I adore Autumn. It is the season of change and transition. Now is time to assess where you are and prepare for the next chapter of your life. Take a deep breath and set your dreams into action. Sustainable Materials for Interior Design in your home is my passion. I share with you some dreams I hope you start to put into action during this season of change.

Are you seeking to make some changes to your home before the winter sets in?  After this year, I feel so many of us are really redesigning our homes to better suit us. It is key to ensure they provide us with the spaces, things, and feelings we need for our wellbeing.

If you are starting to dream of your own home makeover it is really essential that you make sure to consider your options carefully. They will either reduce the impact on the environment or add harm to our bigger home, Earth. Sustainable and Innovative Materials for Interior Design in your Home is your best option. You can do your own research, like with this BOOK – Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations, or you can use other platforms that can help you. Either way, it is your choice. 


Choosing sustainable materials will help you build a home that is healthy for you, your family plus the planet. Now there are finally options to help you to achieve this without breaking your budget, or to do all the hard work yourself. Many in our industry are now focusing our intentions on creating healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly options for you.

Innovative Building Materials is your source for the latest innovative products and trends to help you with your home improvements. It also offers product comparisons and spotlights sustainable manufacturers to name a few. I recommend adding this to your eco-tool kit for future ideas. We can support sustainably focused sources so we will have more knowledge and sustainable options in the future.


Matt Lee shares some ideas for Sustainable Materials for Interior Design in your Home:

“Interior design trends are always evolving and shifting, but recently they’ve been moving towards sustainability. Sustainable materials are often much better for the environment mainly because they help improve energy-efficiency. 

Many of the reasons Sustainability is more popular now is due to the inherent health benefits. However, just because they’re sustainable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or style when implementing some of the latest interior design trends. Here are a handful of some innovative ideas to choose from:

Acrylic Surfaces

Acrylic solid surfaces have emerged as a top choice for homeowners looking for sustainable, durable, and stylish surfaces to use interiors. 

Not all plastics are created equal. When deciding on ‘sustainable’ choices for your home improvement project you must consider many things. These include durability and quality, plus care and maintenance. Ensuring that you do not need to replace your countertop every few years is an essential element in making your sustainable choices in your home.

Therefore, even though acrylic is a form of plastic, because of its durability, easy maintenance, and ability to be repaired, it can be considered a sustainable choice.

To confirm the benefits of acrylic solid surfaces are that they are durable, less susceptible to damage during production and transportation. Also, acrylic solid surfaces are so seamless that even a multi-piece installation looks like one solid piece to the naked eye!

Heated Flooring

Under floor heating can add value to your space

Typical HVAC systems aren’t very effective at heating your floors, but with radiant heated flooring, you can heat your floors and keep your heating system at a lower setting and/or use it less often. 

Radiant floor heating is more effective at heating rooms, even when compared to an HVAC heating method set at the same temperature. This makes it cost-effective and more eco-friendly than regular heating systems. Another benefit of radiant floor heating is that your home will never have any cold spots or drafts, improving the vibe of your home and your interior design as a result.


Grab bars act as handrails too

Safety is key in all home designs and it does not need to look like an old person’s home or have a healthcare facility feeling to it. Handrails have become a functional addition to any interior design strategies lately.

Not only do certain brands of handrails look sleek and elegant, but they also provide safety for you and your elderly visitors. There are also eco-friendly options sourced via sustainable methods such as wooden handrails. Using handrails in your bathroom and shower is an especially good idea as these are the most dangerous rooms in the house.

Seagrass Rugs

Example of seagrass rug

Swap out your synthetic-fiber rug for a seagrass rug. Seagrass rugs are made from seagrasses, which are flowering plants that grow in marsh wetlands. Seagrass rugs are not only some of the most eco-friendly rugs on the planet, but they’re also incredibly durable, stain-resistant, and affordable. Not to mention, they’re available in every color and style imaginable. 

From weaving lines to checkered patterns, words, shapes, and images, there’s a seagrass rug out there for everyone. They’re also made without any dangerous chemicals and are completely allergen-free. 

Sustainable Design Can Be Stylish Too

Interior design doesn’t always mean having an authentic animal-fur rug or a leather couch in your home. Sustainability has become a key focus in interior design as of late, and the innovative materials we’ve listed here are some of the most popular right now. 

Sustainable spaces are healthier for you, your family, and for the planet as well. Putting your wellbeing at the forefront of all your home décor decisions is something your future self will thank you for.

From heated flooring to seagrass rugs, acrylic surfaces, and handrails, there’s no shortage of choices. It is possible to craft a beautiful and eco-friendly interior. Implementing some of these ideas in your home or office will not only improve the aesthetic, but they’ll also improve your energy-efficiency resulting in a more positive impact on the environment.”


Great things are often achieved when we collaborate. Working together can bring us so much more inspiration, ideas, and encouragement. If you feel that these blogs help inspire you and we can help more, please reach out to us, as we love to hear from you.


Need more inspiration? Check out these photos of Sustainable & Holistic Design Projects.


Sustainable Materials for Interior Design in your home is my passion. Stay tuned as I will be featuring blogs about my sustainable designs as we go, with products and ideas to help you create the change in your space to change your life.