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Sometimes we need a little help to shift things back into the positive. Here is a great idea on how you can help yourself.  A little tip from your designer friend- changing your space can literally change your way of looking at the world. Sometimes these small shifts lead to big ones.

Our spaces affect our moods

I get by with a little help from my friends. ~ Beatles
Often we start to ignore our spaces after awhile.  We go about our business, our daily lives and our spaces, our stuff become background noise. We can become robots not paying much attention to anything on the outside or on the inside.
As a Designer, I believe one way to avoid this and to keep us fully engaged in our lives is to change our immediate surroundings. This helps us to start to see things from a new perspective, often providing much needed insights to a better approach to our lives.
So once you decide that this is a great idea, that you would like to change the way your living room or bedroom feels, how do you get started?  Here are some ideas and tips to help you from my designer eyes and years of experience with rearranging spaces.
Lee Wright

Decide what space needs to be changed

Select a room that you feel needs to have a new lease on life; a new, vibrant energy brought into it. Could this be your living room where no one has the time to ever use it, or your bedroom where you spend your nights tossing and turning?
Whatever the room, or the disruption you feel is necessary, it is all perfect.  Remember this is your own inner and outer space that needs to be revisited.


After you have selected which room needs to be rearranged, you then need to look at the function of the space. What is it used for?  What are the key things that are 100% necessary?  For example, is the TV in the living room the focal point? Or do you use it for conversations more?  It is a good idea to look at all your stuff and decide what is useful and what do you love. Be willing to let some stuff go that is not fulfilling either of these purposes.  Contact your local your local charity shop to pick up anything you no longer want or need. Your junk can be someone else’s treasure.

Look at your stuff and ask does this room do what I want it to?

Have nothing in your house that you know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
~ William Morris
Most people that are not natural designers are not able to easily visualize how the space will look or feel until the furniture is actually moved. This is why I suggest jumping right in! Playing around can be a lot of fun, though depending on the size of the space and the weight of the furniture this may be too much so some preparation can be a good idea.

Draw some different options

There are a ton of online resources to help you think of layouts and how to rearrange your furniture if you are stuck or want to do some preparation before diving into the shifting of furniture.  Some of the ones I know of include planner.roomsketcher.com or floorplanner.com.  I personally prefer the old-fashioned method myself and I sketch the space a few times to see the options available before doing anything. You are not alone, if you really get stuck reach out to us as my DIWY™ service can help create options for you when needed.
Not all furniture needs to be placed up against the walls. This is the #1 mistake non-professionals do.  Especially in larger, or square shaped rooms. This leaves a large void in the middle of the space making it an awkward and uncomfortable space to be in.  Options on how to deal with this includes making your furniture ‘float’ in the space, or making multiple zones or functions going on in the same space.

Empty space can be akward

Go to your local hardware store for a few things to help you once you decide on the newly arranged space layout. Of course in today’s technology-driven world, there will be pieces of equipment that need to move along with your furniture including everything from TV’s to routers, chargers to lamps and computers.
Things to think about getting include the following:
  • Extension cords
  • Wireless equipment
  • Stickies to hang artwork
  • Picture Rails
  • Mover’s discs (or blankets/cardboard)

Picture rails are really great to show lots of art

Even the heaviest of furniture can be moved quite easily too. You can either use cardboard, blankets or move’s discs readily available again at your local hardware store. Of course you can also get some friends to come around and help you to shift the furniture however if the mood strikes you in the middle of the night, then you have other options!
These things offer you so much more flexibility and no more excuses as to why you cannot change the layout of your spaces to be better, more functional and simply providing that new perspective!
Remember to have fun with the process.  The reason for the journey is this; in a journey discoveries are made. If you don’t like the results, you can always change the space again .
S. Lee Wright

There are tons of different layouts to explore

Correct and Continue. ~ T. Harv Eker
If you need a little more help from your friends you have options including Coloring your Space, Set your Your NEW Space, or help Rearranging your Space or a Feng Shui review.  Check these out! We are here for you.


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