Do you sense a lack of harmony in your home, and you yearn for a way to transform your apartment rental with Feng Shui? Does the energy feel stagnant, the decor drab, and your sanctuary lacks the vibrancy you crave?

You’re not alone in this silent struggle.

Many apartment renters grapple with unseen forces that dampen the spirit of their homes, seeking a transformation that seems elusive. But fear not, for within the art of Feng Shui and Interior Design lies the key to unlocking hidden harmony, even in a rental.

In the dance of life, your home is the stage where harmony begins.

Join us on this journey to discover the hidden potential of your apartment rental. Learn how to transform your rental with Feng Shui, where every corner holds the promise of positive alignment.

Let’s begin!

Renting is the New Norm

Modern society has traditionally led you to believe that renting your home was the second choice and ownership was the king. However, with the increasing imbalance of cost versus income plus the need for flexibility, the shift towards renting is on the upswing.

There are many reasons why renting may be more advantageous than ownership for you. Or maybe you’re saving up, and waiting for the perfect moment to enter into ownership.

No matter the reason, if you are renting your home NOW, it is still essential to ensure it is a safe haven for you. Below we discuss how to transform your rental home into a space that can wrap you in a safety net for posterity and protection.

The big question is how to make a rental home feel like yours when you don’t own it? And how to do this without spending too much time, energy and money in a space that is ultimately not yours.

Feng Shui Alignment

Feng Shui subscribes that your home, even if it is a temporary shelter like a hotel room, or an apartment rental, are equally important to your health. It holds the power to enhance or harm your health, well-being and happiness.

Your environment is meant to provide a safe haven, a place to renew and nurture your life plans. It is essential to ensure that you feel grounded, safe and properly inspired for your environment to do its best to support you.

If you don’t manage this, the negative impact of a poor environment will accumulate and ultimately can turn from dis-ease to disease.

Let Feng Shui and Holistic Design be your compass as you navigate the art of harmonious living in all spaces you live in, and more importantly, if it is not a space you own. Read on for how to transform your apartment rental with Feng Shui with easy-to-implement tips.

Invite in Positivity

Consider your surroundings carefully. Avoid locations near negative influences, like cemeteries, busy intersections, or hazardous areas. A well-maintained exterior, from your front door to the overall building appearance, can attract positive energy and respect from neighbors.

Some of these aspects are not within your power when you rent a home. Sometimes you can’t change them. Though the awareness can awaken new ideas to protect yourself from any harm from your greater environment.

If you have an especially disturbing situation, reach out here to get our advice on how to manage it to ensure your safety.

Your goal is to do what’s within your control to enhance your curb appeal and set the stage for harmonious interactions wherever possible.

Interior Alchemy: Feng Shui Steps

Unlock the secrets of Feng Shui to create a sanctuary that nurtures your soul. Each tip can be done in a manner that can be removed, so you can reap the rewards without sinking in investment without returns.

Read on for some practical how to tips for transforming your apartment rental through harmonising your furniture, enriching the light, infusing nature, and opening the energy flow in your apartment rental.

Clear The Space


How to transform your apartment rental with Feng Shui tools such as sage smudging.

Credit Image SLW Archives. Sage is one option for Space Clearing.

Once you are inside the space, the first step is to be prepared to let go of the old energy that is in it. Every space holds the energy of the people and actions that have taken place in it. It is a wise move to clear the energy in any space you decide to live in, especially if it is a rented property.

A space clearing ensures you do not inherit the energy or problems left behind. Want to learn more about why a space clearing is a good idea, check out this article.

You can perform your own Space Clearing with bells, sage or essential oils. Open all the windows, do your space clearing ritual, and visualize letting go of the old energy in the home. Afterwards offer a welcome to a new energy for your family to prosper in.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do a Space Clearing Ritual for you, or hire a Feng Shui consultant such as S. Lee Wright to help you achieve this with guided instructions.

Aligning with Your Landlord

Forge a harmonious partnership with your landlord by understanding lease terms and communicating your transformational intentions. Discover temporary decor ideas to upgrade your space without violating your agreement.

Ensuring you have a positive relationship with the ones that control your environment is a powerful tool to enhance your sense of safety. Always remember to read the fine print in your lease terms and ask beforehand for any changes to ensure harmony.

Enhance your Entryway

Feng Shui Tips for Entry to attract positivity.

Image Credit SLW archives. Home Entry.

Consider welcome mats, seasonal decor, and functional items like hooks, mirrors, and baskets for extra clothing storage. These additions not only enhance your space aesthetically but also invite positive energy into your home.

This is an extension of the curb appeal and is something within your control to invite positivity into your home, whether you own or rent.

Creating Flow

How to transform your apartment rental with Feng Shui by placing furniture in flowing patterns.

Credit Image SLW Archives. A circular table for positive Feng Shui Flow.

Master the art of furniture placement to enhance energy circulation and create a harmonious flow in every room. Learn about the commanding positions for beds and desks that promote security and focus.

Make sure your furniture is the right size for your space to avoid clutter and blocked pathways. Circulation flow is essential, even in small spaces, to ensure a harmonious environment.

Purchasing good quality furniture that you can take with you, move, and shift. Think of this as an investment not only in yourself but the planet as well. Avoid one-use furniture solutions, but seek ones that can be multipurpose and have longevity.

Embracing Light and Nature

Lighting and Nature are good Feng Shui tips.

Credit Image SLW Archives. Add different lights, minimise curtains.

Harness the power of natural and artificial light and greenery to amplify positive energy. Maximising daylight with window treatments that provide privacy but allow in maximum light. Use mirrors wisely to reflect sunlight wherever possible. Use multiple light sources, such as floor, table, or hanging lamps throughout.

Do not allow any corners or spaces to remain in the dark; seek to have all spaces illuminated.

Invite in nature with plants or flowers. Avoid dead or dying plants, and ensure they don’t touch the ceiling. Reflect natural elements with mirrors placed strategically to amplify positive energy.

Temporary Decor

how to transform your apartment rental with Feng Shui using temporary decor such a peel and stick tiles can be a renters best friend for Feng Shui.

Image Credit Wayfair, Winston Brands, peel-stick Tiles.

The use of decor that reflects your personality and your own design aesthetic is key to making any space feel like your own. In a rental, this can sometimes feel challenging. To find a balance of investing in something that isn’t exactly yours.

However, you can achieve this with some creativity. You now know the importance of why your space ought to be a true reflection of your inner self. How to transform your rental into your dream home includes using removable decor in creative ways to add your own style without spending too much money. Carefully review all application instructions before using on an existing surface if you must remove it to ensure no damage will result.

Ideas include using removable wallpaper in your entry for a pop of colour, adding vinyl flooring to add warmth to the space, selecting cute decals to accent the drab bathroom, or applying peel and stick tiles to cover up an ugly backsplash. Also, don’t discount the power of art or eco-paint as an accent colour.

If you are unsure how to apply these, you can consult a Feng Shui practitioner for a consultation. At Holistic Interior Designs, these solutions are exactly what our team offers.

Elevating Your Rental: Feng Shui Can Raise Your Vibration

Your environment will always win, so it is in your best interest to ensure your home is in balance and is a sacred representation of your unique interests so you can shine your own light and live your best life.

Having a rental property as a home is not an obstacle to making your space into an environment that can enhance, enrich, and uplift your life. Using these simple but effective Feng Shui and Holistic Design tips, such as doing a foundational space clearing, selecting some cool temporary decor, creating a welcoming entry space, and making sure to creatively add light in all your dark corners, will not only make your rental space feel like a home; it will infuse a life harmony that will also attract positive things in all areas of your life.

Get ready, set, go!