I have a dream that each person who does a renovation reaps the benefits of the transformation of their home not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

I have this dream because from my experience I have seen that our spaces have the opportunity to make us happier and healthier and our lives less stressful. They also have the power to do the very opposite.
I have always had an empathetic and sympathetic manner. I care about doing a good job. Always. I was brought up in such a way to care for others and with the desire to always strive to do your best.

Enjoy your plans as well as your achievements.


This is one of the lines from the poem, Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. This statement inspired me to start to understand that it was not just about the destination, not just about the finished project, not just about the completion of another designed pretty space, be it an office, living room, or kitchen.
When I realized that a design project was much more than just another pretty space, it was imperative to me that I needed to shift the focus of my work facilitating the whole journey my client was taking, not just the end result.
The challenge with this shift in focus is that in the West we are educated from early on that it is winning the race that matters. So the end result is where we are all racing towards. Rarely do we take the slow path to our destinations on purpose, consciously taking in the lessons and blessings along the way.

The reason for a journey is this: in a journey, discoveries are made.


As I continued to design spaces with clients, my belief that if we slowed down enough to focus on the journey of the renovation project, as well as stay committed to its completion, we could discover many useful things that will impact our lives in ways we cannot even imagine.
This dance of staying present as well as keeping an eye on the goal is a delicate one that takes practice and/or the help of a seasoned professional to help guide you. It is not always a smooth or easy process. I have had clients change their intention midway through their journeys and then race to the finish line versus reducing their speed and traveling along the path less traveled.
Because everyone has a choice about how they wish to approach their lives, and more specifically their renovations, I feel it is essential to understand where you stand before your embark on a renovation.
My dream evolved organically into a desire to help as many people as I could see this beautiful opportunity that a renovation project can offer each of us. Experiencing the difficulties that can occur, I have created a methodology to guide the conscious-minded clients through the process with a gentle but firm hand. I continue to seek like-minded people that want to share this journey with a design professional that can offer insights and guidance in the creation of the design of their spaces, not just rip out what is there and shove in something new so it’s different.
A renovation is the opportunity to review all of your inner visions, your connection to your past, your dreams for your future, and an honest assessment of where you are in this moment, the most valuable review of all that few of us take the time to examine. What you like about it, and what you do not. An deep, heart-centered review so you can make an clear determination of the direction in which your life, and your renovation project, ought to be facing and going.
I fully believe that our spaces influence our lives – the quality of our relationships, both with others and with ourselves, the ability to concentrate and focus, to sleep and dream, and to nurture yourself and your family. This all comes down to the spaces in which we live, work, sleep, eat and bathe. The spaces are a reflection of our inner world, our inner selves. Nothing is arbitrary and nothing is created by itself.

Everything that exists was once only imagined.


My VISION is for each person to live and work in supportive, sustaining spaces designed especially for your needs in such a way that they foster greater joy for everyone that results in all of us enjoying healthier, happier, more authentic lies.
My MISSION is to work with each individual to understand what you need to feel comfortable on every level by listening to your own honest inner voice.   Then together we can co-create sustainable, safe spaces that support you to live and work with more care .
If you feel it is time for a change in your life and you want the guidance of a design professional with the methodology to guide you on a home renovation journey that will transform your life, reach out to us.
It is my dream to help you transform your space so you can transform your life, inside and out.
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