Let me start with the fact that I went to the Paris Design Show with my sustainability glasses on. My underlying motivation was to seek out new eco-friendly, sustainable products, designers and all things that would be in alignment with my holistic design vision. I was super excited. Until I walked the floors of the humongous trade show.  There were less than 5% of the vendors designated as sustainable companies. This truly shocked me. Then I walked, talked, and walked and talked more. (did I say it was HUMONGOUS?)

We shape our buildings and therefore they shape us. ~Winston Churchill

Eventually, I was able to see through some of the luxury hoopla to discover some really amazing things. Some were marketed as sustainable, though many, many others were not highlighting this as a top sales angle to toot their collective horns about. This was very odd to me but that is ponderings for another day. However, there were some sustainably designed and produced products that would have fallen under the radar had I not been looking with my SUSTAINABLY FOCUSED perspective.

Here are the PARIS DESIGN SHOW SUSTAINABLE TAKEAWAYS that I discovered for you. Please know that I am sharing the ones that I felt had a sustainably minded platform from my own personal perspective.  In a later blog I will highlight the more eco-friendly materials which I also discovered so stay tuned.
The Design Show Maison & Objet’s theme this year was TAKE CARE. It was a focus on the well-being of humans. Taking care of ourselves shows be the norm, just as taking care of the planet ought to be. Everything is interconnected and it is my intention to help shift our collective focus so that sustainability is the new norm in all of our conversations from taking care of ourselves, taking care of each other and taking care of our world.

Here are my Paris Design Show Sustainability Takeaways:

Repurposed Books turned into amazing lovely sculptural pieces of artwork for your home. Taking things that we love, and finding new ways of making them useful is not only ecological, it is a creative way to link our past with our future. Some say books will soon be relics of the past as libraries are closing all over the country in the USA, however as an avid reader myself, it is one of my life’s greatest pleasures so this holds a warm spot in my heart. Plus I remember craft day when I was a kid and doing this with magazines! They give old books a second chance. Not only with these sculptures but also paper jewellery.
Check them out here: Old Books given a second chance
Hand blown glass vases with hand-crafted wood, metal or pottery pieces that are all sourced from one person who collaborates and combines these local craftspeople together to create these treasures. Old crafts are kept alive, allowing people to thrive in an artful way. The creator seeks the best, and only makes a few, so these are precious finds and even more exquisite in person. Message me if you are interested. Note that can be used in different ways as each part comes away and can be used independently.
Touch here to see even more of their exquisite pieces:Click HERE


Rugs have just become more sustainable from the point of view there is a new pet-proofing process that can be done during the process of creation that allows the rugs to become much more durable and lasting. As a Cat-Mama, this is great news for me! From a sustainable point of view, the longer something can last, the better it is for the planet. (NOTE: We are doing research to back up the sales rep’s claim it was not a toxic process and we will post about this as soon as we know.)
Many rug brands that offer handmade options, and though they are often done in far-away countries, the sustainability angle is that local crafts are being supported as well as giving jobs to those in need, plus the materials are now being sourced in a ecological manner more often than previously. Of course, you need to do your homework since not all rug fabricators are created equal. This family run Spanish company, called Alfombras Pena, made it onto my list because they consider the craftspeople as key to the overall process and ensure they are making a sustainable living and stay in alignment with the ecological sourcing for their materials.

Check them out here: Spanish Rug Making Company


carpet from Spain

Local designers from the Ukraine are still out there creating and being active. Despite the horrors of the war, they chose to live and thrive. To me, this was heartwarming and amazing. Their stand was aptly called RESILIENCY and they showcased some amazing things. My personal favourite was this lovely sofa with a welting design that is all curves and fantastic take on an old fashioned Upholestry method. An old traditional method made modern. So awesome. If you want to help them, support them by buying their designs.

Click Here: Furniture by Ukrainian Designers

Study Nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

French family run designers, Pierre Frey also offers something incredible in fabrics, wallpapers, and now even furnishings. They are a family run business in its third generation working together. They work with local craftspeople and support the old traditional methods of weaving. They are holding onto their heritage in a sustainable manner, working with what we have already and boldly seeking a bright future. They have collected old designs and are recreating them in new ways. To me, this is a very sustainable approach. Not to mention simply gorgeous as well. If you need some help with your designer and decor, I can help you discover the perfect fabrics for your decor from this amazing showroom. Connect with me HERE for a 20-minute Consult for FREE

Click here: Pierre Frey website

Pierre Frey Paris Showroom

Pierre Frey Paris Showroom

One’s destination. is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. ~Henry Miller

For me, being a sustainable company is the only possible future. Especially in the industry of building designing and creating things. Because we are the industry that is the most wasteful one on the planet, I feel strongly that it is part of our job to design things in harmony with everything and everyone. We need to all start rethinking our ways of living, purchasing, working, designing and even our eating, sleeping, traveling habits. Our lifestyles need to be rethought. This is my passion to help this way of thinking and being to be the new norm. During the show, I got my own ‘service pigeon’ to help bring me comfort and to keep my doors at home from slamming when I allow the sea breeze to flow.
door stopper

service bird or door stopper?

Are you wishing to design your home in a more sustainable, eco-friendly and holistic manner? I love to co-create spaces and places with this in mind. I offer my services in a whole range of possibilities to suit your exact needs. It is my mission to help you change your space to change your life all for the better in a sustainable manner that can start the healing process for the planet as well as ourselves.

Not the most water conserving shower in place, but quite lovely. What do you think? Could you take a shorter shower just to have this one in your home?

So truly in keeping with the theme of the Paris Design Show Sustainable Takeaways, please TAKE CARE and strive of a sustainable life!
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feng shui book

feng shui book


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