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Choice follows awareness. Aligning your inner vision with your physical environment is truly the portal to living in balance.

Proof that Your CLUTTER is Hurting You (and How to Fix it NOW!)

You don’t leave a beautiful place, you carry it wherever you go. ~ Alexander

Balance & Harmony

Balance is not something you find, it is something you create. This is the right place if you are seeking to find solutions, rewrite your own story, discover what makes your heart sing, connect with like-minded people and co-create an inner & outer space that is in alignment with your true self. This site is about our INNER design and it is all about finding new ways to enrich, empower and enlighten us all throughout this balancing act we call life.

How to Get RID of Your Stuff SUSTAINABLY: NYC Recycling Guide

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We must Practice Freedom

Freedom is something most of us take for granted. I know that I have. I was lucky to be born to a middle-class white family on the East Coast of the USA. We may not have had a lot of money, but we never went without. We may not have had the latest stylish stuff or...

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Your Sense of Place

Discovering your own personal sense of place, your ideal home interior design style, and what makes you more balanced is often a challenge. Using a professional holistic interior design consultant and online design coach can help solve this mystery and give design tips to change your home on a budget for a more healthy home.

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Changes in our HOME post COVID

LOST OUR WAY This pandemic serves to remind us how important our houses are to our daily well-being. In many ways, this moment in time is a return to a simpler way of living, and people are seeing their living spaces as their refuges—sanctuaries where they're safe and...

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Harmony makes small things grow; lack of it makes great things decay. ~ Sallust

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