I am super excited to announce that I have released my first book entitled Feng Shui Tips:Home Renovations. A lifelong dream of becoming an author to help others with the power of space design has finally become a reality!
The book and ebook can be found on Amazon.com at http://amzn.to/1mFv3Ad



Just in time for the Chinese New Year, the ebook was already at #16 in the Kindle Store in the category/subcategory for Crafts, Hobbies & Home/Home Design/Remodeling & Renovation upon its release. It is also now available at Barnes and Noble for Nook® and in a paperback version.
Bedroom design

Do you believe that the design of your Bedroom can make you sleep better? Or make love more?

It is a modern belief that if you have a beautiful home, you will have a beautiful life. The belief that you can improve your life by surrounding yourself with a prettier space is demonstrated in the media all the time – on TV, in books, magazines and even in stores. You understand that you will be healthier, happier, have more money, make love more often, and of course just be a better, nicer and happier person if your space is more functional, prettier to look at, and better for you overall.
You heard this, you believe this, and now there is only one BIG question:
How do you get there as quickly, smoothly and peacefully as possible without losing money, time or your sanity?
Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations is the first in a series of ebooks and books designed to help educate and train people on how to navigate the difficult and often perilous journey of renovating their own property. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to manage the renovation process in a mindful and conscious manner for a better experience and better results.
The Feng Shui Tips series will include two additional books: Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Design and Feng Shui Tips: Bathroom Design. Both books are slated to be released later this year.
To compliment the release of my new book, I have also an educational video series on Feng Shui Home Renovations which was completed in conjunction with BTB Masters Feng Shui Training school. This series is for those who would prefer to watch a video instead of reading a book. It is now available at Feng Shui Home Renovations .
It’s not just another pretty space. ~ S. Lee Wright
Sustainable InteriorDesign

Does this dining area make you happy?

I want to leave behind a legacy as much as I adore bringing my client’s unique visions to reality.
With my vision of teaching as much as I can, I have also created a series of live workshops including Sacred Space Clearing, Holistic Dine and Design, and Five Element Feng Shui Design where I focuses on teaching the skills gained from my years of experience in a manner in which people can immediately put them to practice and benefit from them in their own lives. I am hosting a new workshop in NYC in March if you are interested, click here Five Element Feng Shui Design
Design is an intimate process

Design is an intimate process where you need to look inside yourself and be honest about what makes your heart sing.

 I have always been involved in the design industry with affiliations over the years such as ASID, NKBA, IIDA, IFSG and NYSRA. I volunteer helping others with my healing modalities as well as mentoring both designers and business owners on best practices. I believe it is essential to share and pass on your knowledge to others to enrich the world so I am committed to share my own expertise which I have acquired over the last 25 years in Interior Architecture, Interior Design, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Feng Shui, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.
My vision continues to expand. I am working on more books, workshops and training videos to reach more people who want to understand the power they have to transform their spaces and their lives.
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