If you are anything like me, at the end of the year it is a time of REFLECTIONS and RESOLUTIONS.  It is a great moment in the year to review where you have been, what has worked and was has not perhaps gone according to your best vision.  And it is the perfect time to create an ACTION PLAN for the upcoming year to create the life you want.

This Home Office was designed with a door to hide it when guests were over. 

I fully believe our SPACES can CHANGE our LIFE.  If we take the time to make sure they are properly designed and set up, then anything is possible!
Almost everyone I have ever worked with has a space in their home that is designated as their “home office”. Sometimes this is for your own business while others it is a place to manage your overall paperwork and maintenance of your life and home. No matter what category you fall into, don’t you want this space to be the most EFFICIENT possible for the best results running your business or managing your life?
My first office space combined the conference table, a display area, and my working desk all in one area. Sometimes multi-purposed spaces can make the best home office spaces. It depends on your goals. 
How many of you would like to have your office space bring you in more money? How about having it bring in more happiness, health, and overall abundance?
Here we put “Foo Dogs” to protect this client’s Home Office from any negative energy entering it. This is part of my Feng Shui Design services. Click here for more information.
As a Holistic Interior Architect, my specialty is creating spaces that SUPPORT and ENHANCE your LIFE.  You need to look at your life HOLISTICALLY – meaning you need to look at everything and then decide what are the best choices for your space to help you to be in the best position to live the best life possible.
Here are the THREE AREAS that I have found out to be the KEY to creating a SUCCESSFUL HOME OFFICE SPACE for my clients over the years.
  1. How to SET UP of your Home Office
  2. How to DESIGN the overall look and style of your Home Office
  3. How to manage the general feeling and ENERGY in your Home Office
  • Place the desk in commanding position. (this is a very powerful, and subtle positioning of your desk to be placed in a way where your back is secure and you are facing any incoming people or traffic so you are never taken by surprise).
  • Do not look OUT of a window  (distractions are very negative, though always have the ability to see something lovely, do not have it in such a way that you are always dreaming of being somewhere else).
  • Have your electronics as far from you as possible. (use black tourmaline crystals or a Gia Wellness medallion to balance or negate the abundance of electromagnetic energy in the space to ensure your health is not affected).
  • Understand your specific storage requirement and commit to being organized. (this is a personal thing on what works, and what is considered a mess, but be assured that if you feel it is good, then it is).

    I made a creativity out of that messiness. ~ Marc Almond

  • Make sure your space is a REFLECTION of yourself.
  • Make it pretty! Whatever that means to you – who cares what other people think. It is your own personal space, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This space especially needs to be personalized for the most power.
  • Have things that make YOU happy in it. Joy brings in abundance so make sure you are smiling in this space.
  • Suggestions include photos, plants, colorful walls, comfy chairs and of course inspirational words, posters, artwork, etc.

 Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.                 ~ William Morris


I wonder, have you ever walked into a place and felt immediately BLAH, or worse yet, just BAD.
And you did not know why?
Well, I can share with you that spaces have ENERGY and since we know everything is about ENERGY, that we need to help your spaces have the best energy possible to get your Business to be the BEST POSSIBLE.
  • Think of the ENERGY in your space and really sit with it.
  • Does it feel stagnant, cold, busy, frantic? Be specific.  Write it down.

The working area in this child’s bedroom was designed to be calm, and clear of clutter to ensure a happy, inspiring space. 

What words would you use to describe your Home Office environment?  This is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of the design of your home office mainly because it is invisible and many people only rely on their eyes are their only sense.  Pay attention with ALL of your senses – smell, sound, touch.  My experience is that understanding this is the KEY to successfully designing a space that SUPPORTS you. Once you understand the energy, you can adjust it to FIT YOUR NEEDS. Your awareness often is the key to clearing anything unwanted.

The setup and the personalized design of your home office will go a long way to ensure the overall feeling and energy of your home office is clear, clean and positive. This will, in fact, help to ensure this environment continues to bring in more positive than negative things into your life.
If however, you feel that the energy is stagnant or needs to be cleared of some unwanted energy from past experiences, you can clear it with some very simple tools such as Sage or Sprays.  You can review a past blog HERE to learn more about what SPACE CLEARINGS are or you can get this VIDEO to learn how to do your own space clearing.


The addition of wind chimes sound lovely and can stop the energy from being stagnant

  • Avoid having your Desk with the back to the door
  • Uncomfortable furniture. Spend money on the right pieces that you can use/sit at for hours without causing long-term health issues.
  • Not enough proper storage. Clutter space = Cluttered mind = stress = not profitable business or life.
  • Not enough lighting or proper task lighting for the things you need to do. Invest in good lights (LED).
  • Have all your TOOLS nearby (phone, printer, computer, file cabinet, books, etc.)
Having the right amount of and style of lighting for your working spaces is key to the success of the environment.
To summarize my tips on how to make your home office space best support you and bring in abundance for you,  your home office environment ought to be the following:
  1. set up to support you in a FUNCTIONAL manner.
  2. look like something YOU find beautiful and inspirational and where you love to be in it.
  3. feel like a positive, happy, active place where you WANT to be and it supports you.

Make sure your Home Office does not look like this in 2018!

I am so committed to the fact that our environments SUPPORTING US, that if any of you reading this have a specific problem you need help resolving, I am offering a FREE 20-minute virtual review of your HOME OFFICE.  Email me at lee@sleewright.com to schedule a time for this session before the end of the year.

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