Everyone I know is always talking about their space and their desire for MORE SPACE.  Of course, I am a space designer and that may account for folks that talk with me about their space. Which I adore! Though living in Spain and New York there is an obvious contrast that I am seeing quite clearly about the perception of SPACE and how more is what we seek but not always what we need.
Recently one of my dear clients, Fay called me her Space Therapist. I have loved the new title and have created my own hashtag (#SpaceTherapist) because indeed I feel that I am that designer. The one that listens, guides and helps you reflect on what your space means to you and what it can do for you in turn.  Fully believing that our spaces deeply impact us, I have subscribed to this on every level, both professionally as well as personally. I find that I am often helping my clients to really look at their own desire for MORE SPACE and to dive into what they really need and want.  Is it actually MORE or is it simply BETTER? Or could it be more FUNCTION is what is needed. Or more BEAUTY? Or simply more TIME? As your #SpaceTherapist, these questions are what I find myself discussing more and more.
Those of you that are reading this blog most likely subscribe to the same belief – that our spaces matter deeply to us, otherwise Change Your Space, Change Your Life would not have appealed to you. So I am always pleased to share my thoughts with you about what MORE SPACE means and can do for you.
Today’s blog, however, is about a different sort of space.  It is not about our homes, or apartments, or offices.  It is about our INTERIOR SPACE -the kind of space that only exists in our own hearts, souls and minds.
I have taken almost a month off from writing my blog and this was because I needed some interior space. I needed to take some time off to simply allow myself to be where I was and be present in those moments, to not worry about the never ending to-do list that was not being attended to. I trusted you would understand this and be ready when I returned.
Last month I mourned the death of a very important person to me.  We had a memorial for someone that had been in my life for literally decades and someone that has helped me to become the woman that I am today. I believe that death is a natural conclusion to life, one in which I feel strongly we need to embrace because it is as natural as the trees and stars and we need to recognize that it is part of our life deal. Still it takes my breath away with the sense of loss that comes from losing someone in this earthly realm no matter how many practice times I seem to get. To process these life events, I think that creating some MORE interior SPACE is essential.
The true irony of seeking MORE SPACE was that I was in one of the most space constrained places on earth, New York City.  Instead of being in my new home, San Sebastian, Spain where space is more abundant. I was in small spaces in a city that runs 24/7 and  space is lacking on all levels. So, it was a lovely contradiction that I found myself here when my need of MORE SPACE was so urgent. So I sought it where I knew I could find it.
So, with the city racing around me, I decided to SLOW DOWN and to make some more interior SPACE for myself.  This did not come easily or without some frustration on my part. I too am human and get very caught up in the exterior energy that my space embraces me with.  Luckily for me, my interior systems have a built-in alarm nowadays that warns me when I am reaching overload.  With that, my systems start to switch into a new mode and I therefore start to focus on making more space where it counts – inside of me.I knew that I needed to MAKE MORE SPACE in a place where it was very limited and therefore my CREATIVITY got inspired on how to do this.Alone time, meditation in hidden parks in the city, or taking a day to go smell the roses in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens was part of my solution.



Making more SPACE is a desire we all have naturally. It is like a built-in process for humans to seek to EXPAND.  We historically sought out the New World, the Open Plains and today we even seek out private beaches and use our cars as ways to find more DAILY SPACE for ourselves. The desire is becoming stronger and more urgent I believe because the physical space around us is becoming more limited and our time is being pulled in so many directions. We see examples of this innate desire for more space today all around us.
MoMA currently has an exhibition called “Making Space” about woman artists and postwar abstraction.  Check it out here: Make Space 
Blogs are commonly talking about how to make more from less.  Especially in our ever shrinking spaces due to ever-increasing real estate costs. The Spruce is just an example:Blog from the Spruce- make more space
Tiny houses are all the rage where people are literally rebelling against this urge for more. Learn more about this movement here: http://thetinylife.com/what-is-the-tiny-house-movement/
Artists are also getting into the game with a 3-year project in the UK called Make Space which allowed artists the opportunity to explore without expectation and challenged the ways of teaching our artists today. https://www.artsadmin.co.uk/artist-development/advice-info-training/making-more-space
As a Designer, I am an award-winning designer on SMALL SPACES because I have always understood this need for more and I have personally subscribed to Less is More. Or at least I always felt there was a need for more FUNCTION, not necessarily more SPACE.  Check out my website here. S. Lee Wright Website for some of my beautiful, functional and sometimes small design projects.
So, this week’s blog is to CHALLENGE you to think more creativity on how you can create MORE SPACE in your life in the areas that you need it the most.  What is the one area of your life in which you can add more space and therefore expand your entire life. For me, in May I needed more space inside myself to contemplate the meaning of life, the loss of life, the loves of my life and my own passions.  This desire for more interior space will ultimate serve me in serving you – my clients – better on every level.
Stay tuned as this month will bring you more tips on how to create MORE SPACE in your life continues.