For me, travel helps me to keep a better perspective on my overall life.  It keeps me more focused on the present moment and less stuck on the regrets of the past and the anxiety of the future (neither of which I can do very much about). As a result, I am able to live in a greater state of joy.  This ‘trick’ has kept me sane over the years; whenever I have lost this part of my life, it has always been a big mistake.


Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed. ~ Wayne Dyer

Most of you know that I am a globetrotter. I live in multiple places, having decided that I did not wish to limit myself to only one country, let alone one city.  Spain is the main focus of my personal life where I spend as much time as possible and where I have found my writing muse; New York is the main focus of my family and work life where I have most of my design clients; London is the main focus for my cultural expansion and my second family where I have a deep connection with the country, its inhabitants, and its history.


Recently I visited the ancient city of Segovia, Spain. It is practically in the literal center of Spain as we know it today.  We stumbled upon it by accident, because our plans got disrupted by the changing times in Spain at this moment. So we had to move locations due to a political demonstration so we decided to go to this ancient city in the moment because it was close and we recalled that it was something notable. Some of the greatest discoveries in life are made by these sorts of accidental, in-the-moment decisions.

The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man. ~ Victor Hugo

Once upon a time, it was the cultural and political center of Spain. A legend says that Segovia was founded in the year 1076 B.C. by the Egyptian Hercules, great-grandchild of Noah. It is said that it is very difficult to truly date this city but it is safe to say that it is very special and it holds many ancient Architectural and Engineering gems which indicate the prestigious position it once held.  These included some of the most well preserved towering Roman aqueducts in all of Europe, the tallest Bell Tower in all of Spain, as well as the 12th-century castle, Alcazar, that inspired Snow White’s castle at Disney just to mention some of its charms.


Visting this magical little city made me reflect on the changing times and how the context of our world change our PERSPECTIVE of what we see, or what we want to see. Once this was the CENTER of it the world as it was known back then.  Center of the political arena and therefore the most powerful place in that world. It was where decisions were made that set the future course in motion. Now it is a center for tourists to come and admire the astonishing Architectural and Engineering feats of a by-gone era. The essence of the city is the same, but our relationship with it, our perspective,  has changed dramatically with the changing context of the world around it.

What is the center of your world right now?  What do you put your attention on? 

We all see the world through our own set of eyes and from our own perspective. This is one of the greatest challenges as a designer, is that our approach to designing spaces for you often occurs in one of two ways:
  • We either convince you that our version of the world is the RIGHT and BEST version, or
  • We take the time to discover what it is that YOU find beautiful and we design according to your vision.
The second approach is very challenging. To get into someone else’s head and heart is always a difficult task. Most of us know this, if only from the experience of our personal relationships.  We know that we want to share everything with our partners, but sometimes we simply cannot get them to see our point of view. Now you know one of my greatest goals as a holistic designer is to create a space that is RIGHT for YOU, not one that I think is pretty.


Where Attention goes Energy flows! ~ James Redfield

How do you prefer to work?  Do you want to work with a designer that leads or works more collaboratively?  There is no one way and no perfect path.  It is all about what is right for you right now. What is your perspective in this moment?
To me, as the creator of Design-It-With-You, it is the only way I know how to design. It must be YOUR SPACE, not mine.  I have created methods over the years to help you discover your own vision and to explore your own inner designer. The Magic Box was one of my first methods to help you discover your inner muse.  Then there was the Day of Discover where I set up field trips for adults to go see, touch, talk with and explore all the things that are possible. I create individual experiences for my clients over the years. It is a collaborative approach and is focused on fun. Do you want me to create one for you?
PERSPECTIVE is all about a point of view. Whether it is a sketch which shares a 3-dimensional object in a 2-dimensional format, or it is the vantage point of one’s opinion which is expressed in your own space, it is all relative. There is no right or wrong. It is your truth at this moment.


Am I the WRIGHT designer for you?

Do you want to collaborate on your space?  Design-It-With-You was created as a result of my love of working collaboratively with my clients. I guide you to find your best space. Check out my website