What do you want more space for?
 Is it to have a bigger sofa, another bedroom, more artwork, a proper home office or enough room in your kitchen to store all of your dishes properly so you can get to them?
A brand new TV?

A brand new TV?

Or perhaps you would simply like to have more space and time to spend with those you LOVE most in your daily life?
Or having time to use that fireplace in your bedroom for a romantic night in?

Or having time to use that fireplace in your bedroom for a romantic night in?

Most people I know have BOTH desires – for more of the things they love and want, plus to have more space for love and living in their day-to-day lives.
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Being a Space Designer and Feng Shui specialist, I believe that your physical space is directly effecting the amount of LOVE you have in your life right now and it is directly effecting the power of bringing more of what you want into your lives right now.
In todays’ world of the ease of purchasing power with credit cards and instant approvals, of 24/7 online shopping access and a consumeristic society it is no wonder we all find our homes and spaces busting at the seams. But is it filled with the things that we want and need them to be?
 In the USA and UK, the two society’s I have the most contact with, are proponents to the consumeristic approach to life. A society that bases its financial structure on the production and consumption of goods is always going to support and encourage the purchasing of goods.
Most of those that are reading this blog are living in a world where there is massive choice, ease of availability and the one special ingredient which is often over-looked, a lack of time in our hectic and over-worked lives which makes for the need to for two things:
– the good feelings that come from the act of purchasing (though temporary is a real part of the power of shopping), and two,
– the belief that something will make our life easier or give us more time. The key here is the belief of getting more TIME.
I believe that this desire for more time equates to the need for more SPACE.  More inner space so we can breathe freer, do more with those we love, see things more clearly and spend less time on the rearranging of, or management of our ‘stuff’ instead of spending our valuable, and limited time with those we love most.
In truth, the secret is simple- it is just to not let your stuff own you.  The more you have the less time you have.  The less you have, the more time you have.
don't let your stuff own you

don’t let your stuff own you

As an Interior Designer, whose role is often the shopping for more stuff for your home, this is a strange blog to be writing however, I have always been a supporter of less is more. And shopping has only been a means to an end for me.  I am not sure where the idea of shopping as a hobby came into being but for me, it is always something to do only for one of two basic requirements – either to add some beauty into my life or to fulfill a need.
So how do we make more space in our lives for the most important things in our lives – the act of living them?  Well, first we need to understand that stuff is just stuff and once this simple but profound truth is fully recognized then we can start to manage our stuff more easily.
We have given rise to a multi-billion-dollar industry of decluttering and organizing your spaces and personal storage spaces.  However, I feel there is another way to make more space in your homes.
The de-cluttering trend, though has its own merits, is not the true solution you are seeking. It is a band aid and until you discover your cause for shopping only then will you be able to manage your stuff versus having your stuff manage you.
You need to ask yourself this one question every time you are about to purchase something.  Why am I getting this item?
Is it replacing something? If so, then you need to get rid of (donate, or throw away) the old one.
Is it something you will consume? If so, then decide when and make sure you do not already have one (or more!) of the same thing!
It is something beautiful? If so, make sure you have the appropriate place to display and or utilize it in your space as it currently is, and if not, then make it a priority to rearrange your space to accommodate it within a set time frame.
Remember the wise words from Willam Morris and aim to live by them- only have things that you truly love in your space and or items that provide a useful purpose and in doing so, you will find that you have a lot more space (and time!) for the things that actually in the end count – spending time with those you love and or making time to find more love, being loving and finding love.
February is the month to celebrate LOVE and making the SPACE in your life for this soul-fulfilling part of life is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.


Change Your Space to Change Your Life. Make SPACE in your home to allow love to flow through your days with abundance.