Halloween is now a holiday about candy and scary movies, but once-upon-a-time, this holiday was about something very different.  Now that I live in Spain, I got a first-hand glimpse at some of the histories to this season because many people here still practice All Soul’s Day November 2nd. They celebrate all departed souls with grave cleaning & decorating the tombs with fresh flowers. I think that the historical meaning of the change of seasons is something important to reconnect with. Our ancestors seemed to get this right, staying connected with the Earth which provides us our bigger HOME. READ HERE for more on RITUALS.

This season can be an opportunity for you to create your own way of honoring this season. Removing the negative energy and recognizing its presence in your life, in your spaces, is one way.

When you go to open your front door, what is the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach? Are you feeling dread, shame, or GUILT about the space you are going to see upon entering your home?
Does your space SHOCK you when you walk into it?  Does it literally make you quake in your own boots when you come home?

Or does it make you feel cozy, WELCOME and happy?

Or are you, like most people, somewhere IN-BETWEEN?
There are many reasons why your space may not reflect the energy you want it to, and there may be many solutions on how to fix it but it starts with ONE ACTION and ONE DECISION that you need to get your ‘nest’ to be a space you feel safe, secure and ultimately happy in.

What is the ONE THING you can do right now such that in doing so everything else will be better or unnecessary?

Most of us know we need to do some work on our spaces in order to make them feel better, function better and truly be the dream of what we want. We just can’t seem to find the time or the energy to tackle these issues in our overly booked and frantic life. I know, I have been there.
What if I told you that there was ONE THING you can do right now, that can help you move forward more readily, more smoothly and with more energy than before? I suggest a SPACE CLEARING RITUAL.
Space Clearing is one of the quickest ways I know you can SHIFT the energy in your space right away. Sometimes this small shift is just what you need to make some major changes that you have been waiting for a long time. If you want to learn more about Space Clearings you can check out this earlier BLOG I wrote explaining it all. What is a Space Clearing?
Space Clearing can be a beautiful experience and ritual for you to learn how to do, or alternatively, you can simply start small and build up to a more detailed ritual. I am all about creating ‘sustainable’ practices in your life so only do what feels right to you at this moment, and decide if you want to do more later on. The main thing is to take action NOW.
 What are you waiting for? Your Life Can Change In a Moment, so don’t wait.
One of the strongest methods that I personally use for myself as well as with my clients is to smudging white sage. Since this has become more popular, there is also a rumor of sage now becoming an endangered, so I would please request if you choose to go this path, please take your time to find a reliable and trustworthy source that you purchase from. Especially for any space clearing, the tools you use will infuse into your space.
This also can start to raise your awareness that everything you come into contact with has an impact on your life, your health, your overall happiness.
Once you have your own white sage bundle, open all the doors, windows, closets, and cabinets in your home.  Then start at the front door of your house, or apartment, and set your intention for what you wish to remove or unblock while lighting the sage, and then slowly walk through the house, remember every corner and gently wave the smoking sage bundle so the smoke will dance around the space. You do not need the space to become clogged with smoke, just gently coated with the scent and smoke to help break up the negative energy.  Once you have completed all rooms, all corners of the space, return to the front door (or wherever you have started), give thanks and extinguish the sage safely so there are no burning embers. I often place my sage in a shell on my altar and allow it to remain there for a few days to allow the remainder of the clearing to stay present.
Sustainability starts with your consciousness about your own actions. Or if you need help, you can BOOK a Space Clearing with me NOW


The second method I use for Space Clearing is with SALTS. First, you need to get some good quality salt, but if you do not have time you can, of course, use the stuff you have in your kitchen right now too. Though starting to remember what was mentioned above, the more intention, care, and honor you give to the things you acquire the greater the positive energy you will be bringing into your home and into your life. I personally use a beautiful combination of Himalayan Sea Salts.
Once you have the salt (you will need a good amount, though this depends on the area you wish to ‘clear.’)  Find some small bowls with side open rims and fill with the salt. Make sure there is a good amount and not just a coating as you want the salt to be able to absorb the dirty energy in the space, which is exactly what it does!  Then you will wish to place these bowl in the corners of the rooms you wish to clear.  Leave them for a full day, after which you collect all the bowls, and dispose of the salt in a proper manner, either throwing into the sea, returning it to the earth, or if you are in an apartment with no access to either land or sea, you can simply flush it down the toilet.  The important thing is to remove it all as it contains all the negative energy in your space.
My energy always shifts after a Space Clearing and I often start to come up with different ideas, new solutions and new things start to flow into my life with a new sense of purpose. So if you are seeking to get some boosted energy to help you towards a new path, or you just need some support in your current one, this is a great way to manage it. After this is a perfect time to start planning a HOME RENOVATION if you are interested. If you need some help, you can CONNECT WITH ME and I can help kick-start your process. Or you can read this BOOK on how to use Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations.
This is the ritual I recommend for my clients when they are preparing for a Home Renovation and I do it throughout the process as well. It allows anything that is not wanted to be removed, no matter how stubborn.
Spaces, just like people, can hold onto energy and it is important to make sure to regularly CLEAN this energy so you can make room for the new things meant for you and your life.

What are you waiting for?


As a professional Holistic Interior Designer, I incorporate Space Clearings into my Designs all the time. If you book a Space Clearing, I will include a Feng Shui Review as well as a special HALLOWEEN treat for you.
There are many, many other tricks I can use to personalize your own Space Clearing and it will depend on many factors which we will discuss during your own personalized consultation. These may include aromas, bells, or orange peels. After studying Space Clearing, Feng Shui and many other Holistic & Sustainable Design practices,  I have a full treasure chest of tricks to use just for you.
If you use the code SPOOKY I will send you a special ‘treat’ for booking your own space clearing and feng shui consult before November 15, 2019.

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