Lee’s Story

Hola, I am Lee… Holistic-Chica, Designer-Diva and Eco-Advocate. I design, write, blog, speak, collaborate about all things related to space & design for a healthier, happier & more sustainable life.

So if you are really interested in knowing me a little deeper, here is a juicy insight to the person I am… warts and all.

can get by their toil is not what they GET from it,
but what THEY BECOME by it.

In 1998 I moved to London to take a dream job with an International Architectural Firm as an Account Executive. I had been an Interior Designer and Project Manager in NYC for almost a decade working on commercial projects with Kidder Peabody, The City of New York, Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and CBRE. It all was a fast-paced and exciting career as a corporate Interior Designer with a global firm. It all seemed, perfect, for a time.

It was during this period when I lived abroad in London, I renewed my deep love of travel, and multi-cultural living, plus it became resoundingly clear that my personal design philosophy was very different than the normal approach to design, architecture, and construction. I wanted to make more than just pretty spaces.

So, breaking all the rules and challenging the norm, I quit my dream job (that was perhaps someone else’s dream after all!) and I returned to NYC in 2002 to open my own holistic design firm, S. Lee Wright Ltd., focusing on bringing the power of great design to many more people that I felt would benefit from it. Continuing on this theme, my craving for a more holistic approach, I discovered and studied mindful design through Feng Shui and Sustainable Design. These deepened my understanding that our spaces deeply affect the quality and path of our lives.

Then, as with all great journey’s, there was another unforeseen curve in the road. In January 2013, my sister suddenly died. It was this shock, that reminded me that life is more than work, no matter how much we love what we do, and I then decided to move back to Europe to redesign my own life in a more sustainable way. I wanted to serve my clients with more meaningful methods, plus I decided to find a way to balance my own life.

Today I have created a life that is much more about a sustainable balance. Mindfulness is a state of mind you can only get when you slow down.

Today, my self-care and daily joys are just as important as my design work. I strive to walk by the sea every day, get outside, exercise, spend time socially and of course, I work on/in my design business, whether it is blogging, working on my next event or collaborating with my design clients wherever they are in the world. With the magic of technology, I can design a kitchen in Brighton, a bathroom in NYC, an office in San Sebastian while planning a retreat in Marrakesh.

Slowing down my life seems to have had the curious effect of speeding up my output. Since I moved to Europe, I have written a series of three short books, as well as done multiple live events on Sustainability, Feng Shui and Holistic Design in London, England, New York City, USA, and San Sebastian, Spain and even started a slow-fashion, eco-clothing exchange movement.

If this resonates with you at all, and you think the same way and need some help, I am totally here for you! You can schedule a chat with me HERE and we can figure out how I can help.

I would so adore to help you change your space to change your life!


Through working with me you will learn how to recognize when your home, office or other space is out of balance, and you will have the tools to creatively adjust these spaces to meet your evolving need in an eco-friendly way. Your new space-design knowledge will leave you healthier, happier and more empowered to be productive and sustainable in your lifestyle choices. Come share first hand some of my personal transformative magic and get some tools that you can take home with you as well.

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