The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. ~ Robert Swan

You have heard about climate change, and how plastics are killing our oceans.
However, with this knowledge have any of your habits changed at all?
My guess, if you are anything like me, your patterns in your daily life have not changed that much.  We tend to stick our heads in the sand when it is bad. We live on auto-pilot, allowing our brains to focus on the things we find more enticing, or only focus on life-threatening stuff. And apparently, the fact our planet is dying does not register as life-threatening.  Psychologists will say is a coping mechanism and scientists tell us it is a good thing to have strongly filtered information otherwise you would have a clinical disorder like ADD.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ~ Einstein

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, I am sure that you want to do the right thing, you may even sometimes feel guilty when you don’t.  I know this not because I am a mind-reader, but because I am human too.  Two of the smartest people in history, Einstein & Jobs nailed it perfectly – we need to start thinking differently.
As an interior designer, eco advocate & feng shui consultant,  I have witnessed the best way to change our habits is to change our environments.  Our spaces can influence our behaviors and even our feelings.  We can use this to our advantage.

Not Just a Pretty Space.


Last year was a whopper of a year for me. It was filled with some major tragedy in my life and as a result, I was not in a great state of mind to think of doing good things for the planet. I was simply in survival mode.
Then one-day last autumn, when my grief had started to lift, I walked into my bathroom to get ready for my day and I was DUMBSTRUCK. My bathroom was totally FILLED WITH PLASTIC. It was as if the light bulb had just been turned on and I was seeing my bathroom space for the first time.
As I looked around, it seemed that almost everything in my bathroom was in a plastic container. My shampoo, my body wash, my conditioners, my toothbrush, mouthwash, body lotion, even my mascara! EVERYTHING was packaged in a plastic container. Honestly, I was so horrified!
This was a really low moment for me. As a person that has dedicated a lot of my professional life on being eco-conscious, holistic and ‘aware’ – I found myself in a sea of plastic in my own bathroom. Ouch.
You see, I had stopped paying attention and had gone onto auto-pilot. I had not really ‘thought’ much about what I was purchasing other than it was from the holistic shops so it was a ‘healthier’ option than the normal brands.  I thought I had been doing the ‘right’ thing but in fact, I had let my guard down. Way down.

We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to. ~ Terry Swearingen

It was in that moment, of waking up after months of being off-line in my state of grief, that I realized I needed to not only get back on track, I needed to do A LOT BETTER. At that moment, I made a decision to think differently and to commit to de-plastic my bathing ritual.
After nearly six months, here is my list of top tips on products and ways you can de-plastic and start on your own personal path of saving the planet, one room at a time.
No more plastic toothbrushes. Now I use bamboo ones and we color code them for different family members.  This environmentally friendly set of toothbrushes are fantastic! Check Out Bamboo Toothbrush
No more plastic toothpaste containers. I use a more natural toothpaste myself. Here is my fav. Check out Eco Toothpaste Now
I only use handmade, organic soaps that I get from the local markets. Here is an option when you can’t find a local market. Check out Handmade Soaps Here
Facial creams and oils in glass containers. Some glass containers like these have plastic lids. Not perfect, but baby steps in the right direction.  Check out this Face Cream I Love
Body oils to me are a great combination of healthy and eco.  Of course, finding non-plastic containers takes some effort, or reusing the same ones as I do is also an option.
Since I am an aromatherapist, I resource my own essential oils and make my own blends. It is super easy. Try them out.

Check out this Essential Oil Shop Now

Eco-cleaners are also something to change not only in your bathroom but everywhere. Try to use baking soda and vinegar and essential oils.  But if you can’t bear being a Martha Stewart, then here is a great option. Of course, plastic containers still but again, baby steps.

Check out this Eco Cleaner Now

Citrus Blend Essential Oils perfect for cleaning your surfaces with some drops with distilled water in a spray bottle. Yum!

Check out your Citrus Oils Now

No more shampoos which all come in plastic containers, but use a shampoo bar instead.  I am still trying out different options but think this solution is the one I am happiest with.

Check out this Shampoo Bar Now

Buy less, choose well. ~ Vivienne Westwood.


There are a lot of other things I can do to help you change your bathroom to make it a better, healthier, more Zen experience for you and your family. I have done a lot of designs – check out my website www.sleewright.com to see if you find any inspiration.
Let me know if you want to redesign your bathroom with me.
Happy to co-create your sacred space.

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