As a Holistic Interior Designer, I am all about designing a more Sustainable Life and Home.  For me, it is essential to discover ways of making a solid platform in which we can rest and simply ‘be’ in comfort and stress-free. This is the goal of a modern world.
And this is super important during the holidays which can often overwhelm us.
Despite the challenges inherent to this time of year, I adore the holiday season.  It has a magic in the air no matter where you live that is like a kind of vibration that touches us all. For me, it is made more special by the fact it is once a year and is not my ‘normal’. Because it is a Special Season I am also an advocate of making your home up with the specialness of the season for honouring it.  I think this is a good thing to do, no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs. I feel to focus on the magic is essential.
One way to bring in the magic into your home while not allowing the stresses of the holiday season with its fast-paced, super-energy and high-expectations to overwhelm and distract from the joy this season can bring into your life is to keep it simple and authentic to your own tribes version of what this season means to you.
My own recipe includes honouring my family with the use of old family heirloom ornaments, use of live plants (in my case I adore the colour red so Poinsettia’s are always in my space around the holidays) and creating a sustainable tree with driftwood, creative wrapping of my gifts and lots of homemade presents or gifts of adventures to be shared.

Here are some other ideas on how YOU CAN START your own traditions to become more sustainable and still embrace the holiday magic.


Less is More: Do not feel the need to over decorate.  A symbolic holiday wreath on our front door, and something in the main living space is all that is necessary to show your magic.
Use Nature.  Old tree branches, pinecones and herbs are all lovely ways to combine the wintertime season as well as the holidays.

Xmas Trees

It is hard to not notice all the stuff about climate change and the problems caused by deforestation happening in the world so it is tough to go get a Christmas tree and not feel a little guilty about the fact it is killing a tree in a world that so desperately needs more trees instead of less.
What to do though?  I mean the smell of pine and the symbol of a live Christmas tree is quite magical I know. It is one of the things I miss the most to be honest.  Since I am a December baby, it was part of our family ritual to go cut our tree on my birthday.  Now I have to make do with a more sustainable tree as I find I can’t live with myself if I am not making efforts to change in the ways I feel our planet needs and deserves.  So my own sacrifice includes this but I have found a lovely alternative which also has made a new tradition in my life which feels very rich too.

Drift Wood Christmas Tree or nature inspired trees


Gift Wrapping

I am always striving to improving my own vision on how to design a more sustainable life.
In the past I didn’t buy wrapping paper, I used newspaper or recycled wrapping paper, decorating it with brown string and homemade bows.  A little creativity can make your presents so much more fun and personal!
Today I think that using OLD CLOTHING or FABRIC is a good way to not have to purchase anything new and make some creative fun. Since becoming more conscious myself I have started my clothing- swap group, “Cava & Clothes: eco-exchange” to help detract from the over consumption our society has gotten used to and to support sustainable-fashion, this is a fantastic solution! And sooo pretty!!!


Sustainable Gifts

Okay gifts can be sustainable too if you put some care into them. Your time is your best gift that you can give to any one you love.  And this is free.  You just need to think about how to do this and in what way it will be appreciated the most. Is it an adventure you have planned or is it a baby-sitting coupon for your friends who have a new born so never have the time or money to go out on a date night? Or is it an afternoon adventure with your nieces in a local park going for a winter hike? Or perhaps it is a bit more creative and you design your own special adventure for someone you love.
This just takes creativity and your thoughtfulness and time.  

Of course sometimes you do not have this as an option – such as when you live on the other side of the planet as I do.  So some ideas on more sustainable gift-giving practices:
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by buying digital presents such as ebooks, online courses, or movie subscriptions
  • Buy from sustainable sources, eco-friendly shops only such as this amazing shop! Life Without Plastic
  • Hand deliver your presents (wrapped in your own homemade fabric packing)
  • Bake or cook something you can share
  • Give a Healthy Home.  GIFT – Feng Shui Consult – A Holiday Gift – ONLY $199 !!!    If you feel anyone in your world could use a helping hand to make their home more sustainably happier and healthier my Feng Shui Design Review can be just the ticket!


May the Magic of this season bring you much joy! xoxo