When one door closes, another one opens. ~ Alexander Bell

This is a famous quote that has long been in my repertoire of quotes and life sayings that light my way.  I am very much a person that believes that things happen for a reason, and that has provided much-needed faith in the darker hours of my life.
Last year, 2018 I had to really embrace this saying to a deeper level. Letting Go seems to be a contrary emotion for us human beings. For some reason, we want to HOLD ON tightly to the things that surround us, whether it be people, stuff, relationships, money, or jobs, or just junk.

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust

To let go does not mean to get rid of. On the contrary, it means to let be.  The ebb and flow of our emotions, the same as the waves breaking against the sandy shores- there is a rhythm to it, and our fear of letting go tends to break this rhythm, causing a disruption to the natural cycles that are part of the core of who we all are.

Let it be,

Let it be,

Let it be.


Whisper words of wisdom, Let it Be. ~The Beatles. (click to listen to one of fav songs)

The theme of Letting It Go is very close to my heart both professionally as well as personally. I have some thoughts on this that I would like to share with you as I think that every one of us has some moments when it is a challenge to let go of something or someone, and these basic reminders may come in handy from time to time.
1. First, really appreciate that Letting Go is something we have NO CHOICE. My mother told me when I was crying at the end of middle school, as I was saying goodbye to the friends I had there as we all were being divided into 3 different high schools so I knew that things were going to change and never be the same. My tears were because I was struggling to “let go” of this special time and embrace the future. My Mother turned to me, with dirt on her hands from the garden and said, “Oh honey, you’d better get used to this. You’ve got a lot more goodbyes to look forward to. Life is nothing more than a series of good-byes.”
Ouch.  But man, was she right.


2. Secondly, letting go does not mean FORGETTING. Once we have experienced something, or someone it is part of who we are.  Unless we are given some kind of sci-fi serum that makes us forget stuff, these experiences are simply integrated into who we are, and therefore and forevermore, they are inside of us. So letting go is not removing it. It is once again allowing these experiences and stuff to simply have more flow.
3. Thirdly, Letting Go can FEEL GOOD too. For whatever reason, we like to hold onto stuff and allow some primal fear to keep us stuck (our subconscious wants to protect us and change is dangerous so limit change….) but in truth, letting go allows us to GROW. We evolve and grow as people over time and therefore to let go of stuff – whether it is a pair of shoes that no longer represent that style we wish to project, or the old tapes that no longer can even be played since technology has advanced past it, or the outdated , unused mini bread baker which takes up an entire cabinet in your kitchen, or the constant grieving over a loved one you lost or the holding onto a relationship that brings you more sadness than joy. Once you recognize that something – or someone- is not bringing you JOY at this moment, then it is the time to let it go – to flow where it is best meant to be.

4. More Room allows more POSITIVE FLOW into your life.
Please trust me when I tell you that I am not a scientist but I have read a bit about the basic laws of the universe and have tried to wrap my head around how the world works. One of my favs is the basic law of vibration which decrees that everything moves, nothing rests, we literally live in an ocean of motion. This knowledge has helped me help others with my Feng Shui Designer methods to raise the vibration to be in a more aligned spot. Fantastic!
But another really essential law of the universe that really helps me to understand our own nature is from the American astronomer, Edwin Hubble, who in 1925 observed and was able to prove that our universe is EXPANDING, and was not a static universe as it was previously believed.
He proved that the Universe – and everything in it, including you – is designed to continually seek expansion. Therefore our human fears that freeze us, or stop us from taking action and allowing the natural flow of change is, in fact, contrary to the laws of the universe.
So, this information helps you to recognize that sometimes our instincts are always in alignment and going back to my #1 tip – you have no choice again. Of course, there is always free will, but I think fighting the forces of the Universe is not such a great use of your time, energy and purpose here in this lovely little green planet.
 You are designed to grow, change and expand. And in order to do that, you must be willing to LET GO. Embrace this. Open new doors. Change Your Life.


There are so many supportive blogs, books, and services that are around to help you to LET IT GO.  A few of my favs, tips, sources are here just for you:

Spacial Serenity- Your Personal Organizer. Personal Organizer and expertise at Letting It Go for you.

For when you simply can’t figure out how to do this on your own. For those of you reading this from the NYC area, here is a gem of a lady that can you with the troublesome task of removing your stuff.

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Let Go- a website app to help you let go of your stuff

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