The beauty of these pieces speak for themselves. I am a raving fan and am honored to be having one of these spectacular pieces at my Real Life Real Design show house in October! It will adorn the dining area and it will be auctioned off for YAR (Youth at Risk).

If you want a chance to OWN this ART, come to the Real Life Real Design event on October 16th and experience one of Holly’s pieces up close and personal!

Now, read on to hear the story of how these amazing pieces became a reality….

The Birth of the Coin Wrapper Collage
~Story by Holly Lance

“While teaching mixed media collage in an after-school program for gifted children I was faced with the challenge of stretching the $100.00 per semester art supplies budget. While in my bank, I noticed small packages of coin wrappers, and realized that they might have possibilities in the hands of my students. Since the price was right, (they are free!) I asked the teller if I could have a few explaining my purpose . She smiled, stepped away and returned handing me a large bag filled with the wrappers.

I suggested that for starters the students paint the wrappers different colors, have fun and let their imaginations run wild! I quickly conclude we could save time if I helped with the painting. Unexpectedly, I ran out of paint, so I used my own set of expensive metallic paints to finish. As soon as I began using the metallic paints, the coin wrappers magically transformed. I was astonished by the results! This resulted in inspiring me to go on to create something extraordinary!


Yes, in a way, but also the result of my decades of work that had trained my eye to see the potential of these unlikely vehicles of artistic expression.”

Inspiration...for the coin wrapper artwork

Inspiration…for the coin wrapper artwork

Holly Lance is a self taught NYC mixed media collage artist that has used the Big Apple as both her inspiration as well as her canvas to create pieces of artwork that exemplify her understanding of balance, shape and space. With her a sense of playfulness, Holly has the intuitive gift of transforming the ordinary into something unique. She has taught Art Classes to children in NEST (New Explorations in Science and Technology), as well as to adults in The Creative Center. She also created a line of beaded jewelry that was sold in The American Folk Art Museum gift shop. Holly’s jewelry was featured in Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar plus it was worn by the bride in the TV series As the World Turns in her wedding. She has been recognized by Novartis Pharmaceutical, using both metallic pieces for their 2011 & 2013 art calendars.

Personally, as a Holistic Interior Architect and Feng Shui specialist, I see the MAGIC in these pieces of ART. I anticipate these Coin Wrapper Art Collages to be placed in Offices and Homes around the country to add ABUNDANCE into their sacred spaces. The magic comes partially from the fact that Holly took a problem of a small $100 budget and STRETCHED it to create BEAUTY. This is a gift that I know that this will rapidly become one of my favorite Feng Shui Enhancements to recommend to my clients going forward.

For more information on either these amazing Collages, our Feng Shui Services, or the Real Life Real Design event, please reach out to us and we will contact you with more details.

Metallic Paint Colors

Metallic Paint Colors

Detail of a large installation of the wrappers is just stunning!

Detail of a large installation of the wrappers is just stunning!