Winter is here. The longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice is in fact today, 21st of December 2016. Winter is a time of contemplation and reflection and it is a perfect time for us to slow down, as our bodies often need to be cared for in a more conscious manner.  Wintertime forces us to stay inside more due to the elements and we often find ourselves struggling against illnesses be it the common cold or the more serious influenza. According to a recent study as cited by Business Insider, it is now understood that our genes actually change with the weather.  In fact, as much as 25% of our DNA change with the seasons. Apparently in the wintertime our bodies boost the inflammatory genes as well as a reduction of our red blood cells. No wonder we struggle to stay healthy at this time of year.
Being aware of the fact that our bodies are under more pressure for the proper maintenance of our health allows us the opportunity to make some changes to our interior environments that will help with these seasonal shifts in order to have a healthier and happier wintertime.
Aromatherapy is a powerful and natural way to help each of us help ourselves. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for the sole purpose of improved health and wellbeing. They are distilled from plants in a specific manner and must be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain their best qualities.
Scent is a powerful, yet often underestimated and underutilized resource in our lives for both pleasure as well as proactive usefulness. It is the sense that is most closely associated with memories and is highly emotive. Smells can trigger all sorts of emotional responses including helping us to sleep, or reminding us about people we love when we are separated from them. In my own personal experience, I learned to turn off the sense of smell for a long time in order to not be overwhelmed with the unpleasant smells surrounding me in the large cities l lived in. It has been a wonderful experience to turn-on this sense again and connect with the power of scent. The connection between our sense of smell and our emotions is extremely strong and it is said that people who lose their sense of smell will fall into deep depressions. Allowing ourselves to embrace the sense of smell and add positive scents into our lives can be emotionally fulfilling and lead us to a deeper sense of happiness in general. This is one way to boost our immune systems as well as just bringing more joy into our daily lives.
Essential oils have both physical as well as psychological properties. Each oil has it’s own chemical structure so depending on what your desired results are, you need to select the oils specifically. A combination of these oils in your home environments can often combat even the most powerful of germs. With the intention of creating a healthier home environment, especially in these winter months when we are prone to more illnesses, the characteristics we want to include in our essential oil selections include the following: anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and generally relaxing.
Lavender is one of the most popular scents used

Lavender is one of the most popular scents used because it’s relaxing characteristic however it also have many other positive properties

Lee’s Winter Home Scent
For the winter months, I believe it is a good idea to have a special home spray, or scent that lifts up the energy in our spaces. Because each season feels differently each one should have its own scent. My wintertime scent combines powerful oils that will clean the energy and help remove the germs that often get us ill. The properties will also lift up spirits and remind us of sunny days to add some light into the dark days of wintertime.
 5 drops each:
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot
  • Peppermint
Place the drops into a bottle of purified water or into your home diffuser.  This scent will help to remove the germs naturally found in your interiors as well as make a pleasant scent.
Staying in balance is key to our health

Staying in BALANCE is essential our health especially in winter when our immune systems are struggling due to seasonal shifts.

Lee’s Cold Kicker
For acute problems, such as the onset of a cold, or the flu, I recommend the following:
5 drops of each:
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree
Add drops into a mug of steaming hot water (not boiling), and hold under your face, breathing in deeply until the steam evaporates. For more powerful results, place a towel over your head to maximize all the steam inhalation. This will result in making a healing crisis, and often you will want to rest afterwards as the oils clean out your system so it is often best to do this when you have the chance to rest directly afterwards. In cases of illness, I recommend doing this multiple times a day until better.
 Lee’s Magic of the Season Scent
This is an uplifting and inspiring scent to help bring coziness and comfort to your home for the holiday season.  A few drops into an unscented soy candle, or your water diffuser will bring holiday cheer into your spaces. Alternatively, I use this blend in a bath when I feel the need to relax during the holidays and to reconnect with the meaning of the season. This blend always brings back the memories of my childhood and the magic of the holidays.
5 drops of each:
  • Frankincense
  • Sage
  • Bergamot
Using essential oils and aromatherapy in our daily lives is a simple and proactive way we can improve our own well-being and promote deeper happiness. You can include the scents in an electric diffuser which takes minimum effort, or a candle diffuser which requires more awareness and active participation.
Only you know what is your best approach. This healthy and natural way to boost your immune system, keep germs at bay, and bring uplifting, positive energy into your home is a gift that you can give yourself today and every day of the year.
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