2016 – Year of the Yang (energy) Fire (element) Monkey (animal)

What does this year hold for you and the world?


The Yang Fire Monkey Year – what will you make of it?

 Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know what is coming down the road for you? Just so you could be a little better prepared and have a chance to make better decisions?

Well the Chinese New Year Predications and Divination has always been about this. I’m delighted to give you some insights and ideas about what to expect in the next coming months so you can set yourself up for success.

 When I first started studying these ancient modalities, I was not a believer in even Western Astrology. However, over time it has become an increasingly useful tool to help me to be better prepared for lifes challenges and to be better prepared to make the most of every opportunity.
Read on for some insights to this year so you can be better prepared to make 2016 your best year yet!


The natural world including each of us, are comprised of the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal. These are also sometimes called The Five Phases, or Five Stages. This is a system or way of describing the interaction of and interconnection between all things. In simple terms, these elements work together to make up our natural world and when they are working well together, the world is in harmony. And when they are not working well together, – for example there is an over abundance of one element or a severe shortage in another – this is when things are not so well in the world. This ancient philosophy operates in all things from the Universe to our internal organs.
 Every year has a main Element and 2016 has the Fire as its main element.
Knowledge is power and understanding what your prominent element is can be beneficial so you can navigate your year and ultimately be happier, healthier and have a more prosperous/successful year.
The Five Elements work in harmony - either building up or breaking down each other.

The Five Elements work in harmony – either building up or breaking down each other.


The Fire element is the main element of the year 2016. What this means is that the year will be one of heightened energy, fast paced and passionate feelings. It is a time for fame and fortune to have great opportunities to be made. If you can harness the energy to your benefit, it is a time when your reputation can be enhanced. This also means it will be best to be aware that passions can run high. Given the Yang energy, there is the increased possibility of clashes so it will be best to maintain a sense of calm in all matters as much as possible.
If you are interested in understanding your own elements and how they are affected by this year’s Fire element, a 9 Star Qi reading can help you to do this. The reading is part of the Feng Shui reviews we offer. Contact us to schedule your reading: Feng Shui Review
The balance of the elements in our environments is essential to our overall well-being. This extends not only to your home environment, but also to your office environment and any other environments you find yourself frequenting often like a ski house, summer house, beach house, and others. My design philosophy has evolved to encompass the Five Elements to create spaces that support you on every level. Design is a balancing act which can be enhanced with a deep understanding of the elements in both the external environment as well as our own. Designing a space that supports your main elements is a great way to ensure a more harmonious and happier life. Learning some ideas on how to design your own space to work with your own element is something you are able to learn. If you wish to acquire some of this wisdom you can join me live in New York City in March. Five Element Feng Shui Design workshop: CLICK to buy tickets here


The Chinese assign an animal to each year, similarly but not exactly the way the Greeks assigned an astrological sign to each of the 12 months of the year. It works on a 20-year cycle. 2016 is the 12th in the cycle, being the Monkey year. The animal of the year will represent the characteristics of the year.
 The characteristics of the Monkey year include intelligence, wit and innovation. Monkeys are natural problem solvers with very strong opinions. They tend to be free-spirited and follow their own path, uninhibited from guilt or the need to please others. They can work well in groups, but they are also good at being independent. Generally, it is a joy to watch their youthful energy as they jump from one activity to another. Thus 2016 will be a year in which to be conscious of these characteristics. You will see them in abundance all around you.
The energy of the Monkey year is considered auspicious, though the shadow side of the Monkey is that they can sometimes be opportunistic and not trustworthy—the emblem of trickery. Youthful, unscrupulous behavior is a good way to think of the shadow side of the Monkey. Be aware of this and keep your eyes open for trickery, especially in business affairs. However, do not let this stop you from embracing the possibilities of the year, as there will be beauty as well.
In this year, 2016, the characteristics of the Monkey will be strong due to the combination of the Yang and Fire energies. This is a very powerful combination.
Your own birth year also gives you an understanding of your own characteristic and personality. If you are interested in learning what yours is, you can find out here: Chinese Zodiac . We can also help to guide you on how to balance your space to best suit your own energies during one of our Feng Shui Consultation Services.

Yin - Yang; also known as Masculine - Feminine energy

Yin – Yang; also known as Masculine – Feminine energy


The Yin Yang concept is the process of harmonization, ensuring the constant and dynamic balance of all things, like the waxing and waning of the moon or the balance of the day with day and night.
2016 has a lot of Yang energy in it, including Yang Fire, Yang Metal and Yang Water. The strong Yang energy of one’s will mean that the year will be extremely active. YANG energy represents things in nature that are hot, fast, strong, loud and dry. It is also known to represent the masculine energy.
It will be wise to balance this year of extreme YANG or masculine energy with a lot of YIN or feminine energies and activities in order to maintain harmony. YIN energy comes from the opposite of the YANG. So be sure to develop some space for down time, quiet thinking and contemplation to balance the energetic activities of the year. Other YIN energies include dark, cool, quiet and wet so consider these qualities when you are designing your own spaces throughout the Monkey year.
From the predictions, such an abundance of Yang energy representing powerful, aggressive and destructive forces will be in play and will be seen in politics and in nature throughout the globe.


The Chinese also read the energy of the upcoming year in terms of a concept called Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. This helps to understand the balancing energies between the energies of the heavens and the Earth and the Chinese. An annual prediction tool, the Chinese have used it for thousands of years. 2016 is a Bing Shen Year: where the Bing stem is yang, sun-like energy, and is often found in years ending in 6. It is connected with success. The Shen branch is connected with curiosity and creative energy.


The I Ching is another form of Chinese divination for future predictions. It is also called The Book of Changes. In the Book of Changes, 2016 is connected with the hexagram 28; The Great Surpassing. My overall summary of this hexagram is that this year will have some great opportunities. You will need to be clever in seeing them. To be successful, it is important to remain nimble but focused. Do not change your mind once you have decided on your overall direction; however, remain flexible in the path to get there. Being consistent is the key. Do not undertake anything too risky or too great of an investment, as it will likely break under the weight this year, having some weaknesses in the base and top.


It will be a year of movement, discussion and include lots of exploration of ideas. It is going to be a year of transformation. Be prepared for the unexpected. Hone a sense of humor if you do not have already have one, as this year can be a fun adventure in discovering your own inner resources. Remember to be realistic and not overly optimistic. Be wary of anyone or anything that claims to have a quick fix or all the answers. Let realism lead the way, though be prepared to take action quickly and move on ideas as soon as you see them, as they will move quickly away if not embraced at once.
There will be global turmoil as there will be unexpected natural disasters with flooding, problems in the South and shortages in food supplies. Political upheavals are to be expected due to the new ideas and breaking down of old patterns of thinking. Be prepared to think outside the box and live outside your comfort zone. The world will be a very different place at the end of this year, so be prepared for an adventure.


Some interesting people born in the year of the Monkey:
Harry S. Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Charlie Parker, Simone de Beauvoir, Scott Fitzgerald

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Looking forward to helping you make the most of the Monkey Year.

Looking forward to helping you make the most of the Monkey Year.