metal) and
  • A bowl of salt (earth) or a small statue of your Chinese animal (optional)
Depending on the space available, you can also use symbolic items to represent more than one element Remember: the intention is what matters. It can be as obvious as you desire or not at all.  I have had Sacred Altars on my work desk for years, including small objects of personal value placed in a visible location. No one necessarily knew that these objects were part of a Sacred Altar for me.


Other ideas you can use on your altar can include:
  • Sea shells
  • Feathers
  • Photos of important people to you such as your MOTHER
  • Religious icons or statues
  • Tarot cards or angel cards
  • Money/coins

S. Lee Wright
The underlying feature of your Sacred Altar is your intention.  All you need to do is place your belief, thoughts and energy into the Sacred Altar to give thanks for all you have. It is a reminder of the important aspects of your life.
Sacred spaces are essential to our overall well-being, health and our ability to love and be loved. The creation of your very own Sacred Altar is a reflection of your self-love. Honor your space today and honor yourself.