My life’s work has always been about design.  Ever since I was a little girl when I “designed” my very first kitchen for my Mom, I knew there was something sacred about the spaces we live in.
In the 80’s orange laminate counters were so the rage!
Today, after multiple decades as a professional Interior Architect, I have expanded my vision in a HOLISTIC way again.  Organically I started DESIGNING LIFESTYLES not just the interior spaces for my clients when I first started my company in 2002. My motto was to bring GREAT DESIGN to everyone and I was slightly AHEAD OF THE CURVE.  Recently being more holistic has become the design trend and I am so thrilled about that! The holistic approach – looking at the bigger picture – in my opinion is simple smart design.  Everything is interconnected.
My professional career started in Corporate Architecture

My professional career started in Corporate Architecture

My Interior Architectural approach has always included the “interior” of ourselves as much as the interior of our spaces. Thus I expanded my career with Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sustainable Design and Feng Shui.
BTB Masters Feng Shui Training - I expanded my design into holistic areas

BTB Masters Feng Shui Training – I expanded my design into more holistic areas

Practicing what I preach as much as possible, I decided I needed to change my own life a few years back so I changed my own space in order to do this. My move from NYC to San Sebastian, Spain was a bold and radical move.

Lee as a New York Girl

Breaktime to San Juan
As a result, something happened inside me.  Something shifted.
Even as I had based my entire career on the core belief that our spaces, – our environments- deeply impact us, having FIRST-HAND experience of the power of it was still quite profound. I had made a radical physical change which resulted in me realizing that I now understood I could EXPAND my space on many levels and get the same, positive, life-altering changes, even if I did not make the gigantic move over seas. The bigger shifts were inside.
My understanding of the CONCEPT of SPACE has now become something more all-inclusive.
Given my lifestyle change, I now consider myself a global citizen. As I moved so far away from my birthplace, the world has begun to shrink for me. It is all about perspective and this changes as we change, travel and see through new eyes.  Now I live in Spain,  am a resident of the UK and a citizen of the USA.  I travel frequently to all three countries, have clients, friends and family in all three places. I have literally expanded my life beyond anything I could have DREAMED possible!  I continue to choose to focus on finding BALANCE in my new life. Just shows what one can achieve if you chose to live outside your comfort zone.


Wishing to be a sustainable person, I am DANCING and learning everyday how to be more in the FLOW of this new life.  My BLOG is in part me sharing all that I have learned throughout my life and originally it was about INTERIOR DESIGN and the physical space. However, as I embrace this new life I am designing, my clients are also starting to tag me with the new hashtags that I would never have imagined a few years ago.  Not only am I even more #Holistic that I ever was before, I am now being called a #SpaceTherapist and quoted as #HolisticLee.  I am honored!



My promise to myself and to you, is to continue to work on sharing all my design lessons, life lessons and to continue to share how you can also get into the flow with designing your space and life to be one of your dreams.
Designing a life that supports you and is sustainable is the ultimate goal.  Working together to creatively do this for everyone, and to continue to bring us all together into one beautiful world is my dream. One space at a time.

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