Great Love Affairs Change Who You Are

With my decision to move to Spain last year, I left behind the city that I first fell in love with. It was time to transform my life and “walk the walk.” I needed to change my environment in order to change my life. And I did.
San Sebastian Spain pulled me in

San Sebastian Spain pulled me in

I do not believe in regrets; therefore, I do not look back on this move with anything except the deeply rooted knowledge that I did the perfect thing at the perfect time. It was time to move on. Upon close inspection of my life, I noticed that New York City had morphed into a place that was no longer recognizable to the one I had originally fallen in love with. So when I searched my heart, I knew that I was not in love anymore with the newer version of the place I called home. It had grown up into a place that no longer held the essence of the character for which my heart used to beat so fast. So there was change in the air. When an old lover, called San Sebastian, pulled at my heartstrings, I followed.
However, no one ever forgets her first love. And thus the city that never sleeps will always hold a dear place in my heart. No matter where I go, the city will have a piece of me and I a piece of it with me. I am a result of the years I lived in her. Being a New Yorker is in my blood. Though you can take the girl out of New York, you cannot take all of New York out of the girl.
The Brooklyn Bridge - my favorite

The Brooklyn Bridge – my favorite

Being a proponent of thinking outside the box, I have set about designing my life and my business in such a way to have the best of both worlds. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Thanks to modern technology, the world is becoming increasingly more mobile. As such, I can still work in New York City and live in San Sebastian—combining my love of two cities into a new modern version of what I call home.

Lee Live in New York City in March

Traveling back to New York City for the month of March is perfect because it coincides with many of my favorite things in the Big Apple. First and foremost, it is the start of Spring. Springtime in New York is all about new beginnings. As we just entered into the Year of the Monkey with the Chinese New Year, this feels auspicious. I will be in town for the transformation from winter to spring on March 21st with the Spring Solstice. The timing is perfect!
With the sensation of Spring in the air, there are always a lot of exciting things happening in the city and I will participating in as many of them as possible! Along with these fantastic business events, I look forward to connecting with many of my colleagues, vendors and clients as well as friends and family while I am stateside. It is going to be an active adventure!

Will we get a chance to meet while I am in town?

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I will be so happy to see you!

My new workshop FIVE ELEMENT FENG SHUI DESIGN will be presented on March 15th in Manhattan from 6pm – 8pm. It will be an intimate evening where I will share information to help you immediately transform your space so it is more in harmony with who you are and where you want to be.

Are you struggling with something in your life right now?

Do you want some support with how to clear this

so you can move forward faster?

Come to this workshop to learn some easy, insightful ways to change your spaces to help you in the areas of your life that you are struggling with the most.
There is limited space so make sure to sign up to reserve your seat for this special evening event.

Click Here to Buy Tickets

The Five Elements work in harmony - either building up or breaking down each other.

The Five Elements work in harmony – either building up or breaking down each other.

The ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST DESIGN SHOW is one of my all-time favorite events. It is a great show for all things interior design related. If you are thinking about a home renovation or decoration project in your home or office, this is a must-attend for great ideas, sources and inspiration!
Over the years, I have offered a guided tour of the show, connecting clients with the best of the best. I will always seek to see the new, the innovative, and the environmentally-conscious designs being showcased there.
I plan on attending the show on Friday, March 18th.  Do you want a personal design tour of the show? Click Here to Contact Us
And there is even more! (I told you Springtime in the city is a busy time!)
The NEW LIFE EXPO is a perfect place for those seeking to learn more about Health, Wellness, Spirituality and Natural Living. It is an expo that is full of lectures, exhibitions, workshops and products to help you with Mind, Body and Spirit solutions for a better life.
I will be attending the expo on Saturday, March 19th, and Sunday, March 20th, so come along if you want to chat and pick up a copy of my new book – Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations. Stop by to get your signed copy while I am in town! Or BUY IT HERE.
I am also honored to be present for the completion of a large design project for a client of mine. With the construction scheduled to finish, we will be working on a Sacred Space Clearing to set the stage for my client to move in and start her long-awaited next life chapter with a clean, vibrant energy in her newly designed and renovated home.


Does your Space need a CLEARING or an energetic cleaning to start the Spring off right?
My in-person sessions have had beautiful results, with clients saying that “Lee’s consultation exceeded my expectations in every way” and afterwards they “slept better than ever before” in their space after my Space Clearing or Feng Shui review.   Book a session now, as my time is limited and slots for these sessions are booking up quicklyCLICK HERE to reserve your Space Clearing session NOW. 
Make the space and a bigger life happens.~Alysia Reiner

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I adore my new home, but you can never forget your roots and where you come from. San Sebastian is a lovely seaside town in northern Spain, full of special events especially this year as The European City of Culture. Having fallen in love with this new place and building my new life here, it is always a comfort to know when I am sitting looking at the Atlantic Ocean that my once beloved city is just across the pond. Again, you can take the girl out of New York, but you cannot take the “New York” out of the girl.
If you are interested in attending one of my workshops in San Sebastian (Holisitc Dine and Design in June 2016) or if you want to participate in the European City of Culture, taste the delights of Basque cuisine and wine, reach out to me so I can guide you on an adventure of a lifetime. CONTACT ME HERE
Will we get a chance to meet while I am in town?
Check out below where I will be to see if our paths can connect.
I will be so happy to see you!
Keep Shining,