Kitchen at Gary's Loft

Kitchen at Gary’s Loft

To be invited to a do a luxury designer showcase in NYC is one of the most amazing moments in a Designer’s career. Of course, this too will become the norm, however for me this is a first and to be honest I am very excited. (*those of you that know me, will know this is a state of mind for me, however this is even a greater thrill for me versus the thrill of waking up everyday)

Especially as my mission is all about making sustainability the norm by using holistic design to achieve spaces that reflect and enhance individuals, our communities and the environment. This is the perfect platform to use my holsitic design skills in another creative fashion to get out to another set of people and of course the foundation is to help a charity that is so important to our community – Youth at Risk.

Youth at Risk website

When I was asked to be a part of this by a lovely vendor of mine, Donna Livingston of WOVEN NY. I was thrilled to become one of her design team. She was responsible to get the designers to commit to this event and that is never an easy task in the busy & hectic world in which we live, especially here in the big apple. However, Donna has a way with people to make them see the possibilities of helping others as a way to shine in our own right and since I am all about Win-Win opportunities, I did not take much persuading. Donna works at a lovely carpet showroom in NYC and if you have the need, I highly recommend going to see some of her amazing rugs. They are simply delicious.

WOVEN rugs & carpets

The Executive Director, Claudette C.Faison, of NYC Youth at Risk was able to meet me on the site – Gary’s Loft- to share with me her vision of the event and her excitement is contagious. She explains her vision of having the designer’s create a design for each of the neighborhood’s in NYC. How fun. Have a look for yourself!



And of course every great event needs to have a Project Manager that leads the way, answers the questions, manages expectations, herds kittens and of course just simply becomes a Super Hero for the months prior to any event. I know this because as a Project Manager on design projects it is the same feat. So my hat goes off to Lisa Burke with whom this would only be a dream of Claudette’s and not a soon to be reality for us all!

And lastly I want to say that I love a CREATIVE COLLABORATION and am excited to be on stage with some bright, talented and inspiring Designers at this event. It is going to be magical, fun, creative and to help others and I am thrilled that so many of my fellow designers are in it to empower others to have their own Sacred Spaces.

My neighborhood is the Meatpacking area and my Design Concept is all about Sustainable, Repurposed, Recycled and Conscious Design – basically a Holistic Design. I believe that the Kitchen is meant to be the Heart of your Home and your Dining room is meant to be where you nourish yourself and your family. I have selected items, colors and vendors to help me create a sacred space based on all of the above. So keep your eyes open to see more of my creation along with highlights of some of my vendors that have made this creation a possibility.

Stay Tuned! And of course, come along to the event and if not, send this to anyone that will want to join us for a special event where you too can make a Big Difference and have FUN at the same time.

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