It is that time of the year!
The end of 2019 is upon us and even as we celebrate and share time with friends & family, it is difficult to not think about the past year as we approach the close of one and the beginning of another.

New Years are an opportunity for a new beginning, to start over, open a new chapter, walk through a new door…

Transitions are tricky & the New Year is a pretty major transition. Because I am fully aware of the opportunities these transitions allow us, I adore this time of year, I take the time for some personal self-care time to reflect on where I am coming from and set some intentions for where I want to go. I do this because I want to kick-start the next year on a positive footing, with grace and clarity to take me into the future with the intention of meeting my own goals, dreams, expectations. We live forward but learn backward so I use this moment of the year to straddle the past, present, and future.
Here are my tried & true steps on what is part of my own New Year’s ritual. Maybe this is something you can do between the time of yesterday and tomorrow, between the Earth Pig & Metal Rat, between what once was and what will be.

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes. ~ Carl Jung


It is a perfect time to actual SLOW DOWN to think about the past year with some depth and consideration. It can be a gift you give to yourself to do this exercise this year. Write down your thoughts on these topics or others that stir in your heart.
  • What was the most profound thing that you learned in 2019?
  • What was the one thing/person/event that made you the happiest in 2019?
  • What was the best achievement of 2019?
  • What will you miss about 2019?
  • In your home, what was the one thing you did to improve it?
  • What was the one thing you did not do that you want to do in the future?

Fall seven times, get up eight. ~ Japanese Proverb


Every year there is a moment when we think of RESOLUTIONS.  We think of the person we want to be and then we make sometimes unrealistic resolutions to become that person – this year I will go to the gym more! I will save more money! I will stop using so much plastic! I will travel more!
Whatever your goals and aspirations are for this upcoming year, I am sure they are all fantastic and will make you and the world a better place. So why of why do we all so often FAIL to keep our resolutions throughout the whole year??
What I have learned: it is not a perfect world, and I am surely not a perfect person. That is just the truth.  Just to KEEP ON TRYING, that is the essence of success.  Strive to improve, even a little bit every year.
Though I suggest you be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to acknowledge the things you want to achieve, and really allow yourself to celebrate your successes – even the tiny ones! – and allow yourself to RENEW your new resolutions for this new year.
  • Allow yourself to accept where you are right now
  • Celebrate your small successes on the resolutions from last year and do a happy dance!
  • Recommit to yourself that you are worth the effort and acknowledge that it takes time for seeds you plant today to blossom.
  • Ask yourself what is the one room in your home that you want to renew so it will better support you this year?

Feng Shui is the artful arrangement of your spaces to enhance your life. 


Another concept I am a big believer in is the acceptance that we CHANGE and therefore our needs, our expectations and our needs need to change too.  We must be allowed to REVISE our vision for a better life, a better version of ourselves and the best version of a New Year with this new vision.
Try not to just rinse and repeat last year’s resolutions but to deeply think what it is that will matter to your future self and then revise your new resolutions from that perspective. I guarantee your results will be different.
  • What will your future self thank you for the most for?
  • What has changed in the last year that has impacted your life and what can you do to better support this?
  • What new person, thing or event has impacted your life and what resolution can you make to help, support or join this year?

 To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. ~Winston Churchill


You evolve and your spaces should too. We can help.

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