Class starts in about 12 hours and I’m already pumped! This course was an inspired moment about 5 months ago when I had no idea why I needed this course for the journey of my life and my business’s and my story but it was IMPORTANT.

Handing me the form for this MTS course, Ben said to me, ” Breathe.” By way reminding me to do something that normally is an automatic body function.

So now on the eve before, I review what this course is about. Upon reflection I note it’s more than the obvious. It isn’t just about learning how to be a better more powerful presenter. Sure that’s part of it. But my guess is the core value- the real gem is Harvs signature on all his courses. He will teach me to get out of my own way. He will point out things I can’t see from the front row of my life. He will tug, yank and sometimes rip the mask off so I can show the world the true me. Nothing sells better than the real deal.

In the year I’ve been a part of the Peaks world, I’ve grown immeasurably – in skills, techniques but mostly inside of me. Truths shine now. The good, bad & ugly all sit comfortably here as they are just simply part of the real me.

I wonder what mask falls away this week? Keep posted as I share reveal all!