Innovative New Designs.
We need to embrace change.  Though this seems to be hard to do. I often wonder why this is?  It seems that so many people are afraid of things being different today and it seems to be getting stronger.  I heard the saying when I was growing up, better the devil you know that the one you don’t, which effectively says stay safe and suffer instead of pushing outside the box and risking something by exploring different ideas, seeking new frontiers or hanging out with new people.
That was when I was a kid. I had hoped and dreamed we had pushed outside of this zone. Though, I suppose because we are creatures of comfort and security this should not totally surprise me.  In fact, I am certain that some of this is built-in our DNA as part of our survival system.  Fear of the unknown can be considered a safety option.  Don’t risk the unknown and you are less likely to die. The flip side however is that the lack of risk also forces us to repeat the same old mistakes, live in a shadow of fear and to avoid expansion and growth.
This blog was inspired by an article I read in Treehugger (one of my favs!) about the idea of a circular runway at airports.  Instantly I thought: “What a brilliant idea!  So much less space, circles tend to be the most beneficial of shapes for design and from my personal experience during my travels, many airports need a large dose of human scale added to their design!” I was then surprised to learn of the large amount of negative criticism this idea received immediately and often without any research which demonstrates the strong reaction people instantaneously have when something outside their norm is presented.
Why is it that today some people seem to be reverting to closing out new ideas while others are pushing the boundaries at increasing rates? Which side are you on?  Which side do you WANT to be on?
I know my answer. But of course, the right side is not always the easy side. Innovative design solutions are often met with criticism.  They are always going to be the nay-sayers, the people that think your ideas are silly, unworkable, or worse.
My advice is to try to continue to grow your own self-awareness and start to follow your own heart without the need for the approvals of others.
Starting my own design business was a dream

So much to choose from!  But to design differently is the real challenge.

Break the rules and have fun.  In my industry, the design and interiors world is often just repeating itself.  Most designers are going for ‘pretty’ spaces and will try to outdo each other with the latest color, wallpaper, sofa, light fixture or kitchen appliance. Worse yet, it is often still considered that the bigger the space, the better.  Even in the arena of bathrooms and kitchen, there seems to be a blockage in innovative design solutions and just the same designs, albeit with prettier, newer and brighter stuff in them.
I am a radical in this world.  I love small design.  I think a challenge is limited budget, weird shaped spaces and clients with a personal desire to improve their lives and a spark of the desire to improve the world at large.  This is my dream job! Combining challenging spaces, sustainability, holistic health, positive psychology with our spaces plus honoring our limited resources (including money) is my goal.  Designing HOW we need to use our spaces, not just how they LOOK is one of my life passions.
Since I wrote my latest book, Feng Shui Tips: Bathroom Renovations (scheduled to come out in May 2017!) I have focused on the assumptions we all make that sometimes blind us to the obvious. Being an award-winning bathroom designer, I was surprised myself to the gross truth that our bathrooms are stuck in an antiquated, old-fashioned and unsustainable design template.  Our bathrooms are still the same design as when they were originally created after the invention of the indoor plumbing and the toilet in 1800’s when it became known that our over-all health was linked to our personal hygiene.  The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house today and by far the most wasteful (forgive the pun!).  It got me inspired to start thinking of how to design the BATHROOM OF THE FUTURE.
One can only embrace the ideas of change and innovative design and we can push ourselves and others outside of our comfort zone for better designed spaces and ultimately a better world and happier life for everyone.
Are you willing to start living outside your COMFORT ZONE?  Are you open to new ideas, and different things, new people, innovative design?  Check in with yourself and see if you are.  I am hoping you join me on this decision to purposefully remain open and explore the new ways for our positive future together.


Those that do not want the world to change, do you want it to remain.