Feng Shui is the mindful arrangement of your space with the intention to maximize the possibilities for greater health and safety, therefore, leading you towards greater happiness.
Understanding your environment is a powerful tool to help you do this. The Chinese believe that each year has a very specific energy signature in it and that by understanding this, and using it to your best interest you can maximize your happiness and minimize your unhappiness.

Greater Happiness, Less Unhappiness.

Who doesn’t want that?
Even for the non-believers out there, I think we can all agree that we need to be aware of our environment and prepare accordingly. For example, when it is raining, we better wear a raincoat, waterproof shoes or boots and bring an umbrella to increase our chance for greater happiness. I know that I am much happier with dry feet.
My annual predictions for the energy of the upcoming new year according to the Chinese system is one of the many ways I work with my environment to increase my chances for greater harmony and happiness in the upcoming year. My use of Feng Shui tools, interior design, and sustainable principals are other tools I also use, along with meditation, volunteering and close personal relationships and continued self-care and self-development.
I hope that you too can find some useful insights to the upcoming year’s energy to help you travel the next 365 days with greater care, deeper insights, more love and light towards a more positive place we can all share.

Last Year: 2017 Year of the Yin Metal Rooster

2017 in Review
The end of 2017 saw the world to be a very changed place from the previous year. Last year was full of clashes, massive global shifts plus we witnessed some real challenges which forced us to come together to start to co-create some solutions for a better future. Some of these changes included the first year of President Trump, Brexit being confirmed with Article 50, the increase in localized terrorism globally, nuclear threats from North Korea, and serious power shifts in places such as Saudi Arabia and China are just some of the overall global shifts we are experiencing. The general sense of optimism despite the storm reflects the planning and patience put in which was all part of the Yin Rooster Year energy and before. On a whole, it was a challenging year which we came through with many positive results, despite the fact it was hard work.

2018 The Year of the Yang Earth Dog

2018 will be very different
This year will bear a shift from the Yin Metal Rooster Year to the Yang Earth Dog Year. That includes a massive shift on all levels – the balancing of the masculine/feminine energy (yin to yang), the focus on one of the five natural elements (metal to earth) and the ultimate character of the year (rooster to dog).  So be prepared to feel an earth-shaking shift from 2017 into 2018.
The earth is going to shake
 This year there is a heightened increase in our global awareness of our social equality or inequality and the need for greater harmony and health for everyone. This year we will see some challenges in health and security on a global scale plus a shift in our climate causing compromised harvests and a need to rethink our agricultural practices globally and raising awareness of the climate changes and our need to co-create a more sustainable plan for our future. Apparently, according to the gastronomic friends, I know, vegan restaurants are the trend to watch in 2018 so stay tuned to start shifting your own eating habits too.
With such a great shift, energetically from last year to this year, there is a chance of becoming melancholy for those that are sensitive and needs to be balanced with an outward focus on helping others, doing good deeds and evaluation our fundamental beliefs with a willingness to change our views dramatically.
It is a good year to also think about changing your life. Making some powerful, well thought out and mindful shifts will all be embraced with positive results if you act this year.
Dogs are man’s best friend
The Dog energy of the year is one of extreme honesty, straightforwardness, and likability. Being a pretty loyal animal we will see a year filled with a focus on doing the right thing. Combined with the grounding element of the Earth plus the masculine energy of Yang, we will see a lot of planning for future activism coming to the forefront and allowing some positive forces to take root for future change.

Make a plan! Using wisdom is your best step.

Plan for the future
This is the year to use your brain and intelligence to carefully navigate the invariable storms that will be coming our way. Do not use brute force this year, but instead use your wisdom.
It is a year to be thoughtful and reflective and not so much action orientated.
I am not anticipating a clogged energy for most of us, but a thoughtful way forward. There is a great combination of balance this year providing us with a sense of stability in a world that has a lot of challenges in it and possibly a very unpredictable immediate future to contend with.
However, you need to make sure to not get too deeply embedded into your own thoughts of the past, or the future.  Being present is more than ever a key to your happiness.
The Power of Now
Making clear boundaries for yourself and what you want/need for your own safety, health and happiness is essential. Do not be persuaded to move off your path.
This year allow yourself to focus on your own kind deeds, look outwards, help others in a balanced manner, plus aim to make steady progress in the direction of your dreams. Keep your eye on the goal, carefully plan for rainy days and do not get too caught up in the problems of the world without a positive approach on how to help.
  • Do more volunteer work. (looking outside of yourself is a great balancer)
  • Exercise regularly. (change your habits this year for more sustainable ones)
  • Start to eat locally, plant your own garden. (start making healthier choices too!)
  • Make your nest comfortable and safe. (do a mini-home renovation)
  • Pay attention to your family, friends and the things that really matter.
  • Focus on the present moment (read the book The Power of Now)
  • Change your habits and lifestyle for the positive (i.e. start meditating)
  • Stay true to yourself, and your own vision of happiness (you deserve to be happy!)

We all have a choice on how we will show up this year

Last year I also suggested you write down your intentions and make a PLAN for your actions of the year. If you made a plan and acted on it with steady steps then this year you will reap the rewards of your hard work. If not, 2018 a good year to also be reflective of what your dreams are, and set your intention. Though this is not a year for fast action, it is a year to be thoughtful and considerate of what it is your heart really desires. Slowing down often affords us greater insights into the things that really matter and the path there often sudden appears with much less effort.
 Slow Down in 2018
Doing all of these things in consideration of the energy of the year allows for a smoother experience for each of us individually as well as collectively.  We can either fight the energy that surrounds us, or we can learn to go with the flow.
What do you prefer?
My own experience is that my life is happier, and I am healthier when I stop resisting and learn to follow the path of the flowing energy.  Recognizing the context of our lives, our world, and our surroundings and adjusting accordingly can ensure a deeper experience in 2018.  We each have a choice.  How to manage the 2018 Yang Earth Dog is up to you.
My predictions for 2018 are general and can give you some overall ideas and concepts on the way to navigate the next 12 months of your life. Following in the wake of the Yin Metal Rooster Year, I think it is an especially sensitive transition this year as we move into the YANG EARTH DOG YEAR on February 16, 2018.

As I predicted, the changes to our world last year were massive, and now we will be needing to manage these changes, as we realign ourselves in this new reality and how to move forward.
These choices deeply impact our overall happiness.
 If you want some specific guidance on how your own energy will dance with the year, a personalized Feng Shui review of your space and your own 9 Star Qi energy can provide you insights and enhancements to support you. There are even deeper assessments that others can provide you with I Ching readings, astrology readings, and numerology.
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Happy Dog New Year.
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