Exquisite Retreats with Lee

Discovering magical settings for sacred retreats is my focus to allow you to experience a new sense of being & new way of seeing. Since 2020 has thrown us all a new path to take with the appearance of COVID-19, these magical retreats will be redesigned to be ‘virtual’ until we can safely travel and be together in person.

The true power of our retreats is to allow you the space to focus without distractions. Join me on one of these magical adventures to change your space to change your life in the future via an online platform and be ready to take charge of your mind, body, spirit & space.

Change Your Space,
Change Your Life

Online Virtual Retreat

Feng Shui Your Inner & Outer Spaces for Greater Harmony, Health & Happiness. Join us for an online class of transformation. The itinerary for our live retreat is being modified so we can guide you to do this yourself, in the comfort of your own home, while still providing the teachings & inspiration from each of us to help you re-balance your space & life. Four pre-recorded 2-hour classes included, with 1 personalized coaching session to create your own action-plan.

Starter Steps

Online Virtual Retreat

Become a Sustainability Savvy, Eco-Advocate right now! An online course to help you to shift your own life-lens to start seeing the world in a more sustainable, eco-friendlier and more aware point of view. This online retreat will help you to assess your own home, your own life and your own choices through the eyes of an Interior Designer with a focus on Health, Harmony and Healing for us all. This online course will provide you with useful tools, ideas and worksheets on how to make the changes you seek right now. Two pre-recorded 1 hour classes with your own Facebook community access.

Break Your Addiction To Being Busy

Online Virtual Retreat

Inspired by my own move to Spain, and many travels to Marrakesh, this online retreat will inspire you with tales, tips and tidbits on how you can redesign your own life for a more sustainably slower paced life. You do not need to have a smaller life to in fact have a better one. Break your addiction to being busy all the time, learn from an experienced ex-addict on how to jump off the treadmill & rat race and choose how to live more mindfully every day. This online retreat will be a 7-day course, with 1-hour pre-recorded classes on how you can being the process of redesigning a slower, happier life.

You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective. ~ Denis Waitley

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